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467091 Sealed bid for Roster Update, Idaho.
...inspection and/or provide Contract Management Services for Water, Municipal wells, Irrigation and Sewer Line Projects for the City. Proposals...
Idaho 03-21-2019
467060 Sealed bid for 29-2019, Local Road Resurfacing and Watermain Replacement , Ontario.
...Sidewalk Construction, Watermain Replacement and Sanitary Sewer Construction on wells Hill Avenue,Description    To be completed in Number of Working...
Ontario 03-21-2019
466851 Sealed bid for Well Disinfection, California., equipment, and incidentals necessary to disinfect four (4) wells at three (3) state facilities.The Estimated Cost: $10,000.00.Closing Date:...
California 03-14-2019
466561 Sealed bid for Measure K-14 Street Rehabilitation and Repair Project" CIP 2295-6, California.
...valves,  sewer manholes,  storm  drain  manholes,  and  survey  monument  wells),  clearing  and  grubbing  of  debris  (plant, soil,  abandoned  landscape ...
California 03-08-2019
466412 Sealed bid for SCADA System, Minnesota.
...of Monticello, Minnesota.The City’s water system consists of five wells with a total system capacity of 6,100 gpm. Current...
Minnesota 03-20-2019
466200 Sealed bid for Well Decommissioning - 10 Water wells, Yukon.
...No. 2018/19-3391: Specification for Well Decommissioning - 10 Water wells, Yukon Highways and Public Works, Whitehorse, Yukon.The Yukon Highways...
Yukon 03-21-2019
466149 Sealed bid for State Water Sample Testing - 2019,New York.
...(Or Raw) Water Before Any Treatment, From All Active wells, Must Also Be Sampled Within 24 Hours.Sample Point: Entry...
New York 03-20-2019
465883 Sealed bid for Cleaning and Inspections of Potable Water Storage Tanks, Florida.
...5.0 MG, and two 8.0 MG; two partitioned concrete clearwells, one 260,000 gallons for the reverse osmosis treatment plant...
Florida 03-20-2019
465690 Sealed bid for Class Iii Monitoring Well, Tennessee.
...Monitoring Well Drilling Contractors to install three bedrock monitoring wells and to restore (lower) the well head of an...
Tennessee 03-11-2019
465636 Sealed bid for Sampling of Monitor and Observation wells, New York.
... Sampling of Monitor and Observation wells, Suffolk County Water Authority, Oakdale, New York.Sealed proposals for...
New York 03-11-2019
465511 Sealed bid for Professional Engineering and Consulting Services, New York.
...complete mapping of existing water distribution and transmission systems, wells/springs, tanks, pump stations.Closing Date: March 15, 2019 at 4:30...
New York 03-15-2019
465500 Sealed bid for Production And Pilot wells, Arkansas.
... Production And Pilot wells, Central Arkansas Water, Little Rock, Arkansas.Sealed Bids Will Be...
Arkansas 03-20-2019
464862 Sealed bid for Well Decommissioning,Ontario.
...labour, materials and equipment to Decommission six (6) Water wells as described herein at the Fanshawe Golf Course.Closing Date:-...
Ontario 03-11-2019
464797 Sealed bid for The 2-Year Laboratory Testing Contract for Sanitary Landfill & Wastewater Treatment Plant, New Jersey.
...will be performed at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, monitoring wells at the Landfill, and other facilities owned by the...
New Jersey 03-12-2019
464715 Sealed bid for TWDB Water System Imp Well Drilling Services Project, Texas.
...for the construction of the two (2) production water wells based on the information gathered from the test holes....
Texas 03-19-2019
464709 Sealed bid for Pumping Systems Furnish Installation & Maintenance Project , Texas.
...rehabilitation activities for twelve (12) existing El Paso Water wells throughout the City of El Paso. Furnish and install...
Texas 03-15-2019
464596 Sealed bid for Pump & Piping Upgrades; Water Supply wells #1 and #2 Improvements, Minnesota.
... Sealed bid for Pump & Piping Upgrades; Water Supply wells #1 and #2 Improvements, City of Erskine, Minnesota.Project Description:...
Minnesota 03-07-2019
464541 Sealed bid for Well Drilling Project, California.
...Water District, Bakersfield, California.The work includes constructing two water wells and installing well pumps across two sites. Prevailing wages...
California 03-19-2019
464537 Sealed bid for Water Main Leak Detection & Condition Assessment Services, British Columbia.
...One (1) surface water intake;• Thirteen (13) active groundwater wells;• Thirteen (13) storage reservoirs;• Twenty (20) individual pressure zones;•...
British Columbia 03-19-2019
464527 Sealed bid for Water Scada Planning Services,Colorado.
...and 4 groundwater treatment plants, 55 active water supply wells, 14 finished water storage tanks, and over 397 miles...
Colorado 03-05-2019