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521164 Sealed bid for Drinking Water System Financial Plan,Ontario.
...Plant• A groundwater supply of 12 ML/d from three wells• 18 ML water storage in three reservoirs• A 10.4...
Ontario 02-26-2020
520280 Sealed bid for 2-mgd Surface Water Treatment Plant,Texas.
...chemical storage building, laboratory and office spaces, two steel clearwells with baffles, two plastic-lined sludge lagoons, recycle lift station,...
Texas 02-15-2020
520024 Sealed bid for Install Groundwater Extraction wells for North Corridor, Kansas.
... Install Groundwater Extraction wells for North Corridor, City of Wichita, Kansas.The Department of...
Kansas 02-28-2020
519430 Sealed bid for Raw Water wells, North Carolina.
... Sealed bid for Raw Water wells, City of Laurinburg, North Carolina.Qualified and interested firms to...
North Carolina 02-20-2020
519239 Sealed bid for Water System Upgrades Contract 3,Manitoba.
...under this contract includes the mechanization of two new wells, replacement and addition of distribution pumping equipment at the...
Manitoba 02-27-2020
518710 Sealed bid for Condition Assessment of Sewer Force Mains, California.
...area and two (2) pump stations; one on Stoddard wells Road and the other one on 10th Street between...
California 02-26-2020
518442 Sealed bid for Replacement of Two (2) Sewage Pumping Stations, Nova Scotia.
...(one in Salmon River and one in Valley) including wetwells, pumps, valve chambers, valves, control panels and associated mechanical...
Nova Scotia 02-20-2020
518025 Sealed bid for Development of a Long-Term Utility Financial Plan, Ontario.
...over 4,661 km of water mains and 164 municipal wells located in the Town of Caledon. Wastewater collection and...
Ontario 02-28-2020
517767 Sealed bid for Dry Well and Interceptor Pumping and Inspection Project, Arizona.
...Oil Water Seperators (Ows), Sumps And Other Drainage Systems,Dry wells Maintenance includes inspection, cleaning, removal, and disposal of liquid...
Arizona 02-26-2020
517741 Sealed bid for wells And High Service Pumps Maintenance And Repairs, Tennessee.
... Sealed bid for wells And High Service Pumps Maintenance And Repairs, City of...
Tennessee 02-18-2020
517692 Sealed bid for Valve Automation at LSSA Water Treatment Plant No. 4 Project,Florida.
...valves and electric actuators to provide automatic flushing of wells upon start-up.A Pre-Bid: 02/03/2020 at 10:00am, Mandatory 1350 Paige...
Florida 02-27-2020
517550 Sealed bid for Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Process Equipment Data Collection - Consulting Services,Alberta.
...(e.g. SCADA systems)• Chemical/Biological Systems• Process Structural (Reservoirs, Clear wells, Dry and Wet wells, Tanks)• Quality Monitoring Systems (Laboratory)•...
Alberta 02-26-2020
517478 Sealed bid for Water & Wastewater Rate Study and Water & Wastewater Financial Plans, Ontario.
...The Water Supply system in consists of nine groundwater wells, four elevated storage towers, pump houses, water meters, valves,...
Ontario 02-26-2020
517451 Sealed bid for Engineering Services Related to Municipal wells and Appurtenances, North Carolina.
... Sealed bid for Engineering Services Related to Municipal wells and Appurtenances, Cape Fear Public Utility Authority, Wilmington, North...
North Carolina 02-27-2020
517303 Sealed bid for 2019 Municipal Well and Pump Rehabilitation, Massachusetts.
...includes video inspection, cleaning, rehabilitation, testing and disinfection of wells, and well pump motor maintenance for five gravel-packed municipal...
Massachusetts 02-27-2020
517250 Sealed bid for Parking Lot and 90 Dew Street, Ontario.
...pumping or de-watering whether by a sump pump or wells or any other method required to install the works...
Ontario 02-27-2020
517134 Sealed bid for Brackish Groundwater Desalination Project, Texas.
...includes siting, permitting, drilling and equipping three brackish groundwater wells; construction of transmission pipelines, retrofitting and expanding existing brackish...
Texas 02-24-2020
516975 Sealed bid for Lift Stations No. 16, 17, 18, & 21 Improvements,Texas.
...from both proposed corrosion-resistant manholes to both existing wet wells of Lift Stations No. 18 and 21. The existing...
Texas 02-04-2020
516911 Sealed bid for 511-1 20-14-2866TP Laboratory Sampling Services,Virginia.
...treatment plants, and a number of community ground water wells.Analytical Abilities:1. Analyze solid waste and bio-solids (e.g. TCLP, paint...
Virginia 02-12-2020
516654 Sealed bid for Storm Sewer Lift Stations Upgrades Project, California.
...temporary pump bypass of the lift station; dewatering wet wells; removing debris at the respective Storm Sewer Lift Stations;...
California 02-27-2020