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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
512475 Sealed bid for 2020-01 - water meters, British Columbia.
... Sealed bid for water meters, District of Summerland, Summerland, British Columbia.The District's water...
British Columbia 01-17-2020
512110 Sealed bid for water meters 2020, Missouri.
... Sealed bid for water meters 2020, City of Nixa , Missouri.The term of...
Missouri 01-14-2020
512100 Sealed bid for Hoggett Ford Phase 3 Water Main Improvements, Tennessee.
...R.J.D.I.P., one fire hydrant with appurtenances, relocation of 7 water meters, anautoflusher, and all appurtenances for a complete system....
Tennessee 01-10-2020
512032 Sealed bid for Small water meters, Texas.
... Sealed bid for Small water meters,  City of Farmers Branch, Texas.which time bids duly...
Texas 01-09-2020
511966 Sealed bid for Demolition and Site Restoration, Ohio.
...and materials required and shall complete on site work water meters are the property of the City and are...
Ohio 01-07-2020
511725 Sealed bid for 2020 Neptune Water Meter Acquisition, New Jersey.
...but is not limited to: the purchase of Neptune water meters and Integrated Encoders, Meter Interface Units, and associated...
New Jersey 01-10-2020
511547 Sealed bid for Water Meter Installation Contract # 1 , New York .
...not limited to the installation of approximately 176 pre-purchased water meters that the Town has purchased to replace existing...
New York 01-22-2020
511527 Sealed bid for Furnish And Delivery Of Cold water meters, New Jersey.
... Furnish And Delivery Of Cold water meters,City Of Trenton, Department Of Water And Sewer, New...
New Jersey 01-14-2020
511259 Sealed bid for Line Locating Services, California.
...includes chemical feeder, booster pump, valves, fire stands, and water meters.Closing Date: December 23, 2019 at 05:00 PM PST.Please...
California 12-23-2019
511186 Sealed bid for Automated Water Meter Reading System, Kentucky.
...the Mortons Gap water system (Hopkins County). Installation of water meters by separate contract at a later date 5/8”x3/4”...
Kentucky 12-21-2019
511174 Sealed bid for water meters, Ohio.
... water meters, City of Akron, Ohio.Sealed Bids Will Be Received...
Ohio 01-21-2020
510908 Sealed bid for 1-1 Purchase water meters and software,Virginia.
... Sealed bid for 1-1 Purchase water meters and softwarer,Town of Troutville,Virginia.The project consists of replacement...
Virginia 12-23-2019
510762 Sealed bid for Installation Of water meters, Washington.
... Installation Of water meters, Benton County Planning Department, Prosser, Washington.The Benton County...
Washington 12-27-2019
510665 Sealed bid for water meters - Multi Year Contract, Missouri .
... Sealed bid for water meters - Multi Year Contract, City of Columbia, Missouri.  ...
Missouri 01-17-2020
510629 Sealed bid for Eberhart Rd. Pump Station Motor Control Center Replacement Project, Pennsylvania.
...Meter Piping: Use braided-type bonding jumpers to electrically bypass water meters. Connect to pipe with a bolted connector.3. Bond...
Pennsylvania 01-16-2020
510494 Sealed bid for C-8.10 Metered Services Two-Inch & Less With Pipe, Florida. greater than 80', up to and including 150'All water meters and double detector check valve assemblies will be...
Florida 01-21-2020
510490 Sealed bid for 2020 water meters, New Jersey.
... 2020 water meters, Washington Twp. Municipal Utilities Authority, Turnersville, Grenloch, New...
New Jersey 01-09-2020
510425 Sealed bid for Contract Meter Reading, Kentucky.
...meters to be read will consist of approximately 10,900 water meters, 11,900 electric meters and 9,400 gas meters.The Contractor...
Kentucky 01-06-2020
510350 Sealed bid for 8" Meter Strainer, Missouri.
...Bronze Strainers Are Designed To Protect Hot And Cold water meters From Debris And Foreign Mater Extending The Life...
Missouri 01-02-2020
510326 Sealed bid for Water Meter Replacement - Various Locations, Ontario.
...qualified contractors for the replacement of the existing domestic water meters at seven (7) TBDSSAB facilities as listed below....
Ontario 01-15-2020