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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
485613 Sealed bid for 6346-25-001 Work Consisting of Drainage System Cleaning Montgomery County,Texas.
...Consists Of One (1) Primary And Two (2) Secondary wells. Item 764-6002 Pump Station Well Cleaning Is To Only...
Texas 07-16-2019
485443 Sealed bid for Street Resurfacing, South Carolina.
...and masonry structures.3. Installation of all vaults and wet wells.4. Completion of all gravity sewers and force mains.5. Submittal...
South Carolina 07-10-2019
485174 Sealed bid for 002-93729 Drainage Improvements, Illinois.
...various locations in the city of litchfield adjust monitoring wells storm sewer removal inlet and pipe protection pipe culvert...
Illinois 07-12-2019
484890 Sealed bid for Water Well Consulting Services, Florida. provide design study services related to raw water wells.Closing Date: July 10, 2019 at 02:00 PM EDT.Please see...
Florida 07-10-2019
484554 Sealed bid for Contract 1-Roche Park Pump Stations No. 1 and No. 2 Project, Pennsylvania.
...two (2) duplex submersible pump stations (including precast wet wells, valve pits, manhole and miscellaneous piping, fittings, valves, and...
Pennsylvania 07-15-2019
484186 Sealed bid for Deep Well and Well Pump Maintenance, Arizona. services to include pulling/repairing deep well pumps, videoing wells, brushing and bailing well casings and other related services.Closing...
Arizona 07-10-2019
484175 Sealed bid for Fountain Creek Access Road Repair,Colorado.
...sewers, conduits, pipes and appurtenances and all tanks, pump wells, chambers, buildings, and other structures shall be kept clean...
Colorado 07-16-2019
484116 Sealed bid for Watermain Replacement on McLaughlin Road,Ontario.
...was observed in any of the boreholes. No monitoring wells were installed for this investigation and therefore static ground...
Ontario 07-10-2019
484061 Sealed bids for Grounds Maintenance Services , Mississippi.
...wastewater treatment facilities, 52 wastewater pumpstations and 16 water wells/tanks and 7 water cts's. Grounds Maintenance shall include mowing,...
Mississippi 07-12-2019
484014 Sealed bid for Well Station Demolition, Alberta.
...Well Transfer Station, and a number of Groundwater Monitoring wells located in SW¼ - 24-45-20-W4. The City of Camrose...
Alberta 07-16-2019
483910 Sealed bid for 2019 GCCS Improvements Hoffman Road Landfill, Ohio.
...collection system to remove accumulated leachate from vertical LFG wells. A pneumatic displacement pump alternately fills and discharges. During...
Ohio 07-02-2019
483776 Sealed bid for Rehabilitation of Potable Water wells 4 & 12, Pennsylvania.
... Rehabilitation of Potable Water wells 4 & 12, Borough of Freeland Municipal Authority, Freeland,...
Pennsylvania 07-08-2019
483674 Sealed bid for Water Plant Phase One Project, Texas.
...Water Plant facilities to include 2 – 10” water wells, 1 – 245,217 gallon Ground Storage Tank, 1 –...
Texas 07-09-2019
483321 Sealed qualifications for Invermere Sanitary Lift Station Upgrades, Alberta.
...steel), valves, pumps and electrical components inside salvaged wet wells. Typically, the work requires the station to be kept...
Alberta 07-05-2019
483228 Sealed bid for Lift Station Nos. 1 And 2 Rehabilitation Projects, Texas.
...lining to the interior of the manhole and/or wet wells. Pre-Bid: 06/25/2019 at 09:00am, Scheduled 7722 Tyler Creek Lane,...
Texas 06-28-2019
483160 Sealed bid for Well Field Upgrades, New York.
...for upgrades to two (2) existing potable water supply wells in the Village of Nassau. The work includes, but...
New York 07-08-2019
483115 Sealed bid for Drainage Improvements, Alabama.
...inlets; installation of new detention facility and new drainage swells, as specified and as indicated on the Drawings; coordination...
Alabama 06-27-2019
483046 Sealed bid for Re-Bid Paramount Outfall & Pump Station Elimination Project, North Carolina.
...testing of all existing structures, including private water supply wells, for all properties located along Marcom Drive to ensure...
North Carolina 06-27-2019
483019 Sealed bid for Uw Amk Ranch – Water & Sewer Systems Improvement Project, Wyoming.
...demolition of existing water supply facilities, and rehabilitation of wells for nonpotable water supply. The estimated project completion date...
Wyoming 07-08-2019
482859 Sealed bid for Lift Station #5 And Lift Station #7 Upgrades , Georgia.
...and components except for the existing 8-foot diameter concrete wells. The rehabilitation work on the lift stations will consist...
Georgia 07-16-2019