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492668 Sealed bid for Group 2 Piping Project,Oregon.
...associated meter assemblies, stub turnouts, cleanouts, air and vacuum valve assemblies, valves and valve cans and appurtenances necessary to...
Oregon 08-23-2019
491850 Sealed bid for Water Booster Station, Arkansas.
...Association, Brinkley, Arkansas.Construction of VFD water booster station, piping, valves, metering, and controls.United Water Association c/o PMI 3512 S....
Arkansas 08-19-2019
491583 Sealed bid for Landscape and Irrigation Improvements, Oregon.
...a complete irrigation system including but not limited to valves, wiring, piping, sprinklers, and drip irrigation, perform site grading...
Oregon 08-22-2019
491495 Sealed bid for valve Parts, New York.
... valve Parts, Rockland County Sewer District, Pomona, Orangeburg, New York.The...
New York 08-20-2019
491440 Sealed bid for 2019-100 - valve Parts, New York.
... 2019-100 - valve Parts, County of Rockland, New City, New York.     The...
New York 08-20-2019
491377 Sealed bid for Safety and Relief valves, Michigan.
... RFP BP121A- Safety and Relief valves, Lansing Board of Water & Light, Lansing, Michigan.The scope...
Michigan 08-16-2019
491338 Sealed bid for valve Boxes and Tops , North Carolina.
... Sealed bid for valve Boxes and Tops, City of Greensboro, North Carolina.Description: This...
North Carolina 08-19-2019
491277 Sealed bid for Bay Road Sewer and Watermain Replacement, Nova Scotia.
...300mm dia. Transite/ CI Watermain m 305.4 Air Release valve Chamber Ea 1.5 Sanitary Pipe - 250mm dia. Concrete...
Nova Scotia 08-20-2019
491180 Sealed bid for Purge valve, Missouri.
... Purge valve, City Utilitie of Springfield, Missouri.Separate sealed Proposals for Purge...
Missouri 08-15-2019
491123 Sealed bid for Emergency valve Replacement, North Carolina.
... Emergency valve Replacement, Greenville Utilities Commission, Greenville, North Carolina.     Sealed quotes...
North Carolina 08-22-2019
491118 Sealed bid for Supply & Deliver valves to Holyrood, Newfoundland.
... Sealed bid for Supply & Deliver valves to Holyrood, Nalcor Energy, St. John's, Newfoundland. Description1. valve...
Newfoundland 08-20-2019
491064 Sealed bid for valve and Meter Supplies, Washington.
...  valve and Meter Supplies, City Of Tacoma, Washington. 6 Ea Ell,6In,Mj,Di,90...
Washington 08-16-2019
491028 Sealed bid for Delta Energy Park Strainers, Michigan.
...procurement, delivery of Bid Package 121A Safety and Relief valves. Bidder is to follow the and comply with Black...
Michigan 08-16-2019
491023 Sealed bid for Control valves, Michigan.
...  Sealed bid for Control valves, Lansing Board of Water & Light, Lansing, Michigan.  ...
Michigan 08-16-2019
491018 Sealed bid for Well Pump and Mechanical Maintenance 2020-2022, New York.
...inspections, necessary maintenance and emergency repairs of various pumps, valves, tanks, piping, hydrants, emergency generators and mechanical equipment in...
New York 08-22-2019
490972 Sealed bid for MacKinnon Drive Extension, Prince Edward Island.
...catch basin: 1200mm pcp adjust manhole culvert removal adjust valve box.Closing Date: August 22, 2019 at 02:00 PM ADT.Please...
Prince Edward Island 08-22-2019
490883 Sealed bid for Wylie Meadows Residential Subdivision, South Dakota.
...Stops and Curb Stops6. Approximately 18 Each of Gate valves7. Approximately 25 Each DI Tees and Fittings8. Approximately 8...
South Dakota 08-16-2019
490841 Sealed bid for valve Replacement Project - Phase III, Florida.
... ITB 18618 Wide valve Replacement Project - Phase III, Hillsborough County, Tampa, Florida.The...
Florida 08-14-2019
490835 Sealed bid for 2019 Microsurfacing, Prince Edward Island.
...surface without allowing any free-standing or free-flowing water.. Manholes, valve boxes, drop inlets and other service entrances shall be...
Prince Edward Island 08-23-2019
490829 Sealed bid for Two 14" Butterfly valve Packages for EM Stickney WTP , Alabama.
... Two 14" Butterfly valve Packages for EM Stickney WTP , Water and Sewer...
Alabama 08-22-2019