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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
775042 Supply of Radio Frequency Read water meters,New Jersey.
... Supply of Radio Frequency Read water meters,Township of Florence,New Jersey. Supply of Radio Frequency Read Water...
New Jersey 06-17-2024
773628 Water Service Replacements Del Prado, Nevada.
...This work shall also include installation or replacement of water meters, meter boxes, and/or Encoder Receiver Transmitter modules (ERTs)...
Nevada 06-20-2024
773553 water meters, New Jersey.
...water meters, Township of Franklin, Somerset, New Jersey.Sealed bids will...
New Jersey 06-20-2024
773206 B24-052 water meters,Oklahoma.
... B24-052 water meters,City of Edmond,Oklahoma.Meter, Residential Multi-Jet ; Size: 5/8” X...
Oklahoma 06-19-2024
773083 water meters,New Jersey.
... water meters,Township of Franklin,New Jersey.Bids shall be delivered in sealed...
New Jersey 06-20-2024
773028 Portage Water Main Replacement Project,Ohio.
...any new fire hydrants, valves, and water services, including water meters and meter pits, and restoration of disturbed areas.Closing...
Ohio 06-20-2024
772990 water meters,Massachusetts.
... water meters,Sandwich Water District,Sandwich, Massachusetts.bids for water meters. A Water...
Massachusetts 06-20-2024
772750 AMI Startup,Kentucky.
...The proposal shall include a quantity of 2,500 multi-jet water meters 5/8” x 3/4” with integrated radio (cellular radio/licensed...
Kentucky 06-05-2024
772005 5/8” x 3/4” water meters - Distribution Pipe & Fittings, Louisiana.
... 5/8” x 3/4” water meters - Collection and Distribution Pipe & Fittings, Lake...
Louisiana 05-30-2024
771712 DWSRF FY24 Water System Improvements Contract 5 – water meters,Michigan.
... DWSRF FY24 Water System Improvements  Contract 5 – water meters,City of Reed City,Michigan.This contract includes the replacement of...
Michigan 06-20-2024
771361 Water System Expansion Early,Texas.
...Meter Piping: Use braided-type bonding jumpers to electrically bypass water meters. Connect to pipe with a bolted connector.3. Bond...
Texas 06-18-2024
771261 water meters - Supply and Delivery of Water Materials, Massachusetts.
...water meters - Supply and Delivery of Water Materials, Town...
Massachusetts 06-13-2024
771219 Spring Lake Park - 6" Water/Sewer Relocation,Texas.
...feet of 6" SDR-26 sewer main, 3-2" short service water meters and 2- 1" short service water meters, install...
Texas 05-28-2024
771145 Water Meter Upgrade And Service Line Inventory,Oregon.
...meters, which includes replacing approximately 364 5/8-inch by 3/4-inch water meters, 72 1-inch water meters, and 22 2-inch water...
Oregon 06-13-2024
771109 Residential Water Meter Installation,British Columbia.
...and experienced firms to replace up to 300 Existing water meters with 5/8” Kastrup water meters, provided by the...
British Columbia 06-17-2024
771028 Bid #8 water meters, Massachusetts.
Bid #16 Repair Clamps & Valves, Town of Weymouth, Massachusetts.Bid #1 Materials & Aggregates; Bid #2 Playground Safety Fiber Material; ...
Massachusetts 06-05-2024
770865 Radio Frequency Read water meters, New Jersey.
... Radio Frequency Read water meters, Township of Florence, New Jersey.Sealed  bids will be...
New Jersey 05-30-2024
770682 Water Infrastructure Parts and Supplies,California.
...and distribution pipelines. Additionally, it has over 43,000 existing water meters installed.The City’s water system consists of 10 water...
California 05-30-2024
770581 Western Avenue Water System Improvements (5th Street to Florence Avenue),California.
...removal and salvaging of existing fire hydrant assemblies, existing water meters, and boxes; clearing and grubbing; trenching, backfilling and...
California 05-29-2024
770442 Schedule 3 – Culinary Water Improvements,Utah.
...3 – Culinary Water Improvements,Leamington Town,Utah.Installing approximately 119 culinary water meters, 50 meter setters, 48 meter barrels, and related...
Utah 06-07-2024