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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
613184 Neptune Cold water meters , Florida.
... Neptune Cold water meters , City of Hollywood, Florida.With respect to its...
Florida 11-23-2021
612198 water meters ,Minnesota.
... water meters , City of Duluth, Minnesota. bids for various sizes...
Minnesota 11-23-2021
610737 West Side Water System Pressure Reducing Valve Installation Project , Iowa.
...2022. City of Dubuque Water Department will provide all water meters, standard meter couplings, and meter gaskets at no...
Iowa 11-12-2021
610375 Patrick’s Creek Water Project,Virginia.
...same path along with nine 3/4” service lines for water meters. The Work under this Project consists of: furnishing...
Virginia 11-15-2021
610129 2021 AMR Water Meter Replacement , Ohio.
...(one thousand and forty seven) 5/8” AMR capable residential water meters, a vehicle gateway base-station for the collection of...
Ohio 11-08-2021
609999 Plumbing Services for Water Meter Replacement Project , Ontario.
...Ontario.Proponent to complete the replacement of approximately seventy-six (76) water meters throughout the City of Peterborough.  The existing water...
Ontario 11-12-2021
609943 Water System Improvements,Oregon.
...stat- ions, one packaged "high-service" pumping system, two 2" water meters, one "CM442" controller, power and control panels, four...
Oregon 11-12-2021
609930 Water Service Replacements FY21-22 Miscellaneous, Nevada.
...This work shall also include installation or replacement of water meters, meter boxes, and/or Encoder Receiver Transmitter modules (ERTs)...
Nevada 10-28-2021
609910 Compound water meters 3 Inch – 6 Inch,Nebraska.
... Compound water meters 3 Inch – 6 Inch, City of Lincoln,...
Nebraska 11-03-2021
609686 Residential Meter Reading Services,Minnesota.
... Residential Meter Reading Services,City of Bloomington,Minnesota.The residential water meters are grouped into sixteen (16) billing cycles, two...
Minnesota 11-12-2021
609500 21-21102 (Mag Meter), Texas.
...San Antonio Water System is soliciting bids/proposals for mag water meters.Closing Date: October 29, 2021 at 02:00 PM CDT.Please...
Texas 10-29-2021
609252 Water Meter Installation Project - Phase 1, California.
...involves the installation of approximately 654 residential and commercial water meters, including upgrades to existing services, installation of meter...
California 11-05-2021
609206 Ultrasonic-type water meters , Arkansas.
... Ultrasonic-type water meters ,City of Osceola, Arkansas .accepting bids on ultrasonic-type...
Arkansas 11-01-2021
609019 water meters - Neptune - 2022 Annual Bid For Water Materials & Supplies, New York.
... water meters - Neptune - 2022 Annual Bid For Water...
New York 11-16-2021
608915 AMI water meters Phase 2 , California.
... AMI  water meters Phase 2 , City of Norwalk, California.The Project...
California 11-03-2021
608860 Commercial water meters And Related Devices, Louisiana.
... Commercial water meters And Related Devices, Sewerage And Water Board of...
Louisiana 10-28-2021
608107 C-1210359 Annual Contract for Meter Installations and Repair, Georgia.
...the construction services necessary to install and/or relocate large water meters, detector checks and the associated appurtenances necessary to...
Georgia 11-03-2021
607753 22-04-7014 Advanced Metering Infrastructure,Virginia.
...Provide and perform the initial replacement of all existing water meters.2. Provide and install radio transponder endpoints with two-way...
Virginia 11-18-2021
607736 Cold water meters ,Ohio.
... Cold water meters ,Lake County, Painesville, Ohio.for the purchase of cold...
Ohio 10-27-2021
607723 Water Meter Replacement ,Georgia. labor and equipment necessary to replace and/or relocate water meters and the appurtenances thereto at the request and...
Georgia 11-17-2021