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445484 Sealed bid for Hydrant Parts, Washington.
...Kit, 5-1/4In, Traffic Repair, U.S.Pipe Metro 250, Complete, Main valve Opening. 30 32713 6 Ea Usp,Metro 250,Rod,valve,Upper,24 U.S. Pipe,...
Washington 10-19-2018
445223 Sealed bid for Pump Equipment, New York.
...Seal Carbon Bushings Flowserve Standard Paint Cast Iron Relief valve - 0-100Psig Set Rangeflowserve Pump Model 2Gasm1D0 Closing Date:...
New York 10-19-2018
445056 Sealed bid for Pump Parts, New York.
...Following Pulsafeeder Pump Parts: Np-440122-Vtn- O-Ring For Check Ball valve For Pulsafeeder Pump Manufacturer:.Part #: .Brand Preference: Brand Name...
New York 10-17-2018
444905 Sealed bid for Water System Materials, Missouri.
...For Avk Hydrant Model 2780 The Following Specifications: 1. valve Opening Size: 5 1/4 Inches 2. Extension Length: 6...
Missouri 10-17-2018
444889 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Force Main Repair,Minnesota.
...main pipe using pipe bursting. Work includes manhole and valve replacement, trenching, bituminous pavement removal and replacement, and landscape...
Minnesota 10-19-2018
444759 Sealed bid for Tubing, Washers, Couplings, & Pipe Fittings, California.
...Nut, Screw, Rivet, and Washer Manufacturing 5. Fluid Power valve and Hose Fitting Manufacturing 6. Plumbing Fixture Fitting and...
California 10-19-2018
444756 Sealed bid for valve-Varec-Biogas, New York.
...valve-Varec-Biogas, Rockland County, Pomona, New York.440 4" 1 440.KIT.4 4",...
New York 10-16-2018
444743 Sealed bid for Butterfly valve, California.
...ITB B19141141009 DeZurik AWWA Butterfly valve, City of Sacramento, California.The For furnishing to the Department...
California 10-19-2018
444735 Sealed bid for Furnish AWWA Fire Hydrants and Hydrant Locking Devices as specified,New York.
...- Guardian K-81D, and have all of the following features:valve Size: 5.25" minimum diameter openingvalve Seat: Brassvalve Sub seat:...
New York 10-19-2018
444722 Sealed bid for Supply and Delivery of Auto Faucet and Mixing valves, Ontario.
...for Supply and Delivery of Auto Faucet and Mixing valves, Municipality of Chatham-Kent, Chatham, Ontario.Supply and Delivery of Auto...
Ontario 10-17-2018
444663 Sealed bid for Magnetic Flow Meter, Pennsylvania.
...meter. Each meter shall be provided with all pipe, valves, fittings, access hatch, pipe supports, and concrete vault in...
Pennsylvania 10-19-2018
444636 Sealed bid for valve Actuator, Tennessee.
...valve Actuator, City of Oak Ridge, Tennessee.The lQM Range of...
Tennessee 10-18-2018
444602 Sealed bid for One Replacement Trash Pump, Massachusetts.
...Pump, Model T8A3S-B/F, With Spool Flange And Air Release valve Pump Will Have A Coupling And A 15Hp 900...
Massachusetts 10-17-2018
444600 Sealed bid for valve Actuator, Massachusetts.
...3600-0 One 3 Way Ball valve W/Electric valve Actuator, Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, Boston, Massachusetts.The...
Massachusetts 10-17-2018
444552 Sealed bid for Raw Water Line Improvements Phase 2 Project, Texas
...(DR 18) PVC pipe by open cut, 16" butterfly valves, air/vacuum valves, blow-off valves, and miscellaneous water line connections...
Texas 10-18-2018
444449 Sealed bid for Sewer Smoke Testing, New Hampshire.
...major appurtenances such as inverted siphons and air release valves;• i. A numbering system which uniquely identifies manholes, catch...
New Hampshire 10-16-2018
444435 Sealed bid for SR-126; SR-39 IntersectionPreservation High Volume,Utah.
...City,Utah.5 018927010 Reconstruct Catch Basin 1 each6 018927040 Reconstruct valve Box 3 each7 018927050 Reconstruct Manhole 1 each8 018927060...
Utah 10-16-2018
444318 Sealed bid for Rudene Road to Summers Drive Project, Washington.
...thrust blocks, service connections, fire hydrants, branch and mainline valves, establishment of private water service connections, dewatering, appurtenances, and...
Washington 10-16-2018
444230 Sealed bid for Road Reconstruction – CSAH 204 , Minnesota.
...Abandon Pipe Sewer; 2 Each Install Hydrant; 1 Each valve Box; 3 Each Adjust valve Box; 2 Each 6"...
Minnesota 10-16-2018
444131 Sealed bid for (RE-Bid)Avery’s Creek Pump Station Improvements, North Carolina.
...generator and automatic transfer switch, grinder pump and vault, valves, including upgrading all electrical components for 480 volt service,...
North Carolina 10-12-2018