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376653 Sealed bid for 66-17, Brass, Copper, Steel & Miscellaneous Assorted Scrap , Texas.
...Paso Water Utilities, El Paso, Texas. Clean Brass = water meters, ball valves, fittings etc.Bare Copper = pipe, fittings,...
Pipe Texas United States 07-27-2017
376366 Sealed bid for Supply & Delivery of Neptune T-10 water meters, Registers & Parts, Stillwater, New Jersey.
...Supply & Delivery of Neptune T-10 water meters, Registers & Parts, Township of Winslow, New Jersey.500...
Meters New Jersey United States 07-20-2017
375938 Sealed bid for W2016-023 Water Distribution System Improvements , Kansas.
...service line replacement (long and short); connections to existing water meters or existing water meter relocations; miscellaneous appurtenances; waterline...
Contractors/Construction Kansas United States 07-26-2017
375835 Sealed bid for 53-01-18 - water meters , Texas .
...Sealed bid for 53-01-18 - water meters, City of Temple, Texas.The type of meters described...
Meters Texas United States 07-25-2017
375832 Sealed bid for Replacement of 20 wastewater treatment systems – Phase 3 (5P201-17-5049) , Quebec .
...the building, and the supply and installation of potable water meters on eight (8) sites that are not necessarily...
Water / Wastewater Quebec Canada 07-21-2017
375759 Sealed bid for EV2429 Cold water meters, Missouri.
...EV2429 Cold water meters, City of Kansas City, Missouri.The All cold water...
Meters Missouri United States 07-25-2017
375613 Invitation to bid for Water Meter Installation, Maintenance, and Testing Program, British Columbia
...Supply and installation of approximately 2,750 new voluntary residential water meters, including boxes, setters, and all ancillary components, through...
Meters British Columbia Canada 07-24-2017
375605 Sealed bid for Radio Based Automatic Meter Reading System, Massachusetts.
...Somerset invites proposals to provide for the purchase of water meters and radio frequency automatic meter reading interface units...
Meters Massachusetts United States 07-27-2017
374910 Sealed bid for Water Allocation,California. the property following the project.E. Identify how many water meters currently exist on the property. Identify how many...
Water / Wastewater California United States 07-14-2017
374900 Sealed bid for -17-06-01 Advanced Metering Infrastructure System,Texas. changes.The LMWD has an inventory of nearly 6,500 water meters. Of these, approximately 6,500 will be replaced with...
Meters Texas United States 07-17-2017
374832 Sealed bid for MCC-1705 water meters Parrsboro and Pugwash,Nova Scotia.
...Sealed bid for MCC-1705 water meters Parrsboro and Pugwash ,Municipality of the County of...
Meters Nova Scotia Canada 07-14-2017
374785 Sealed bid for Annual Supply of water meters,Louisiana.
... Sealed bid for Annual Supply of water meters,Louisiana. ...
Meters Louisiana United States 07-18-2017
374647 Sealed bid for Mount Houston Rd MUD-Harris Co.MUD 118 Emergency Interconnect Project, Texas.
...water meter vault and assembly; installation of two 10" water meters within meter vault; installation of four 10" gate...
Valves Texas United States 07-13-2017
374487 Sealed bid for Surplus Property Scrap water meters, Wyoming.
...Surplus Property Scrap water meters, City of Green River, Wyoming.The scrap water meters...
Meters Wyoming United States 07-13-2017
374407 Sealed bid for Demolition and Site Clearance of 1670 Park St, Michigan .
...gain entry prior to the demolition to remove any water meters.The City will have the gas and electric cut/capped...
Contractors/Construction Michigan United States 07-18-2017
374401 Sealed bid for Contract P1705-17, "2017 Water/Sewer CIP, Washington.
...and sewer mains, water service lines, relocation of existing water meters, and other items as required to replace substandard...
Contractors/Construction Washington United States 07-11-2017
374312 Sealed bid for Water Systems Repair Parts and Fittings 2. water meters Remote Reading Devices,New Jersey . for Water Systems Repair Parts and Fittings 2. water meters Remote Reading Devices,City of Newark,New Jersey .City and...
Meters New Jersey United States 07-13-2017
374099 Sealed bid for Upgrade of HVAC System,California.
...Meter Piping: Use braided-type bonding jumpers to electrically bypass water meters. Connect to pipe with a bolted connector.3. Bond...
Pipe California United States 07-26-2017
374025 Sealed bid for Flow Meters, Alabama.
...FM (approved for fire meterin' applications)  approved static electronic water meters to be used by The Birmingham Water Works...
Meters Alabama United States 07-06-2017
374022 Sealed bid for Unclean Brass water meters; Scrap for Revenue, Maryland.
...Unclean Brass water meters; Scrap for Revenue, Baltimore, Maryland.The City of Baltimore’s...
Meters Maryland United States 07-26-2017

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