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418290 Sealed bid for Water Storage Tank Repainting, Wisconsin.
...and miscellaneous interior dry touch up at two municipal wells and PRV stations.  Closing Date: April 23rd, 2018 at...
Tanks Wisconsin United States 04-23-2018
417930 Sealed bid for 18-0185, PV Pump Station Dive Cleaning, Texas.
...Park & Recreation department. Without preventative maintenance of wet wells and intakes, loss of water could occur causing system...
Pumps Texas United States 04-19-2018
417154 Sealed bid for City's Water Supply Project,Texas.
...the TWDB DWSRF funding. The project consists of water wells, treatment, storage and distribution facilities as well as replacement...
Water / Wastewater Texas United States 04-12-2018
417042 Sealed bid for wells Inspection, Repair, Maintenance and Water Testing, Massachusetts.
...#00007938A Re-Bid: City Hall Annex Geothermal wells Inspection, Repair, Maintenance and Water Testing, City of Cambridge,...
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 04-19-2018
416984 Sealed bid for Construction of a concrete box culvert, Nebraska.
...related incidental work.  The project is referred to as “Howells Southeast, C-19(521)” and shall include all labor, materials, transportation...
Sewer Misc Nebraska United States 04-24-2018
416823 Sealed bid for Q18-152 Cleaning for Leachate Collections System, Florida.
...liner that gravity-drain to three (3) leachate collection wet wells (A, B and C). The landfill consists of three...
Contractors/Construction Florida United States 04-18-2018
416726 Sealed bid for Design Services for Chain of Lakes 1 Facilities Stabilization Project, California.
...1) is one of ten active Zone 7 production wells which cumulatively produce up to 40 million gallons per...
Contractors/Construction California United States 04-19-2018
416671 Sealed quotations for Pump Maintenance Services - De-Watering wells, British Columbia
... Pump Maintenance Services - De-Watering wells, Kamloops, British Columbia The City of Kamloops (City) invites Quotes for...
Pumps British Columbia Canada 04-17-2018
416623 Sealed bid for Lawn Maintenance Services For Water wells And Tank Sites,California
...Sealed bid for Lawn Maintenance Services For Water wells And Tank Sites,City of Modesto,California.Water Division, requests lawn maintenance...
Well Systems & Equipment California United States 04-24-2018
416582 Sealed bid for Pumping of Lift Stations, Georgia.
...18-43-3330: Pumping of Lift Stations, Pump Stations and Wet wells, Forsyth County, Cumming, Georgia.The Work Providing all materials, equipment...
Contractors/Construction Georgia United States 04-19-2018
416425 Sealed bid for 14_2017, Five Potable Water Treatment adn Bulk Water Loading Stations , British Columbia.
...loading stations including associated pipework,· Upgrades to water supply wells and replacement of existing well pumps and supply one...
Water / Wastewater British Columbia Canada 04-24-2018
416416 Sealed bid for 51-18, Airport Well Field Electrical Improvements Phase 1, Texas.
...e, conduit,sectionalizing cabinets, and pull boxes associated with wells 509A-515A, Corridor A.3. Electrical, paving, site civil improvements and...
Well Systems & Equipment Texas United States 04-16-2018
416288 Sealed bid for 54-18, Municipal Water Supply Well Construction Oversight Services , Texas.
...Oversight Services, El Paso Water Utilities, El Paso, Texas.Background Informationwells included in this project will be drilled in the...
Well Systems & Equipment Texas United States 04-17-2018
416254 Sealed bid for Well Maintenance And Repair Services,New Jersey.
...various equipment at Monroe Township potable & irrigation water wells. Each bidder must deposit bid security of (10%) ten...
Well Systems & Equipment New Jersey United States 04-19-2018
416203 Sealed bid for Mechanical Mixer Replacement , South Carolina.
...two existing, which are locatedabove two (2) separate scum wells at the secondary gallery building of our Wastewater Treatment...
Water / Wastewater North Carolina United States 04-18-2018
416199 Sealed bid for Rehabilitation of Elmira Water Board wells, New York.
...Rehabilitation of Elmira Water Board wells, Elmira, New York.Sealed bids for the rehabilitation of Elmira...
Well Systems & Equipment New York United States 04-18-2018
416196 Sealed bid for Groundwater Modeling & Injection Testing Professional Services, California. a population of approximately 10,300. The City has wells in the lower portion of the Morro Valley groundwater...
Analytical Services & Testing Labs California United States 04-20-2018
416178 Sealed bid for Water System Improvements project, New Hampshire.
...modification of the existing power supply to the existing wells to either increase the height of the existing overhead...
Contractors/Construction New Hampshire United States 04-18-2018
415996 Sealed bid for Water System Improvements Project (Phase I), Virginia
...Electrical and heating/ventilation improvements at two existing potable water wells will be received by Rheanne Mathews, Clerk, at the...
Contractors/Construction Virginia United States 04-16-2018
415905 Sealed bid for Water System Improvements Water Well No.s 5, 6 and 7, Texas.
...of Claude, Texas for the construction of 3 water wells and associated appurtenances, entitled: WATER SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS WATER WELL...
Well Systems & Equipment Texas United States 04-17-2018

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