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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
543902 Sealed bid for pumps, Metering, Mfr.: Neptune, California.
... Sealed bid for pumps, Metering, Mfr.: Neptune, City of Los Angeles, California.     Description:   ...
California 07-28-2020
543690 Sealed bid for 29191Q - Harvard Gulch Pump Station, Colorado.
...purchase of a Vertical Turbine pump station complete with pumps, piping, valves, sensors, variable frequency drives, programmable logic controller,...
Colorado 07-30-2020
543455 Sealed bid for VFD Replacement Project, Massachusetts.
...since 1997, before they fail. To change the backwash pumps at the EJD WTF from constant speed / valve...
Massachusetts 08-03-2020
543250 Sealed bid for Lift Station 5 & 39 Rehabilitation and Lincoln St. Pump Replacement Project, Texas.
...39, and Lincoln St pump, including the replacement of pumps, motors, control panels, and associated work.A pre-bid conference at...
Texas 08-04-2020
543208 Sealed bid for 600 Hp And Under Pump And Motor Repair Services, Kentucky.
...(MSD) is seeking a qualified contractor to repair/rebuild electric motors/pumps for Under 600 HP. In some cases, replacements of...
Kentucky 07-30-2020
543165 Sealed bid for Twin Rivers Pump Station , Arkansas.
...General Contract to replace two (2) existing vertical turbine pumps located at the pump station. This installation will include...
Arkansas 08-04-2020
543085 Sealed bid for Wastewater Treatment Plant Chemical Tank Relocation,Texas.
...concrete foundations, two fiberglass chemical feed buildings, chemical feed pumps and controls, interconnecting piping, 1” water line and safety...
Texas 07-31-2020
542980 Sealed bid for Ralston Water Treatment Plant Fluoride System Improvement, Colorado.
...system, including screw feeder, tanks, mixer, transfer pump, feed pumps, and associated electrical, controls, and instrumentation. The work includes:...
Colorado 08-04-2020
542880 Sealed bid for Nikuni Pump,Hawaii. for Nikuni Pump,County of Hawaii,Hilo,Hawaii.Furnish And Deliver Nikuni pumps To The Department Of Environmental Management, Wastewater DivisionItem 1...
Hawaii 07-20-2020
542826 Sealed bid for Chemical Cooling Tower Corrosion Inhibitor & Microbiological Control, Rhode Island. package to facilitate system testing.E. Controller And Feed pumps:1. Controller – must be a (Hydac Tower-Matic – E)...
Rhode Island 07-28-2020
542809 Sealed bid for Moyno Pump - CETP Project, Virginia.
...Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The successful Contractor shall furnish Moyno pumps for the Chesapeake Elizabeth Treatment Plant located at 5332...
Virginia 07-21-2020
542730 Sealed bid for Delivery of Parts for Moyno pumps, New Jersey.
... Delivery of Parts for Moyno pumps,  Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority, Camden, New Jersey. 20-18 Supply...
New Jersey 07-30-2020
542703 Sealed bid for Drummer Hill Pump Station Replacement,New Hampshire.
...above grade packaged pump station with two vertical multi-stage pumps with variable frequency drives and a propane-fueled standby generator...
New Hampshire 07-30-2020
542629 Sealed bid for Subdivision Drainage/Sump Pump Study,Alberta.
...private property to a public storm sewer. The sump pumps discharge to the surface. In winter months, the discharge...
Alberta 07-30-2020
542583 Sealed bid for Airport Pump Station Pump 5 And Motor Installation, Utah.
...7800 South. The pump station consists of 4 working pumps with a fifth empty pump barrel location. The new...
Utah 07-28-2020
542542 Sealed bid for Purchase Two (2) Submersible Non-Clog pumps, Alabama.
... Sealed bid for Purchase Two (2) Submersible Non-Clog pumps, Mobile Area Water and Sewer System, Mobile, Alabama.Two submersible...
Alabama 07-24-2020
542510 Sealed bid for Replace Copper Section of Water Lines,Nunavut.
...the copper section of the water piping, and associated pumps, fittings and valves, as a precautionary measure to prevent...
Nunavut 07-28-2020
542485 Sealed bid for Two (2) Submersible Non-Clog pumps, Alabama.
... Two (2) Submersible Non-Clog pumps Madison Count, Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners of...
Alabama 07-24-2020
542404 Sealed bid for Flygt Pump Parts,New York.
...retail spare parts price list for Wastewater, Portable, Industrial pumps and Mixers published by the Flygt Corporation.Closing Date:- July...
New York 07-21-2020
542323 Sealed bid for Lift Station Pump Diagnostic and Repair,Texas.
...Repair,New Braunfels Utilities,New Braunfels,Texas.a) Dove Crossing Lift Stationi) Existing pumps: Three (3) Submersible KSB pumpsii) Horsepower: 75HP +/-iii) Well...
Texas 07-30-2020