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515034 Sealed bid for Repair Parts for Godwin Pump, Texas.
...transportation.1 - 333D2696, Jcb Tcae-55/93 Main Air Filter.1 -4905230400A, valve Plate Gasket.Closing Date:- January 21, 2020 at 12:00 P.M....
Texas 01-21-2020
515008 Sealed bid for Plug valve Repair, California.
... RFQ 200000900748 Plug valve Repair, City of Los Angeles, California.   Milliken repair kit...
California 01-21-2020
515006 Sealed bid for Butteryfly valve, California.
... RFQ 82 200000900749 1 Butteryfly valve, City of Los Angeles, California.   Jamesbury 8IN 815W112236XZC 150...
California 01-21-2020
514891 Sealed bid for 205066 - Water Pump,New York.
...18101. Manufacturer: Part #: Each 12 Polypropylene Shut Off valve, 1/4" Tube X 1/4" Npt (M) 10/Pack Usabluebook Item...
New York 01-22-2020
514577 Sealed bid for Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation 2019,Louisiana.
...beds;2.  Effluent pump rehabilitation;3.  Canal gate replacement; and 4.  valve replacement. Estimate: $740,000Closing Date:- January 22, 2020 at 10:00...
Louisiana 01-22-2020
514186 Sealed bid for Ten 6" Swing Check valves W/Lever & Weight, Massachusetts.
... 4172-0, Ten 6" Swing Check valves W/Lever & Weight, Boston, Massachusetts.Ten 6" Swing Check valves...
Massachusetts 01-22-2020
514030 Sealed bid for 5/8"X3/4" Angle Meter Setter, North Carolina.
...5/8"X3/4" Angle Meter Setter Mcdonald 731-2-Jdtt33 Commodity Code: 670-70 valves, Bronze: Angle, Ball, Check, Gate, Globe, EtcClosing Date: January...
North Carolina 01-20-2020
513949 Sealed bid for Gate valve and bolts,New York.
... Sealed bid for Gate valve and bolts,City of Yonkers,New York.All Quotes Are Deemed F.O.B....
New York 01-15-2020
513888 Sealed bid for Street Mill and Overlay Project - Group A,Kansas.
...surface or finished grade when not in road surface.Water valve AdjustmentAll water valves within the limits of the asphalt...
Kansas 01-21-2020
513853 Sealed bid for Pavement Rehabilitation Program, California. overlays, compaction, pavement fabric application, manhole adjustment, water valve adjustment, signage installation.Closing Date: January 21, 2020 at 03:00...
California 01-21-2020
513709 Sealed bid for Check valve, Florida.
... RFQ 680-121919-109/CC Repair Parts, Check valve, OEM, M&H, Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, Florida.  ...
Florida 01-22-2020
513526 Sealed bid for Threaded Check valve, Virginia.
... SPMYM120Q0026 Boss, Y-Strainer, & Threaded Check valve, DLA Maritime Norfolk of Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia.   The Defense...
Virginia 01-21-2020
513499 Sealed bid for Vacuum/Slurry Tank. 1000 Rpm, 250 Cfm Pump, Adapter valve, Ohio.
... Vacuum/Slurry Tank. 1000 Rpm, 250 Cfm Pump, Adapter valve, Village of Bellville, Ohio.The Village Of Bellville Will Offer...
Ohio 01-20-2020
513427 Sealed bid for Island Park Ball Field Irrigation Project, Michigan.
...burying and boring of supply lines, installation of controllers, valves, and sprinkler heads in appropriate layout and design to...
Michigan 01-21-2020
513403 Sealed bid for WC205017 - Plug valves, New York.
... WC205017 - Plug valves, Westchester County, White Plains, New York.Direct Replacement Pec, 6,...
New York 01-14-2020
513386 Sealed bid for Plumbing Parts To Repair Prv At Nut Island, Massachusetts.
...Nut Island, Boston, Massachusetts.Plumbing Parts To Repair Pressure Relief valve At Nut Island See "Line Descriptions" For Each Item...
Massachusetts 01-17-2020
513361 Sealed bid for Propane Relieve valve Emergency Shut Off Replacement Project, California.
... Propane Relieve valve Emergency Shut Off Replacement Project, City of Oxnard, California.The...
California 01-15-2020
513331 Sealed bid for 6 Inch Altitude valve Repair, Tennessee.
... 6 Inch Altitude valve Repair, City of Allardt, Tennessee.Separate Sealed Bids For A...
Tennessee 01-20-2020
513171 Sealed bid for Two Bottom Incline Grit Screws, Massachusetts.
...Approx. Screw, Bottom, Incline Grit 765-54 Filter And Solenoid valve Set 2.0000 Ea Po.Closing Date: January 15, 2020 at...
Massachusetts 01-15-2020
513163 Sealed bid for Part 3 - Road Construction - Avondale Crescent/Street Road And Watermain, Ontario. the existing PVC watermain (including tapping sleeve and valve, etc.) as per the Contract Drawings.b) Cut and cap...
Ontario 01-21-2020