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464680 Sealed bid for Wastewater Equipment Supplies,New York.
...for Wastewater Equipment Supplies,Westchester County,White Plains,New York.Cast Iron Gate valve 4" Mechanical Joint X Mechanical Joint Nrs 2" Operating...
New York 02-21-2019
464084 Sealed bid for Scobey-Flaxville Mainline Project, Schedule 1 - Pipeline, Montana.
...12-inch pipe, 60 user services, directional drilled crossings, mainline valves, flushing hydrants, air release valves and other appurtenant work.Closing...
Montana 02-20-2019
464016 Sealed bid for Wastewater Treatment Equipment, New York.
...From Mcmaster Carr Supply: Cpvc Schedule 80 Backflow Prevention valve,Chemical, 1/2 Inch, Stk# 4810K31 Manufacturer:.Part #: .Brand Preference: Brand...
New York 02-21-2019
464005 Sealed bid for Plumbing valve Supplies (stock), Washington.
... Plumbing valve Supplies (stock), City Of Tacoma, Washington.33595 20 Ea Plug,2In,Galvanized...
Washington 02-21-2019
464004 Sealed bid for Pump Parts, New York.
... WC195210 Pump Parts, Westchester County, White Plains, New York.P-valvesnifter-5712 for Carter pump 801H Manufacturer:.Part #: .Brand Preference: Brand...
New York 02-20-2019
463904 Sealed bid for H.011731.6 Concrete box culverts W. Esplanade Bridges ,Louisiana.
...Ductile Iron Pipe Adapter (42inch) (x 36inch) 1.000 EACHButterfly valve (16") 1.000 EACHButterfly valve (36") 1.000 EACHWaterline (36" Ductile...
Louisiana 02-15-2019
463680 Sealed bid for Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements , Iowa.
...and site work, reinforced concrete structures, manholes, lagoon piping, valves, electrical and miscellaneous associated work, including cleanup.Closing Date:- February...
Iowa 02-21-2019
463551 Sealed bid for Wastewater Treatment Equipment,New York.
...Brand Name Or EquivalentItem # 76694 - Pulsafeeder Discharge valve Assembly, L3201Hc3-Pvc Manufacturer:.Part #: .Brand Preference: Brand Name Or...
New York 02-19-2019
463505 Sealed bid for Homa Submersible pump, California.
...Manufacturing 326199: All Other Plastics Product Manufacturing 332911: Industrial valve Manufacturing 332912: Fluid Power valve and Hose Fitting Manufacturing...
California 02-21-2019
463501 Sealed bid for valve Control Station, Massachusetts.
... 21902 Forges Field valve Control Station, Town of Plymouth, Massachusetts.Sealed bids for the...
Massachusetts 02-21-2019
463434 Sealed bid for 2" Waterline Renewal/Parmenter School, Massachusetts.
...approximately 95 ft. Also install a new 2" ball valve at meter and all necessary fittings. Back fill all...
Massachusetts 02-20-2019
463362 Sealed bid for 50 Lead Service Line Replacements,Wisconsin.
...water meter setting up to and including the outlet valve, reconnection to the interior building piping, code-compliant restoration of...
Wisconsin 02-20-2019
463287 Sealed bid for Regional Master Meter Improvements Package No. 1 Project, Florida.
...tapping sleeves and vales, piping, fittings, fencing, asphalt, sidewalk, valve vault, pipe supports, electrical, control panels and Remote Telemetry...
Florida 02-20-2019
463257 Sealed bid for Road Storm Drain & Water Improvements, Washington.
...inch & 12 inch water main, 72 pressure reducing valves (private, on water service lines), 36 domestic water service...
Washington 02-19-2019
463236 Sealed bid for 040 CN 185 F0106 01C Coconino County on Interstate 40, Arizona.
...shown in the contract drawings. All pertinent information, i.e., valve locations, and pipes (dimensionally located), etc. shall be indicated....
Arizona 02-15-2019
463165 Sealed bid for Reverse Osmosis (RO) Clean-In-Place (CIP) Piping Replacement, California.
...finished by electropolishing (or bead blasting). Existing expansion joints, valves, and flow meters will be reused. All work included...
California 02-21-2019
463148 Sealed bid for Phase 12, Ramsey Emergency Interconnect,Illinois .
...PVC Watermain, 220 Lineal Feet of 4" PVC Watermain, valves, Hydrants, Meters and Appurtenances for a complete system. Bids...
Illinois 02-19-2019
463114 Sealed bid for Fire Hydrants Parts, Texas.
...Acipco 62-38-1 Barrel Gasket B -62-B Hrpi B62B 62-40 valve Top Acipco 62-42 valve Btm 62-145 Rod Sleeve Nut,...
Texas 02-15-2019
463045 Sealed bid for 19409 Maintenance Roadway Repair Contract South, Sub-Region S-3, New Jersey.
...otherwise heated, and insulated to prevent heat loss.3. Provide valves according to AASHTO T 40, except ensure that a...
New Jersey 02-21-2019
463004 Sealed bid for Curb & valve Box Vacuum System, Iowa.
... RFQ 58219007132 Curb & valve Box Vacuum System, Iowa Public Defense Department, Johnston, Iowa.The...
Iowa 02-18-2019