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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
435159 Sealed bid for Deep Injection wells Project Number: WUD 18-046 , Florida.
...Sealed bid for Deep Injection wells Project Number: WUD 18-046,Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department,West...
Well Systems & Equipment Florida United States 08-15-2018
434936 Sealed bid for Water Line Relocations, Arkansas.
...Water Line Relocations, wells Bayou Garrett Bridge Water Association, Dumas, Arkansas.Sealed bids for...
Contractors/Construction Arkansas United States 08-15-2018
434666 Sealed bid for Landfill Groundwater,California.
...Sealed bid for Landfill Groundwater,City of Palo Alto,California.Groundwater Monitoring wells: The groundwater monitoring network consists of 13 monitoring wells...
Analytical Services & Testing Labs California United States 08-20-2018
434225 Sealed bid for Disaster-CDBG Environmental Consulting Services,Louisiana., if applicable, rationale for selection of locations for borings/wells and depths explored;10) Perform all analysis and interpretation of...
Consulting Services Louisiana United States 08-20-2018
434134 Sealed bid for Septic Tank Pumping,Maryland.
...streets, ditches, catch basins, storm drains, sewer manholes, wet wells, cleanouts, or dumps.H. More than one location may require...
Tanks Maryland United States 08-15-2018
433430 Sealed bid for Baldur Water Treatment Plant Upgrades and Well Mechanizations,Manitoba.
...Water Treatment Plant And Mechanization Of Two New Supply wells And Associated Works.Well MechanizationA) Mechanical Works 1 L.S.B) Electrical...
Water / Wastewater Manitoba Canada 08-17-2018
433186 Sealed bid for Installation Of Observation wells, New Jersey.
...Installation Of Observation wells, Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority, Brick, New Jersey.The proposed...
Well Systems & Equipment New Hampshire United States 08-08-2018
433097 Sealed bid for Replacement Water wells 1, 2 and 3, Texas.
...ITB 18-112 Security Fencing Replacement Water wells 1, 2 and 3, City of College Station, Texas.The...
Well Systems & Equipment Texas United States 08-10-2018
432901 Sealed bid for Pipe and Pipe Bands, Pennsylvania.
6100046294 Pipe and Pipe Bands, Department of Transportation, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.This work will be supplying and delivering Pipe and pipe bands ...
Pipe Pennsylvania United States 08-09-2018
432536 Sealed bid for Wastewater Lift Station and Forcemain, Wisconsin.
...fill, we anticipate that dewatering well points or deep wellswill be required. Dewatering from within the excavation should not...
Contractors/Construction Wisconsin United States 08-03-2018
432524 Sealed bid for Water Line Contract ICU-RWI-16 Phase II, New Jersey.
...the sealing and abandonment of four (4) existing commercial wells, 75 LF of 6” HDPE horizontal directional drilling, a...
Contractors/Construction New Jersey United States 08-10-2018
432520 Request for tender Well Drilling, Ontario.
...of South Algonquin, Whitney, Ontario.To construct 3 drinking water wells and connect to existing plumbing at each location in...
Contractors/Construction Ontario Canada 08-10-2018
432512 Sealed bid for Maintenance Services, California., equipment, and incidentals necessary to repair State-owned pumps, wells, lift stations, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems of facility...
Contractors/Construction California United States 08-10-2018
432246 Sealed bid for Rehabilitation of 2 (two) Water Production wells, Maryland.
...Rehabilitation of 2 (two) Water Production wells, City of Fruitland, Maryland.Sealed bids will be received until...
Well Systems & Equipment Maryland United States 08-01-2018
432241 Sealed bid for Environmental Monitoring for Bevan Well, British Columbia
...Operational Environmental Management Plan (OEMP) for the Bevan Avenue wells Environmental Assessment Certificate (EAC) #W11-01 and water quality sampling...
Consulting Services British Columbia Canada 08-15-2018
431984 Sealed bid for Valve and Meter Replacement,Texas.
...distribution system and providing four replacement meters for water wells Contractor shall only be required to furnish meters to...
Valves Texas United States 07-31-2018
431888 Bid invited for Water wells Project, Texas.
... Water wells Project, Kilgore, Texas Drill and complete water well at...
Well Systems & Equipment Texas United States 08-07-2018
431855 Sealed bid for South Bench Reservoir, wells and Waterline Project ,Washington.
...Sealed bid for South Bench Reservoir, wells and Waterline Project, City of Newport, Washington.Bids received will...
Water Reservoirs Washington United States 08-17-2018
431683 Sealed bid for Water System Improvements contracts Contract 1 Water wells,Louisiana. for Water System Improvements contracts Contract 1 Water wells,Rapides Island Water Association, Inc,Boyce,Alexandria,Louisiana.Contract 1 Water wells Bids received...
Well Systems & Equipment Louisiana United States 08-14-2018
431665 Sealed bid for Storm Sewer Rehabilitation - Oakland Levee Unit ,Kansas .
...on Shunga Creek. All outlets have flap gates. All gatewells have sluice gates.B. The CCCP rehabilitation shall be performed...
Sewer Misc Kansas United States 08-08-2018

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