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526565 Sealed bid for Well and Pump Rehabilitation, Tennessee.
...produce a qualitycoating system on the City of Germantown’s wells and high service pumps. The importance of clean water...
Tennessee 03-30-2020
526014 Sealed bid for Water Treatment Plant Upgrades,New York.
...York.The contract includes construction of production & relief potable wells, 1,500 LF of 6” water main, 2 concrete settling...
New York 03-24-2020
525479 Sealed bid for 2020 Well Abandonment, Alabama.
...major components: Plug and abandon five former water supply wells, demolish associated structures and restore sites. Drawings and Specifications...
Alabama 03-31-2020
524862 Sealed bid for Wastewater Treatment Chemicals, Rhode Island.
...control agent atour treatment facility, sewage pump station wet wells and force mains. The estimated quantity for this time...
Rhode Island 03-31-2020
524786 Sealed bid for Reservoir Rental Structure, Shelter and Amenities,Colorado.
...of Aurora,Colorado.Existing power lines, telephone lines, water mains, water wells, gas mains, sewers, septic systems, cables, conduits, services to...
Colorado 03-31-2020
524592 Sealed bid for Contract No. 10 - Mary's Pond Well Field Pump Station Upgrades, Massachusetts.
...and wiring, chain link fence, abandonment of existing tubular wells, and loam and seed. Work also includes well cleaning...
Massachusetts 03-12-2020
524428 Sealed bid for Sandy Lakes Force Main Cleaning Contract 2020, Ontario.
...water.b) A minimum of 100 m from any water wells.The Contract Administrator raises or lowers the invert of the...
Ontario 03-26-2020
524393 Sealed bid for Shore Well Abandonment,Michigan.
...following:· Proper abandonment and grouting of five (5) shore wells no longer in use, and partial below ground structure...
Michigan 04-01-2020
524214 Sealed bid for 2177-Construction of Green Stormwater Infrastructure in 56TH ST, Pennsylvania.
...RCP drainage pipe and fittings, cleanouts; installation of observation wells; installation of concrete aprons; installation of new stormwater inlets,...
Pennsylvania 03-19-2020
524037 Sealed bid for Adams Road & Simcoe Blvd - AODA Ramp, Ontario. minimize heaving or the active pressure on the wells due to soil freezing. The backfill should be compacted...
Ontario 03-23-2020
523998 Sealed bid for Wastewater Treatment Plant Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Investigation, Ontario.
...testing; traffic control and as-drilled survey. 350 m2. Monitoring wells Installation 6 EA3. Monitoring wells Decommissioning 6 EA4. Draft...
Ontario 03-26-2020
523761 Sealed bid for Wastewater Pumping Station Wet Well Cleaning, Ontario.
...semi-annual maintenance at eighteen (18) Wastewater Pumping Station Wet wells (sites) as well as emergency sewage removal work throughout...
Ontario 03-31-2020
523636 Sealed bid for Water And Sewer Projects- Contract 3 - Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Replacements, Illinois.
...type pumps) including but not limited to new wet wells, pumps, motors, enclosure, electrical controls, electrical service, electrical service...
Illinois 03-24-2020
523541 Sealed bid for New Water wells – Re-bid, Texas.
... Sealed bid for New Water wells – Re-bid, Concho County, Paint Rock, Texas.     Project Description:   ...
Texas 03-27-2020
523522 Sealed bid for 2020 On-Call Pump & Motor Repair Services Rate, Kansas.
...the nature of the work to be performed.c) Water wells: Work on the City’s water wells is unique due...
Kansas 03-31-2020
523519 Sealed bid for Well Rehabilitation, Idaho.
...associated pump testing of two existing municipal drinking water wells in the City.Water and Wastewater Facilities.Well Drilling/Pumphouse.Pre-Bid Meeting: March...
Idaho 03-25-2020
523516 Sealed bid for Well and Wellhead on Monterey Heights Groundwater System, North Carolina.
...permitting and hydrogeology for projects installing new municipal groundwater wells and wellheads. The project will include a Preliminary Engineering...
North Carolina 04-01-2020
523423 Sealed bid for Groundwater Monitoring Services 2020-2024, California.
...organizations.The monitoring program includes a network of groundwater monitoring wells, a measurement andsampling program, established monitoring protocols and frequency,...
California 03-20-2020
523402 Sealed bid for Sidewalk Construction, Ontario.
...bottoms;b) A minimum of 100 m from any water wells.c) A minimum of 100 m from individual dwellings and...
Ontario 04-01-2020
523399 Sealed bid for 101037 Case and Complete Water Well Using 5-Inch Schedule, Oklahoma.
...exceed all OWRB specifications for drilling and plugging water wells and, in addition, adhere to the following specifications.Closing Date:...
Oklahoma 03-26-2020