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557924 Sealed bid for On-Call Manhole Rehabilitation for wastewater Facilities Construction, Texas.
... Sealed bid for On-Call Manhole Rehabilitation for wastewater Facilities Construction, El Paso Water Utilities, El Paso, Texas.The...
Texas 10-23-2020
556250 Sealed bid for Asphalt Replacement & Valve Box & Lid Raising, California.
...valve boxes and lids to grade at the City’s wastewater Treatment Plant located at 210 Battery Street, Crescent City,...
California 10-19-2020
556106 Sealed bid for Maxson WWTF Process Upgrade Project, Tennessee.
...Sealed Bids for the construction of the T.E. Maxson wastewater Treatment Facility Process Upgrades at the location, date and...
Tennessee 10-23-2020
556084 Sealed bid for Fittings, Valves and Couplings,Texas.
...couplings and supplies to be used for water and wastewater pipelines.Closing Date:- December 22, 2020 at 11:00 A.M. CDT.Please...
Texas 10-22-2020
556073 Sealed bid for Mechanical Services for wastewater, Texas.
... Mechanical Services for wastewater, City of Port Arthur, Texas.Sealed proposal submittals must be...
Texas 10-21-2020
556036 Sealed bid for wastewater Treatment Plant Lease, Texas.
... wastewater Treatment Plant Lease, Harris County Municipal Utility District No....
Texas 10-20-2020
555952 Sealed bid for Utility System Refunding Revenue, Florida.
...System Refunding Revenue,  City of Plant City water and wastewater utility system. Florida.City of Plant City, Florida Refunding Revenue...
Florida 10-21-2020
555729 Sealed bid for Sludge Hauling/Disposal,New York.
...Hauling/Disposal Services which must be received by the City wastewater Treatment Plant, all or any part of proposals, to...
New York 10-23-2020
555723 Sealed bid for Underground Utilities Emergency Repair to Sanitary Sewers & Water System, Wisconsin. Sanitary Sewers & Water System, Marinette Water & wastewater Utility, Wisconsin.Sealed bids for Underground Utilities Emergency Repair to...
Wisconsin 10-16-2020
555717 Sealed bid for Highway 37 Lift Station - wastewater Infrastructure Improvements, Wisconsin.
... Highway 37 Lift Station - wastewater Infrastructure Improvements, City of Mondovi, Wisconsin.The project entails the...
Wisconsin 10-22-2020
555654 Sealed bid for Waste Pumping and Hydro-Jetting Services, Arizona.
...Management Department is responsible for maintaining approximately sixty-two (62) wastewater tanks at various locations. These tanks fall into one...
Arizona 10-19-2020
555621 Sealed bid for 66-20 OC Professional Landscape Architecture, Texas.
...Service requests may include landscape architectural support at water, wastewater, reclaimed water, stormwater, administrative and assembly facilities and real...
Texas 10-16-2020
555570 Sealed bid for Analytical Testing For Various Pollutants, Texas.
...Analytical Testing Services For Various Pollutants In Water And wastewater Matrices. Closing Date: October 23, 2020 at 12:00 PM...
Texas 10-23-2020
555501 Sealed bid for Emergency Repair Services And O & M Services For Pump Stations And Tide Gates , Massachusetts .
....1. The Contractor must have been performing water and wastewater pump stations and tide gate operation and maintenance services...
Massachusetts 10-22-2020
555412 Sealed bid for Flow Meters and Related Devices, Florida.
...Davie, Florida.Various regulatory agencies require the Water Treatment Plants, wastewater Treatment Plant, Reuse Treatment Plant, Well Field, as well...
Florida 10-21-2020
555409 Sealed bid for Poly Aluminum Chloride - wastewater Treatment Chemicals, Missouri.
... Sealed bid for Poly Aluminum Chloride - wastewater Treatment Chemicals, City of Ozark , Missouri.Poly Aluminum Chloride...
Missouri 10-21-2020
555408 Sealed bid for Backflow Replacements - Various Locations, Ontario.
...Strainer and Back flow to be replaced at the wastewater Treatment Centre in the process tunnel is currently 4”....
Ontario 10-21-2020
555407 Sealed bid for Aluminum Sulfate - wastewater Treatment Chemicals, Missouri.
... Sealed bid for Aluminum Sulfate - wastewater Treatment Chemicals, City of Ozark , Missouri.Aluminum Sulfate Specifications:1....
Missouri 10-21-2020
555397 Sealed quotation for 1220-20-0537 Supply of HDPE Pipe, British Columbia.
...a new outfall and diffuser system for the Consolidated wastewaterTreatment Plant. Close Date & Time: 2020/10/09 14:00. For more details please...
British Columbia 10-09-2020
555389 Sealed bid for Maintenance & Inspection Of Boilers, Texas.
...Minor Adjustments On All Boilers Of The Dos Rios wastewater Treatment Plant. Major Repairs Will Not Be Part Of...
Texas 10-22-2020