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378127 Sealed bid for Dual 96-Inch Raw Water Transmission Lines, Texas.
...inch diameter raw water transmission lines with all necessary valves and appurtenances, including connections to the dual 96-inch raw...
Contractors/Construction Texas United States 07-26-2017
378063 Sealed bid for Hydraulic Pump, Cylinder and valve Repair Services, Missouri.
...Hydraulic Pump, Cylinder and valve Repair Services, Columbia, Missouri.Regular Hourly Rate — Repair at...
Contractors/Construction Missouri United States 07-25-2017
378051 Sealed bid for Veterans Memorial Water Main Extension, Missouri.
...located in Perryville, Missouri, consisting of water main piping, valves, fire hydrants, and appurtenances; steel casing pipe, highway boring,...
Contractors/Construction Missouri United States 07-27-2017
377893 Sealed bid for Pump- Submersible Gould 35Gs20434, New York.
...with/ground · Splice kit: · Torque Arrestors: · Check valves: 1-1/4SS, · MAB Adapter: 1-1/4 120 PVC Couplings ·...
Pumps New York United States 07-24-2017
377833 Sealed bid for 2016-17 & 2017-18 Annual Pavement Rehabilitation Project, California.
...signing and striping, over-excavation, bridge mix, adjustment of water valves, sewer manholes & sewer cleanouts cleanouts to grade; traffic...
Contractors/Construction California United States 07-26-2017
377712 Sealed bid for ITB 3000008444 Self Priming Pump - DOC LSP, Louisiana.
...mechanical seal  single row ball bearing, oil lubricated check valve: cast iron elbow, neoprene valve flap  designed for municipal...
Pumps Louisiana United States 07-25-2017
377609 Sealed bid for 17-131: Water Maintenance Parts , Kansas.
...Fire Hydrants w/accessories& Storz Connection 250 A-4232. 2 10” valve, MJ X MJ valve w/accessories A-2361-163. 6 8” valve,...
Hydrants / Accessories / Parts Kansas United States 07-25-2017
377177 Sealed bid for Safety valve Service, Oklahoma.
...Safety valve Service, City of Tulsa, Oklahoma.Service, Safety valve to include...
Valves Oklahoma United States 07-27-2017
377131 Sealed bid for Plumbing Repair Services, New York.
...10. Clear stoppages 11. Repair water fountains 12. Install valvesClosing Date: July 26, 2017 at 1:30 PM  E.D.T.Please see...
Treatment Plant Equipment New York United States 07-26-2017
377125 Sealed bid for Replysewer Pump Station Renovation Piping and Accessory Purchase, kentucky.
...Pump Station Renovations. The Bidder shall include piping, fittings, valves, accessory packs, and other related equipment as per the...
Pumps Kentucky United States 07-25-2017
377110 Sealed bid for Cedar Lane Water Main Replacement Project , Illinois .
...Illinois.Description: Install 1000 Lf 8” Diwm And New Fire Hydrants, valves, Water Service Replacements, Pipe Culvert Replacements, Pavement Patching And...
Contractors/Construction Illinois United States 07-26-2017
377068 Sealed bid for Materials And Construction Improvements, Wyoming.
...Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement (HMAP), tack coat, 20 water valve grade rings, and 30 sewer manhole grade rings.WORK DESCRIPTION:...
Contractors/Construction Wyoming United States 07-21-2017
377065 Sealed bid for Community Center Water Main Replacement , Connecticut .
...72-hour written notification to the Owner;2. Close all existing valves;3. Install new gate valve (normally closed);4. Install temporary water...
Contractors/Construction Connecticut United States 07-27-2017
376965 Sealed bid for Riverwalk Drive Pedestrian Crossing, CIP 2014-05,California.
...- Location, number of stations, identifying call-out.5. Master Control valve6. Flow Sensor7. Pressure Regulator valve8. Isolation valves9. Remote Control...
Contractors/Construction California United States 07-20-2017
376927 Sealed bid for valves, Solenoid "Asco, California.
...valves, Solenoid "Asco, Sun Valley, Los Angeles, California.Naics: 332911 Matl...
Valves California United States 07-19-2017
376924 Sealed bid for Johnston Park Irrigation Improvements,California.
...of new irrigation mainline, removal of the existing irrigation valves, installation of new irrigation control valve, installation of new...
Treatment Plant Equipment California United States 07-26-2017
376913 Sealed bid for Manhole Structure Cover Materials , Michigan.
...vented, solid cover.Sanitary Sewer Wet Well and Sanitary Sewer valve Chamber shall have an East Jordan Iron Works ModelH5848TB01...
Distribution Michigan United States 07-25-2017
376906 Sealed bid for Waterline Repair & Replacements, Kentucky
...200 hdpe service line - 500 L.F.e.) 6" Gate valves - 2 EA.f.) 3" Gate valves - 2 EA.g.)...
Contractors/Construction Kentucky United States 07-27-2017
376901 Sealed bid for Flaherty Water Transmission Main and Booster Pump Station, Kentucky
...feet of 6 – through 12-inch water mains, control valve vault and appurtenances and a 1,000 gpm booster pumping...
Contractors/Construction Kentucky United States 07-27-2017
376783 Sealed bid for GLenfield Control valve And Meter Vault Modifications Contract Number 17-1 (Rebid),Pennsylvania.
...Sealed bid for Lenfield Control valve And Meter Vault Modifications  Contract Number 17-1 (Rebid),Aleppo Township...
Valves Pennsylvania United States 07-24-2017

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