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377952 Sealed bid for Supply And Deliver 350 Mcm Power Cable For The wells Hydroelectric, Washington.
...Supply And Deliver 350 Mcm Power Cable For The wells Hydroelectric, East Wenatchee, Washington.Sealed Bids To Be Received At...
Well Systems & Equipment Washington United States 07-24-2017
377695 Sealed bid for Water Well And Upgrade,California.
...Services, Provide Grinder Pumps & Motors, Provide Fiberglass Wet wells With Access Hatch, Provide Air Pressure Tanks For Domestic...
Well Systems & Equipment California United States 07-25-2017
376968 Sealed bid for DWR Midway Fish Hatchery Well Repairs, Utah.
...needed to operate the hatchery comes from three production wells. These wells are now eight years old and are...
Well Systems & Equipment Utah United States 07-27-2017
376721 Sealed bid for Nunn Grader Shed Water Well,Colorado. of one gallon per minute. Other local water wells have been in the 540-feet and 780-feet deep range.2....
Well Systems & Equipment Colorado United States 07-27-2017
376560 Sealed bid for Hibbetts Mill Road Waterline Replacement,Ohio.
...of the District Manager, District Officer, 1925 Clark Avenue, wellsville, Ohio 43968. Bids shall be opened and read aloud...
Contractors/Construction Ohio United States 07-20-2017
376357 Sealed bid for Fire Camp 14 Life Safety Improvements Project, California.
...of Los Angeles, California.The Work Construct two new water wells to replace the existing water well; demolish the existing...
Contractors/Construction California United States 07-14-2017
375994 Sealed bid for E00437-2017: Well Decommissioning , British Columbia.
...covered under this specification includes the decommissioning of four wells and retrofitting a surface seal on one well. Well...
Well Systems & Equipment British Columbia Canada 07-17-2017
375894 Invitation to bid for Lagoon Expansion and Forcemain Realignment, Saskatchewan
...erosion protection.Topsoil placement and grass seeding.Installation of new monitoring wells. Due date : Jul 21, 2017 at 02:00 PM CST For...
Contractors/Construction Saskatchewan Canada 07-21-2017
375811 Sealed bid for 8686, Sanitary Lift Station #2 Renewal , British Columbia. for a new generator to service existing groundwater wells and sewer lift station #1. This includes a new...
Contractors/Construction British Columbia Canada 07-27-2017
375724 Sealed bid for FY 17.3 Drainage Sidewalk Improvements (Southside),Virginia. accordance with ADA requirements;i. Expansion/modification of existing tree wells by saw-cutting concrete sidewalk;j. Removal of existing tree stumps;k....
Contractors/Construction Virginia United States 07-10-2017
375678 Sealed bid for Edwards Street And Main Street Rehabilitation From Delaware Street To Beach Boulevard, California.
...Street to prevent cutting into new pavement. Manholes, monitoring wells, survey monuments, and water valve assemblies will be adjusted...
Contractors/Construction California United States 07-25-2017
375536 Sealed bid for Sumas First Nation Ir6–Water System Improvements, British Columbia.
...UV disinfection system; installation of new pumps in existing wells and associated electrical/mechanical work; installation of connection from the...
Water / Wastewater British Columbia Canada 07-20-2017
375521 Sealed bid for Pump-Out Services, Septic Tanks, Grease Traps, Wet wells, Condensate Tanks, Maryland.
...Pump-Out Services, Septic Tanks, Grease Traps, Wet wells, Condensate Tanks, Columbia, Maryland.The Howard County, Maryland, (the “County”),...
Contractors/Construction Maryland United States 07-19-2017
375439 Sealed bid for Valley Road Water Main Extension,Pennsylvania.
...the new facilities and demolition of four (4) residential wells. Submitting and Updating Bids - You may submit and...
Contractors/Construction Pennsylvania United States 07-26-2017
375351 Sealed bid for North Pocatello Test wells,Idaho.
... Sealed bid for North Pocatello Test wells,Idaho. Separate sealed BIDS for two or three 8-inch diameter water...
Well Systems & Equipment Idaho United States 07-18-2017
375335 Sealed bid for Northern Campus Well Abandonment, Ontario.
...and equipment necessary to decommission thirty-one (31) groundwater monitoring wells, including one (1) dug well.Closing Date: July 18, 2017...
Well Systems & Equipment Ontario Canada 07-18-2017
375311 Sealed bid for 17-11736 Corrosion Control Treatment Study, Virginia.
...remote well production facilities. The FFWTP consists of five wells, a reverse osmosis treatment system and associated chemical feed...
Corrosion Control Virginia United States 07-11-2017
375221 Sealed bid for 103 Mile House Water Supply Improvements,British Columbia.
...pitless adaptors including 7.5HP well pumps.·Close two existing groundwater wells.Closing Date:- July 19, 2017 at 2:00 P.M.PDT.Please see the...
Water / Wastewater British Columbia Canada 07-19-2017
375049 Sealed bid for North Pocatello Test wells, Idaho.
...North Pocatello Test wells, Pocatello, .Work includes, two or three 8" dia. water...
Well Systems & Equipment Idaho United States 07-13-2017
374988 Sealed bid for Water System Consolidation & Well No. 2 Relocation Design , Washington.
...rights processing services to allow for drilling the new wells and assisting in consolidating the city’s water rights.Phase 1-Well...
Well Systems & Equipment Washington United States 07-13-2017

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