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521491 Sealed bid for Division I - Intersections Water And Paving Replacement, Nebraska.
...Pierce, Nebraska.Remove and Replace Concrete Paving 31 Sq. Yds.Remove valve Pit and Backfill JOBRemove Fire Hydrant 4 Each4” -...
Nebraska 02-28-2020
521479 Sealed bid for F004401C Highway (US 180), Arizona.
...from bags, or other material capable of clogging screens, valves, pumps, and other equipment used in a paint striping...
Arizona 02-28-2020
521164 Sealed bid for Drinking Water System Financial Plan,Ontario.
...Licence Renewal.• Approximately 198 km of watermain and associated valves, hydrants, and appurtenances• A 33 ML/d Water Filtration Plant•...
Ontario 02-26-2020
521118 Sealed bid for Commercial Jacketed Small Volume Storage Tank, Michigan.
...gauge steel automatically formed, rolled, and welded T&P Relief valve Opening 3/4" NPT Aquastat Fitting 2" Non-CFC Foam InsulationClosing...
Michigan 02-24-2020
521069 Sealed bid for Jones Ferry Road WTP Finished Water Distribution Resiliency Improvements Project, North Carolina.
...tie-ins at Jones Ferry Road including installation of isolation valves. Additionally, work includes the underwater installation (utilizing divers) of...
North Carolina 02-26-2020
521057 Sealed bid for 2017/2018 CDBG Water System Improvements Project, Texas.
...18’ Pump Station Building With Foundation. 8” On-Site Piping, valves And Fittings – Buried And In Building. Relocate Two...
Texas 02-27-2020
521028 Sealed bid for East Washington Street Sewer Rehabilitation, Ohio.
...Washington Street Sewer Rehabilitation, Village of Chagrin Falls, Ohio.Description. valve Box Removed 1.00 Each. Abandon Water valve 9.00 Each....
Ohio 02-27-2020
520894 Sealed bid for Hydrant Supplies, Washington.
...Part Number 1436(1986 And Newer) 20 32446 6 Ea Usp,valve,Main,M94,Item 44,6In Us Pipe 6" M94 Hydrant Part Item 44...
Washington 02-24-2020
520892 Sealed bid for Plumbing, valve, Meter Supplies, Washington.
... Plumbing, valve, Meter Supplies, City Of Tacoma, Washington.Steel,3/8In X 6In,Flat,Mild Steel,Flat,Mild,3/8In...
Washington 02-24-2020
520854 Sealed bid WC205228 Pump Parts, New York.
...With Petcock. Includes Suction And Discharge Nipple With Snifter valve Manufacturer: . Part #: . Brand Preference: Brand Name...
New York 02-24-2020
520733 Sealed bid for Iron and Manganese Treatment System, Minnesota.
...system consisting of pressure vessels, filter media, facepiping and valves, chemical storage and feed systems, instrumentation and controls, and...
Minnesota 02-19-2020
520677 Sealed bid for PVC Pipe Replacement,Ontario.
...drawn copper, wrought copper fittings, and bronze body ball valves where joining dissimilar metals.1 Isolate equipment, fixtures and branches...
Manitoba 02-27-2020
520662 Sealed bid for DPU First Aid CPR Instructor Materials, Ohio.
...200  NW1200FAK Water / CPP/ WPC Pocket PractiMasks w/one-way valves 20  NW5000TMV Water / CPP/ WPC Heart saver Student...
Ohio 02-24-2020
520507 Sealed bid for Shawnee Trail Lift Station 1 Improvements, Texas.
...pad, reinforced concrete retaining wall, one 36” diameter fiberglass valve vault with a depth at least 4’ - 6”,...
Texas 02-20-2020
520428 Sealed bid for Item 61 - Inserting valve Installed - Pipe and Pipe Fittings, Ohio.
... Sealed bid for Item 61 - Inserting valve Installed - Pipe and Pipe Fittings, City of Canton,...
Ohio 02-25-2020
520427 Sealed bid for Item 60 - Inserting valve Complete With Sleeve - Pipe and Pipe Fittings, Ohio.
... Sealed bid for Item 60 - Inserting valve Complete With Sleeve - Pipe and Pipe Fittings, City...
Ohio 02-25-2020
520393 Sealed bid for Big Corral Water System Improvement Project, Montana.
...the construction of 12-inch water main, service line reconnections, valves, fire hydrants, fittings and surface restoration of landscape and...
Montana 02-25-2020
520369 Sealed bid for Bayberry Drive and Valle Vista Drive Pavement Rehabilitation Project, California.
...Control; full-width street 2-inch grind and AC overlay; water valve adjustments to finished grade; removal and reconstruction of roadway,...
California 02-26-2020
520347 Sealed bid for Backwater valve Maintenance, Pennsylvania.
... Backwater valve Maintenance, Mt. Lebanon Commission, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.Sealed Proposals will be...
Pennsylvania 02-26-2020
520316 Sealed bid for La Verkin Pipeline Replacement Project in Trail Ridge Estates, Utah.
...ductile iron pipe with associated fittings, one (1) air/vacuum valve assembly, and asphalt removal and replacement. The project is...
Utah 02-18-2020