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406353 Sealed bid for 18-03 , Mesachie Lake Sewer Design Upgrade, British Columbia . hall. It consists of a collection system, two septic tanks and two small disposal systems. Over the years,...
Sewer Misc British Columbia Canada 02-22-2018
406141 Sealed bid for IR 12 Sanitary Sewer Servicing, British Columbia
...crossings, 200mm gravity sewer, Orenco S.T.E .P.effluent systems c/w septic tanks, effluent pumps, pump c hambers, house connections,electrical connections,...
Contractors/Construction British Columbia Canada 02-22-2018
405339 Sealed bid for 15251.02 BJCC 4 Block Project Utility Relocation, Alabama.
...Supply Wells33 31 Sanitary Utility Sewerage Piping33 36 Utility septic tanks33 41 Storm Utility Drainage Piping33 42 Culverts33 44...
Pipe Alabama United States 02-13-2018
404370 Sealed bid for 18-129 - Demolition Of Residential Structures,Michigan.
...and sewer utilities or cap wells and abandonment of septic tanks Schedule work for most efficient operation. Coordinate with...
Contractors/Construction Michigan United States 02-08-2018
403717 Sealed bid for Septic Tank Elimination , Texas.
...service taps with connection to home including abandonment of septic tanks; 9 sewer tap stub outs; site restoration; and...
Contractors/Construction Texas United States 01-31-2018
403703 Sealed bid for Tank Pumping & Hydro-Jetting Service - Bid #18-0119, Florida.
...transportation necessary to complete the pumping of grease traps, septic tanks, and transfer stations for all locations owned or...
Contractors/Construction Florida United States 02-06-2018
403297 Sealed bid for Pumping of up to 22 - 1,000 gallon septic tanks, New York.
...for  Pumping of up to 22 - 1,000 gallon septic tanks,Town of Northumberland,Gansevoort,New York.Town Board is soliciting bids for...
Tanks New York United States 02-08-2018
400006 Sealed bid for Analytical Services , New York.
...sources and waste hauler sources.  Waste hauler sources include septic tanks, leachate from non-hazardous landfills and restaurant and food...
Analytical Services & Testing Labs New York United States 01-09-2018
398422 Sealed bid for 2018 Western DDSO Septic Pumping Maintenance, New York.
...Disabilities, New York.To provide a one-time complete pumping of septic tanks at residential sites (grouped by lots) located in...
Pumps New York United States 01-16-2018
397275 Sealed bid for Construction Phase Services for the wastewater collection facilities, New Mexico.
...pressure sewer lines and individual grinder pumps to replace septic tanks. Private septic tanks will be decommissioned and wastewater...
Contractors/Construction New Mexico United States 01-12-2018
397108 Sealed bid for Malone School Sewer Improvements 2017, Florida.
...also will consist of the abandonment of 12 existing septic tanks Bids will be received for a single prime...
Sewer Misc Florida United States 12-21-2017
396468 Sealed bid for Gavilan Sector Sewage Pumping Services, California .
...transportation, and tools necessary to pump sewage vaults and septic tanks at various locations throughout the Monterey District Gavilan...
Pumps California United States 12-12-2017
395659 Sealed bid for Septic System at Lake Michigan Filtration Plant , Michigan.
...within the plant, new pumps, a new chamber, new septic tanks, and a new EQ tank.A Pre-bid meeting will...
Contractors/Construction Michigan United States 12-12-2017
393148 Sealed bid for On Call Septic Tank Pumping, South Carolina.
...On Call Septic Tank Pumping, Columbia, South Carolina.Locating septic tanks and Excavation of Septic Tank Access Hatches Pumping...
Tanks South Carolina United States 11-30-2017
392801 Sealed bid for MDJ0731035550 On-Call Plumbing Services, Maryland.
...(which would include plumbing fixtures, supply lines, drain lines, septic tanks, grinder pumps, holding tanks, water, and sanitary sewer...
Contractors/Construction Maryland United States 12-14-2017
392535 Sealed bid for Rest Area Wastewater Treatment/Water Treatment Services , New York.
..., New York State Department of Transportation, Albany,New York.? septic tanks for primary treatment? Flow equalization? Rotating Biological Contactor...
Water / Wastewater New York United States 11-30-2017
391569 Sealed bid for Section 17: Phase 2 - Softscape,Texas.
...soil, the Contractor shall locate all cables, conduits, sewer septic tanks, and other utilities as are commonly encountered underground...
Sewer Misc Texas United States 11-16-2017
391474 Sealed bid for C25102-PW-021-17 Septic Tank And Vault Toilet Pumping, Oregon.
...written quotes from vendors for pumping vault toilets and septic tanks in various locations within Marion County, Oregon. Required...
Contractors/Construction Oregon United States 11-07-2017
390950 Sealed bid for Municipal Wastewater Disposal System Improvements , Vermont.
...wastewater disposal system materials; installation of new sewer manhole, septic tanks, pump station, emergency storage tank, and force main;...
Pumps Vermont United States 11-16-2017
389615 Sealed bid for 278-091017 2015CDBG Ricks Road Sewer Improvements, North Carolina
...linear feet of sanitary sewer force main, removal/abandonment of 19 septic tanks, plumbing, 264 gpm pump station rehabilitation including new standby...
Contractors/Construction North Carolina United States 11-14-2017

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