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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
499466 Sealed bid for Sump pumps, Texas.
... RFP 7000155605 Procurement of Waste Slurry Sump pumps, CPS Energy, San Antonio, Texas. The City of San Antonio,...
Texas 10-09-2019
499311 Sealed bid for Placid Lift Station Abandonment Project, Texas.
...filling the existing wet well structure, removal of all pumps, piping, valves, water services and meters, control systems, electrical...
Texas 10-11-2019
499080 Sealed bid for Chemical Dosing pumps, Virginia.
... Chemical Dosing pumps, Hampton Roads Sanitation District, Virginia Beach, Virginia.The successful Contractor...
Virginia 10-10-2019
498983 Sealed bid for Watson-Marlow pumps & Parts, California.
... Sealed bid for Watson-Marlow pumps & Parts, City of Los Angeles, California.Project Description: To...
California 10-08-2019
498776 Sealed bid for Waste Water Treatment Supplies,New York.
...Duty Vacuum Pump, 2014B-01; SKU: 92115 Quiet durable diaphragm pumps are designed to handle a wide range of harsh...
New York 10-07-2019
498360 Sealed bid for Installation of Sump pumps, Iowa.
... ITB #50 BBHH HUD Resiliency Program Installation of Sump pumps, City of Dubuque, Iowa. The Work In general, the work...
Iowa 10-11-2019
498325 Sealed bid for Fairfield Well & Washington Terrace Well Pump Repairs Project, Utah.
...Repairs Project.  The project will consist of pulling the pumps from the District's Fairfield and Washington Terrace Wells, performing...
Utah 10-08-2019
498283 Sealed bid for Gould's Sewage pumps , New Jersey.
... Gould's Sewage pumps, Township of Mount Olive, Budd Lake, New Jersey.Township of...
New Jersey 10-09-2019
498205 Sealed bid for 2019 Newbrook Lagoon Pump & Hose System, Alberta.
...System shall include, but is not limited to Diesel pumps, high lift (6", 8"), Hoses (discharge, mineflex; 6", 8"...
Alberta 10-09-2019
498153 Sealed bid Grds-06A Sprinklers/Wells/pumps Service, Repair & Maintenance, New Jersey.
... Grds-06A Sprinklers/Wells/pumps Service, Repair & Maintenance, Toms River Board of Education,...
New Jersey 10-09-2019
498081 Sealed bid for Tachet Water Reservoir Replacement,British Columbia.
...watermains and drain pipes, de-chlorination manhole, new reservoir supply pumps in the Water Treatment Plant and the demolition of...
British Columbia 10-03-2019
498063 Sealed bid for Construction of Wooster Trails Storm Water Pump Station,Texas.
...system and dewatering as necessary; two (2) mixed flow pumps with accessories, piping, valves, fittings, and supports; protective coatings;...
Texas 10-11-2019
498053 Sealed bid for Remote Water Well and Water Plant No. 1 - Phase 2,Texas.
...corrosion inhibitor chemical feed systems including bulk storage tanks, pumps, piping, valves, and accessories; existing disinfection system modifications; concrete...
Texas 10-10-2019
497987 Sealed bid for Item No.10 – Dewatering Magna Detention Basins,Utah.
...including but not limited to dewatering wells, pipes, and/or pumps required to manage water and water levels so that...
Utah 10-09-2019
497849 Sealed bid for Wellfield Replacement Wells, Massachusetts.
...connection to existing manifold, all appurtenant work. The existing pumps and instrumentation will be transferred and installed into the...
Massachusetts 10-14-2019
497826 Sealed bid for 3 Ð Screw Centrifugal pumps for Return Activate Sludge (RAS), Alabama.
... 3 Ð Screw Centrifugal pumps for Return Activate Sludge (RAS), Jasper Waterworks and Sewer...
Alabama 10-03-2019
497804 Sealed bid for Skid Mounted Back-Up Pump (12" x 10"), North Carolina.
...HL250M, size 12" x 10" as manufactured by Godwin pumps, Birdgeport, New Jersey or approved equal, per the attached...
North Carolina 10-09-2019
497735 Sealed bid for Mechanical and Plumbing Services, Michigan.
...steam fitting services for maintenance, repair, and installation of pumps, valves, piped systems, gates and other equipment at various...
Michigan 10-09-2019
497684 Sealed bid for Digester No. 3 Cover Replacement and Sludge Mixing System, New Jersey.
...A New Dual Membrane Gas Holder Cover, New Chopper pumps And Hydraulic Mixing System, And Associated Work.A Pre-Bid conference...
New Jersey 10-10-2019
497511 Sealed bid for Netzch Positive Displacement Pump Repair Parts, Michigan.
...Repair Parts , City of Flint, Michigan.Netzch Positive Displacement pumps:NMI05BY02S14V & NMI05BY02S14VStator - #3005, Netzch DWG NMBYOOIOO I Gasket...
Michigan 10-08-2019