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775898 Lopez Tank Replacement Project,California.
...Piping 1 Ls Lump SumPvc Pipe, Fittings, Joints, Couplings, Andvalves 1 Ls Lump SumPipeline And Tank Disinfection And Testing...
California 06-21-2024
775657 2086979 - Solenoid Assembly valve,Texas.
... 2086979 - Solenoid Assembly valve,Dallas Area Rapid Transit,Dallas,Texas.Project Description:Solenoid Assembly valve Engine PartsListed below are...
Texas 06-21-2024
775654 2024-065 Supply and Delivery of various Water and Sewer Parts and Materials, Ontario.
...2"H13 Anchor Tee-8 X 8 X 6 14 Gate valve 8" Mj C/W Fittings 15 Mvb-valve Box-11` Bury 27"...
Ontario 06-21-2024
775646 2086943 - valve, Brake Assembly (Dual Circuit),Texas.
... 2086943 - valve, Brake Assembly (Dual Circuit),Dallas Area Rapid Transit,Dallas,Texas.Project Description:Engine Partsvalve,...
Texas 06-21-2024
775351 As-Needed Mechanical Contracting Services (FYE 2025),California.
...process equipment repairs • Concrete work• Replacement of large meters/valves • Millwright work• Above ground piping modifications • WeldingClosing...
California 06-21-2024
775145 Saco and Goodwin Avenue Sewer and Water Improvements, Maine.
...Owner furnished material includes water main pipe and fittings, valves, service pipe, curb stops, corporation stops, valve and service...
Maine 06-20-2024
775023 2086707 - Spring,valve,Whistle ,Texas.
... 2086707 - Spring,valve,Whistle,Dallas Area Rapid Transit,Dallas,Texas.Project Description: Barksdale - 213124 | Spring,valve,Whistle (Bt-78Mv) Spring,valve,WhistleListed...
Texas 06-19-2024
774940 Kit,Repair,valve,1-1/4In To 1-1/2In - Operating Supplies (Stock), Washington.
... Kit,Repair,valve,1-1/4In To 1-1/2In - Operating Supplies (Stock), City of Tacoma,...
Washington 06-19-2024
774889 valve,2In,Brass,Rpba 1 Ea - Hardware Non-Electrical (Stock), Washington.
... valve,2In,Brass,Rpba 1 Ea - Hardware Non-Electrical (Stock), City of Tacoma,...
Washington 06-19-2024
774799 Purchase of Asco valve and supplies,Texas.
... Purchase of Asco valve and supplies,City of Dallas,Texas.Project Description:Shipping Location: Water/Material Services Division...
Texas 06-20-2024
774717 Line: 5 - valve - Water System Materials Missouri.
... Line: 5 - valve - Water System Materials, City of Springfield, Missouri.Cu 0301988)Ductile...
Missouri 06-19-2024
774682 2086859 - valve, Brake Assembly (Dual Circuit),Texas.
... 2086859 - valve, Brake Assembly (Dual Circuit),Dallas Area Rapid Transit,Dallas,Texas.Project Description:valve, Brake...
Texas 06-18-2024
774615 Upper Glenway Water Line and Roadway Improvement,Colorado.
...PVC pipe, fittings and thrust restraint; new 6-inch gate valves and riser boxes; pressure testing, disinfection, flushing and charging...
Colorado 06-20-2024
774587 Purchase of valve, Ball,Texas.
... Purchase of valve, Ball,City of Dallas,Texas.Shipping Location: Water/Southside Treatment Plant 10011 Log...
Texas 06-18-2024
774572 1285098 (Wafer Check valve), Texas.
... 1285098 (Wafer Check valve), San Antonio Water System, San Antonio, Texas.The San Antonio...
Texas 06-18-2024
774497 Sludge Pump Station Demolition Project (MU030),Illinois.
...City Hall. The project includes salvaging of select equipment, valves & pipe fittings; removal & disposal of fiberglass dome;...
Illinois 06-19-2024
774308 STP BRZ 9030 (469), Kentucky.
...Hydrant AssemblyW Pipe Pvc 12 InchW Tie-In 12 InchW valve 12 InchW valve Cut-In 12 InchW Serv Copper Short...
Kentucky 06-20-2024
774124 Pipes and Fittings for Water, Sanitary,and Storm Material,British Columbia.
...45 DEG Bend 12 each100mm MJ x MJ Gate valve 1 each300mm MJ x MJ Gate valve 5 each300mm...
British Columbia 06-18-2024
774113 24-055 (Fire Hydrants),Oklahoma.
...immediately above the bury line9.2.2. 5-1/4 inch compression main valve9.2.3. Full 6” barrel9.2.4. 4.5 feet bury length9.2.5. Two (2)...
Oklahoma 06-20-2024
774014 Tapping Sleeves : PVC Pipe,Missouri.
...ANSI B16.1, Class 125 and with MSS SP-60. All valves furnished shall be open right and shall be in...
Missouri 06-18-2024