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500561 Sealed bid for Route 11B - Municipal Water Line Extension, New Hampshire.
...of directional drilled sleeve and carrier pipe, hydrants, gate valves and gate boxes, thrust blocks and grip ring retaining...
New Hampshire 10-14-2019
500467 Sealed bid for Waterline Replacement Project 2019/2020,Oregon.
...Linear Feet of Class 350 Ductile Iron Water Line, valves, Fittings, Trench Excavation, Bedding and Backfill, Asphalt Pavement Patching,...
500434 Sealed bid for Water valve Replacement,Newfoundland and Labrador.
... Sealed bid for Water valve Replacement,Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Municipal Affairs,St. John's, Newfoundland...
Newfoundland 10-02-2019
500086 Sealed bid for Water Maintenance Materials , New York.
...2: Mueller / Kennedy Resilient Wedge MJ DI Gate valves SIZE 6" 8" 10" 12" 16" 24"COST MakerITEM 2A:...
New York 10-11-2019
499589 Sealed bid for Plumbing Supplies, South Carolina.
...for Broad River Correctional and up fitting existing flush valves with ICON system at the Training AcademyClosing Date:- October...
South Carolina 10-10-2019
499549 Sealed bid for 16-3-1(CTP) Process Water Strainers Replacement, New Jersey.
...of three (3) Process Water Strainers, backwash piping and valves, eight (8) 24-inch butterfly isolation valves; and, the installation...
New Jersey 10-14-2019
499507 Sealed bid for Street Improvements, Texas.
...manhole installations, trenching backfill, street/driveway repair, 6” waterline, gate valves, fire hydrants, and water service connectionsClosing Date:- October 10,...
Texas 10-10-2019
499364 Sealed bid for High Flow Substation Filter/Drain Insert ,Tennessee.
...and Control of Oil Spills in Substations.The Oil Stop valve(s) shall be constructed using nonwoven geotextile materials incombination of...
Tennessee 10-11-2019
499355 Sealed bid for 2019 Flood Recovery Projects Standby Generator Support Structures,Nebraska.
...municipal castings, hydrants, tanks, flanges, pipe clamps and restraints, valves, structure steel, reinforced precast concrete, and construction materials.Closing Date:-...
Nebraska 10-14-2019
499311 Sealed bid for Placid Lift Station Abandonment Project, Texas.
...existing wet well structure, removal of all pumps, piping, valves, water services and meters, control systems, electrical equipment and...
Texas 10-11-2019
498983 Sealed bid for Watson-Marlow Pumps & Parts, California.
...clicking the "Public Access" to view the opportunity.332911: Industrial valve Manufacturing332912: Fluid Power valve and Hose Fitting Manufacturing332913: Plumbing...
California 10-08-2019
498841 Sealed bid for Bends, Sleeves, and Caps, North Carolina.
...for this order 6" CI 90 BEND MJ 670-76 valves and valve Parts, Miscellaneous 16.0000 EA PO 10/09/2019 2...
North Carolina 10-08-2019
498767 Sealed bid for Butterfly valve For Victory And Radford Reg Station, California.
... Sealed bid for Butterfly valve For Victory And Radford Reg Station, City of Los...
California 10-11-2019
498756 Sealed bid for Agricultural Irrigation Sprinkler System Installation,Colorado.
...air vent, one combo air/vac vent with pressure relief valve and one drain valve4. The Contractor will install a...
Colorado 10-14-2019
498707 Sealed bid for Steam valve Leak, Illinois.
... Dixon CC Steam valve Leak, Illinois Department of Corrections, Springfield, Illinois. The valve Flange...
Illinois 10-11-2019
498700 Sealed bid for Water Lines Interconnects Project, Texas.
...feet of 8-inch PVC restrained joint pipe including all valves, connections, and associated appurtenances.Pre-Bid: 10/08/2019 at 03:00pm, Scheduled BGE,...
Texas 10-14-2019
498644 Sealed bid for Grease Pump System, Mfr: Westward, California.
...Manufacturing332913: Plumbing Fixture Fitting and Trim Manufacturing332919: Other Metal valve and Pipe Fitting Manufacturing332999: All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal...
California 10-03-2019
498635 Sealed bid for Collins Instrument Control valve, California.
... Sealed bid for Collins Instrument Control valve, City of Los Angeles, California.     Project  Description:    332911: Industrial...
California 10-08-2019
498473 Sealed bid for Imperial Heights PRV Communication project, Wyoming.
...on the 10 water line in the pressure reducing valve vault located east of the Imperial Heights pumping station....
Wyoming 10-14-2019
498396 Sealed bid for Courthouse Streetscape – Phase II Project, Virginia.
...and installing water distribution facilities to include water mains, valves, service lines, water meters and associated appurtenances in accordance...
Virginia 10-09-2019