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505807 Sealed bid for Temperature Control Mixing valve, Ohio.
... RFQ014237 DRWP-2019-Temperature Control Mixing valve, WAM 0000072384, City of Columbus, Ohio. The City of Columbus,...
Ohio 11-20-2019
505255 Sealed bid for Replacement of Damaged Steam valves- JT, Ontario.
... Sealed bid for Replacement of Damaged Steam valves- JT, BGIS, Ottawa, Ontario.DescriptionBGIS is currently seeking a contractor...
Ontario 11-15-2019
505000 Sealed bid for valve Asm - Check, California.
... RQ66963 valve Asm - Check, Sewage Ejector, Los Angeles County Metropolitan...
California 11-15-2019
504977 Sealed bid for Solid Sleeve Mechanical Joints, North Carolina.
...orderItem: 10550 6" CI MJ SOLID SLEEVECommodity Code: 670-76 valves and valve Parts, MiscellaneousClosing Date:- November 14, 2019 at...
North Carolina 11-14-2019
504968 Sealed bid for Fire Sprinkler System Inspections and/or Repairs, Rhode Island.
...Repairs, City of Warwick, Rhode Island.1 4" Dry pipe valve 3mm bulb quick response fire sprinkler2 head 5mm bulb...
Rhode Island 11-20-2019
504852 Sealed bid for Water Main Replacement NW 11th Ave - Fairwood Court to Delmar to NW 12th st., Idaho.
...Awwa C900, Dr18 Water Main 858 Lf402.4.1.A.1.A. 6" Gate valve 2 Ea402.4.1.A.1.B. 8" Gate valve 4 Ea403.4.1.A.1. Fire Hydrant...
Idaho 11-19-2019
504639 Sealed bid for valves Covers, Washington.
... valves Covers, City Of Tacoma, Washington.valve,4In,Gate,Flng X Flng,Class 125 Gate,...
Washington 11-15-2019
504593 Sealed bid for Catawba Pump Station Rehabilitiation Project, North Carolina.
...civil/mechanical work consists of rebuilding/ replacing screens, rehabbing cone valves, and installing a new flow meter vault. The structural...
North Carolina 11-15-2019
504548 Sealed bid for Lead Service Line Replacement, New Jersey.
...require a new corporation stop, water meter, and ball valve), testing, flushing, backfill, soil erosion and sediment control, traffic...
New Jersey 11-19-2019
504518 Sealed bid for Miscellaneous valve Repair, Maine.
... Miscellaneous valve Repair, Princeton Water District, Princeton, Maine.     Replace Service...
Maine 11-18-2019
504497 Sealed bid for 2020 Fire Hydrant Parts, Illinois. parts as per the attached list. 1 Standpipe2 valve Plate3 O-Rings4 valve Rubber5 Seat Ring6 Throhling Ring7 Drain...
Illinois 11-13-2019
504487 Sealed bid for 2020-2021 Water Department Parts, Illinois.
...Flare x CTS - No Lead (76104REPCQ)1x10.25 Minn. Ball valve FNPT x CTS - No Lead (76106REPQ)3/4x10.50 Ball Curb...
Illinois 11-13-2019
504455 Sealed bid for valves and Supplies, Washington.
... valves and Supplies, City Of Tacoma, Washington.     Adapter,4In X...
Washington 11-13-2019
504452 Sealed bid for Air Release valves, Tennessee.
... Sealed bid for Air Release valves, City of Johnson City, Tennessee.A. Furnish air valves for...
Tennessee 11-19-2019
504425 Sealed bid for Design And Installation Dewatering Screw Press At The Wastewater Treatment Plant,Oregon.
...with a new dewatering screw press; including connecting all valves, pipes, controls and appurtenances necessary to bring the screw...
Oregon 11-20-2019
504407 Sealed bid for Library Backflow Preventer , Louisiana.
...the incomingFire main water supply line. The shut-off gate valve inside of the vault will be fronted seated andwill...
Louisiana 11-20-2019
504273 Sealed bid for Hydrant Meter Backflow Preventers, Minnesota.
...½” – 7NST Male outlet with an outlet control valve incorporated into the assembly.Closing Date: November 15, 2019 at...
Minnesota 11-15-2019
504263 Sealed bid for Dymond Water Main Infrastructure Upgrades,Ontario.
...DR 11 watermain installed by directional drilling2 pressure reducing valves complete with Ductile Iron pipe and chamberApproximately 8 150mm...
Ontario 11-19-2019
504237 Sealed bid for Purchase of Tubbing Material, Texas.
... IFS DWU B3200027 - Purchase of Oxygen Blowoff valve for Generators, Dallas Water Utilities, Dallas, Texas. Sealed bids for...
Texas 11-12-2019
504234 Sealed bid for Purchase of Oxygen Blowoff valve for Generators, Texas.
... IFS DWU B3200026 - Purchase of Oxygen Blowoff valve for Generators, Dallas Water Utilities, Dallas, Texas. Sealed bids for...
Texas 11-12-2019