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419289 Sealed bid for Seh Redundancy Pipeline Section 111 - Dedham South ,Massachusetts.
...installation of 36-inch MWRA water mains, local water mains, valves, pre-cast valve vaults, blow-off assemblies, 72-inch steel casing pipe...
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 04-24-2018
419283 Sealed bid for 2018-04-17-003 - Water Dept. valve Turners,Michigan.
...Sealed bid for 2018-04-17-003 - Water Dept. valve Turners,City of Taylor,Michigan.E.H. Wachs P-2 Handheld valve Operator or...
Valves Michigan United States 04-23-2018
419210 Sealed bid for valve/ Gasket, Missouri.
...valve/ Gasket, Springfield, MissouriCu 801704) valve, Solenoid: Duty Cycle: Sec...
Valves Missouri United States 04-24-2018
418887 Sealed bid for Water Distribution System and Sanitary Sewer Improvements, Kansas.
...Cimj Plug, Protective Fill, Fire Hydrant Assembly,  8" Gate valve Assembly,  Seeding & Erosion Control, Site Clearing & Restoration,...
Distribution Kansas United States 04-24-2018
418676 Sealed bid for 2018 Aquila Avenue MSA Street Rehab Project #5653481),Minnesota.
...Non Wear Course Mix (3;B); 4 Each 8" Gate valve & Box; 148 Lf 8" Watermain Ductile Iron Cl...
Contractors/Construction Minnesota United States 04-24-2018
418395 Sealed bid for Removal & Installation Of Dezurik 20” Pec Plug valve W, Florida.
...Removal & Installation Of Dezurik 20” Pec Plug valve W, Orlando, Florida.The City of Orlando is seeking to...
Valves Florida United States 04-20-2018
418329 Sealed bid for 2018-039, Liquid Polymer Blending Machine , New York.
...potable or non-potable dilution water3. A mixing chamber drain valve with 1/2" fitting shall be provided and plumbed to...
Chemicals New York United States 04-24-2018
418231 Sealed bid for Water System Materials, Missouri.
...12" For Avk Hydrant Model 2780 The Following Specifications  valve Opening Size: 5 1/4 Inches, Extension Length: 12 Inches,...
Equipment Distributors Missouri United States 04-19-2018
417949 Sealed bid for Sprayer, Insecticide (Water), California.
...Nozzle And Flat Fan Spray Tip High Performance Control valve With 4" Inline Filter, High Performance Pump, Pressure Release...
Water Misc California United States 04-19-2018
417868 Sealed bid for Kingdom Drive Roadway Improvements, Tennessee.
...install approximately 600 linear feet of 12-inch water line, valves, fittings and related appurtenances. Closing Date: April 18, 2018...
Contractors/Construction Tennessee United States 04-18-2018
417372 Sealed bid for 2018 Park Ave Pipe Bursting Project,Colorado.
...Design and Construction of Public improvements6" PVC MJ Gate valve 128" PVC MJ Gate valve 26" ALPHA Coupler for...
Pipe Colorado United States 04-16-2018
417365 Sealed bid for Lead Service Line Replacements - 70-1-2018,Wisconsin.
...water meter setting up to and including the outlet valve, reconnection to the interior building piping.Closing Date:- April 18,...
Contractors/Construction Wisconsin United States 04-18-2018
417363 Sealed bid for purchase of Inserting valve Complete with Sleeve (Pipe Fitting), Ohio.
...purchase of Inserting valve Complete with Sleeve (Pipe Fitting), City of Canton, Ohio. The...
Valves Ohio United States 04-18-2018
417261 Sealed bid for Rawson Homes Drainage Improvements and Water Main Relay, Wisconsin.
...8-inch water main, including, but not limited to fittings, valves, hydrants, water services, and temporary above ground water service;...
Contractors/Construction California United States 04-23-2018
417226 Sealed bid for Public Works FY 2019 General Labor & Equipment Contract, Delaware.
...Station 17- Route 1 - New wet well and valve vault incl. mechanical reconstruction 3) Pump Station 20 -...
Contractors/Construction Delaware United States 04-19-2018
417220 Sealed bid for 31154, RWRF Piping Modifications,Missouri.
...material, labor, and equipment to Replace Owner provided air valve and modify scum removal piping Individuals should contact the...
Pipe Missouri United States 04-24-2018
417211 Sealed bid for 1346, Sewage Lift Pump Stations Inspections & Repairs, New Jersey.
...inspection, cleaning, and testing? Ventilation, sump pump, motor, dehumidifier, valve, repairs? Leak repairs? Control system repairs? Structural repairs Inspections...
Pumps New Jersey United States 04-20-2018
417147 Sealed bid for 16th Street Transmission Water Main 8022-10028.200 #5675275,Wisconsin. casing pipe jack and bored, 36-inch diameter butterfly valves, hydrants and leads, erosion control, asphalt and concrete pavement...
Contractors/Construction Wisconsin United States 04-20-2018
417118 Sealed bid for Project #5694238, Gateway Industrial Park Water & Sanitary Sewer Installation, North Dakota.
...Dakota.Removing asphalt surfacing, trenching, installation of water main, installing valves and fire hydrants, water services, sanitary sewer main, manholes,...
Sewer Misc North Dakota United States 04-23-2018
417111 Sealed bid for Gravity Sewer Interceptor #5529555,South Dakota.
...lineal feet of 6 inch water main, hydrant assemblies, valves, directional bored crossings, dewatering, testing, asphalt removal and replacement,...
Sewer Misc South Dakota United States 04-12-2018

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