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444311 Sealed bid for Main Pump Station Wet Well Cleaning,New York.
...the ground floor elevation, and composed of two separate wells which are separated by a sluice gate. The Contractor...
New York 10-17-2018
444101 Sealed bid for Well House # 2 Demolition, Michigan
...and concrete flooring Remove concrete pumps bases from both wells 2 and 2S Concrete base thickness below grade is...
Michigan 10-16-2018
444007 Sealed bid for Demolition of 18 Structures, Kansas.
...debris, rubbish and discarded building material; filling all open wells, cisterns, cellars, basements and other excavations located on such...
Kansas 10-17-2018
444005 Sealed bid for Demolition 6 Structures - No Asbestos Detected, Kansas.
...debris, rubbish and discarded building material; filling all open wells, cisterns, cellars, basements and other excavations located on such...
Kansas 10-17-2018
443526 Sealed bid for Irrigation Pump and Deep wells, Minnesota.
...Irrigation Pump and Deep wells, City of Minneapolis, Minnesota.Furnish and deliver all necessary equipment,...
Minnesota 10-11-2018
443321 Sealed bid for Installation of Nine (9) Groundwater Monitoring wells, Florida
... Installation of Nine (9) Groundwater Monitoring wells, Port Saint Lucie, Florida The City of Port St. Lucie...
Florida 10-19-2018
443006 Sealed bid for Building Demolition And Site Clean Up, Missouri. the listed scope of work.4. Any existing water wells shall be capped by a Missouri licensed well driller...
Missouri 10-10-2018
442689 Sealed bid for 2018 Groundwater Wellfield Development, Oklahoma.
...ten (10) test holes, up to six (6) monitoring wells, up to six (6) permanent water wells and construction...
Oklahoma 10-18-2018
442484 Sealed bid for Condition Assessment of Water Mains,Michigan.
...industrial customers in the greater Lansing, Michigan area;(b) water wells, a raw water transmission system, water conditioning facilities, and...
Michigan 10-16-2018
442474 Sealed bid for Potable Water Filtration Systems, Florida.
...Department of Health (DOH) sampling results on potable water wells that have been identified as having levels of specific...
Florida 10-15-2018
442383 Sealed bid for Demolition Work (All Four (4) Projects,Illinois.
...capped within 15 feet of the sewer main. Water wells shall be sealed according to the regulations of the...
Illinois 10-09-2018
442349 Sealed bid for 18-28R 2018 Well Rehabilitation,Ohio.
...pump performance test. Conduct a video survey of the wells before and after rehabilitation. Complete well rehabilitation, as required,...
Ohio 10-11-2018
442272 Sealed bid for Demolition of Unsafe Structure at 1102 Catalpa Street,Colorado.
...sewers, conduits, pipes and appurtenances and all tanks, pump wells, chambers, buildings, and other structures shall be kept clean...
Colorado 10-02-2018
442255 Sealed bid for Geological Bring Services, Ohio.
...geologic investigations (borings), installation of approximately fifteen (15) monitoring wells, and the abandonment of approximately ten (10) monitoring wells...
Ohio 10-18-2018
442246 Sealed bid for MLK Park Athletic Field Improvements Project, California.
...Marin County for exploration, construction and abandonment of dewatering wells. No water shall be discharged into existing sanitary sewers,...
California 10-16-2018
442221 Sealed bid for Water Quality Lab Services, California.
...system or at the three aquifer storage and recovery wells as requested. Provide full Title 22 water quality testing...
California 10-19-2018
441928 Sealed bid for Ground & elevated Storage Tank Demolition, Texas.
...plugging of existing utilities to the site including all wells, restoration of all sites to match existing ground, and...
Texas 10-11-2018
441838 Sealed bid for Deep wells and Lipt Pumps, California.
...ITB 0000010722-P1820006 Maintenance for Deep wells and Lipt Pumps, California Department of Fish and Wildlife,...
California 10-10-2018
441817 Sealed bid for Inspection Of Water Storage Tanks And Clearwells , Connecticut .
...Sealed bid for Inspection Of Water Storage Tanks And Clearwells,City of Meriden,Connecticut .This project includes inspection by an Engineer(s)...
Connecticut 10-10-2018
441812 Sealed bid for J9P3129 Route 49 Iron County. Bridge replacement over Big Creek,Water Tank,Missouri.
...species. Water sources from municipal water treatment plants or wells may be used without following these measures provided the...
Missouri 10-19-2018