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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
514577 Sealed bid for wastewater treatment plant Rehabilitation 2019,Louisiana.
... Sealed bid for wastewater treatment plant Rehabilitation 2019,Town of Many,Louisiana.1.  Reconstruction and rehabilitating...
Louisiana 01-22-2020
513718 Sealed bid for Water/Wastewater Plants, Florida.
...surfaces and apply composite coating throughout all water and wastewater treatment plants located in Hillsborough County as defined in...
Florida 01-13-2020
513627 Sealed bid for Grit Chamber Near-Term Improvements Project, South Carolina.
...the existing grit chambers at the Felix C. Davis wastewater treatment plant. Improvements include the replacement and upsizing of...
South Carolina 01-11-2020
513502 Sealed bid for SCADA System, Tennessee.
...Network, and other related equipment at the Moccasin Bend wastewater treatment plant, 455 Moccasin Bend Road, Chattanooga, TN 37405,...
Tennessee 01-16-2020
513361 Sealed bid for Propane Relieve Valve Emergency Shut Off Replacement Project, California.
...PW 20-43. The project is located at the Oxnard wastewater treatment plant. The Work shall include, but not be...
California 01-15-2020
513040 Sealed bid for HVAC Repair - 2020 Service Contracts, New Jersey.
...the work will be performed at the Pine brook wastewater treatment plant, with other work to be performed at...
New Jersey 01-22-2020
513035 Sealed bid for Electrical Maintenance & Repair - 2020 Service Contracts, New Jersey.
...which arelocated within Monmouth County, NJ: the Pine Brook wastewater treatment plant inManalapan Township, and some number at separate...
New Jersey 01-22-2020
513000 Sealed bid for Andritz D5LL Parts and Services, Ohio.
...Parts and Services for use by the Jackson Pike wastewater treatment plant. The equipment is used in the sludge...
Ohio 01-16-2020
512987 Sealed bid for Purchase of Cavity Pump, Florida.
...Gorda, Florida.  One (1) Progressive Cavity Pump for the wastewater treatment plant
-7.5 HP Gearmotor
Florida 01-16-2020
512764 Sealed bid for Replace 10,20,24 inch valve actuators, Louisiana. the office of its Purchasing Agent, East Bank wastewater treatment plant, 6501 Florida Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117,...
Louisiana 01-09-2020
512735 Sealed bid for Annual Contract - Water/Wastewater Treatment Chemicals - Chlorine, Texas.
...located at Max Starcke Park, Seguin, TX;2. Walnut Branch wastewater treatment plant, 101 E. Klein Street, Seguin, TX3. Geronimo...
Texas 01-14-2020
512438 Sealed bid for Phase 1 Membrane Bioreactor wastewater treatment plant, Washington.
... Phase 1 Membrane Bioreactor wastewater treatment plant, Snoqualmie Pass Utility District, Snoqualmie Pass, Washington.The...
Washington 01-17-2020
512172 Sealed bid for Parallel Gravity Sanitary Sewerline To wastewater treatment plant Project, Texas.
... Sealed bid for Parallel Gravity Sanitary Sewerline To wastewater treatment plant Project, City of Ennis, Texas.Project DescriptionThe City...
Texas 01-16-2020
511882 Sealed bid for Well 17 (Alamo Dr) Drilling, California.
...10:00 AM. The meeting will be held at Easterly wastewater treatment plant, 6040 Vaca Station Road, Elmira, CA 95625. Technical...
California 01-21-2020
511878 Sealed bid for Jim Creek Diversion Pipeline, Colorado.
...2020 at the Winter Park Water and Sanitation District, wastewater treatment plant, 1540 Winter Park Drive, Winter Park, Colorado...
Colorado 01-14-2020
511776 Sealed bid for wastewater treatment plant Improvements, West Virginia.
... Contract No. 2 – wastewater treatment plant Improvements Project, City of Spencer, West Virginia. ...
West Virginia 01-15-2020
511669 Sealed bid for Electrical Replacement Project, California.
...appurtenant electrical infrastructure at various locations throughout the District’s wastewater treatment plant and remote pumping stations.Closing Date:- January 16,...
California 01-16-2020
511649 Sealed bid for Renewal and Replacement (I/I) CIPP Lining, Florida.
...21, 2019 at 10:00 a.m., at the Southern Regional wastewater treatment plant, located at 1621 N. 14 th Avenue...
Florida 01-07-2020
511623 Sealed bid for Annual Polymer Supply, Texas. for Annual Polymer Supply, City of Edinburg, Texas.1. wastewater treatment plant 1201 N. “M” Road Annual Polymer Supply,...
Texas 01-06-2020
511605 Sealed bid for Electrical Maintenance and Repair Work, Saskatchewan. wiring for upgrades and improvements, as required.Utility facilities include:wastewater treatment plant and all of its outbuildings (grit, blower...
Saskatchewan 01-13-2020