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378167 Sealed bid for TWRA Engines for pumps at Cheatham Lake, Tennessee.
...TWRA Engines for pumps at Cheatham Lake, City of Nashville, Tennessee.Tennessee General Services...
Pumps Tennessee United States 07-25-2017
377716 Sealed bid for ITB 17CT108661A 12V Submersible Dewatering pumps, Georgia.
...ITB 17CT108661A 12V Submersible Dewatering pumps, Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia.The The Fulton County Department of...
Pumps Georgia United States 07-24-2017
377695 Sealed bid for Water Well And Upgrade,California.
...Provide Pea Gravel Aggregates, Provide Telebelt Services, Provide Grinder pumps & Motors, Provide Fiberglass Wet Wells With Access Hatch,...
Well Systems & Equipment California United States 07-25-2017
377475 Sealed bid for 2017 Pump Replacement Project, California.
...opened and publicly read aloud. Replacing seven (7) existing pumps with electrical computating motor pumps.A voluntary pre-bid conference and...
Pumps California United States 07-27-2017
376987 Sealed bid for Sanitary Lift Station,Illinois.
...sanitary ForcemainLifistation and construct new lift station Incl: generator, pumps, control, conc. pads,transformers ,restoration,etc.A PRE-BID MEETING: (MANDATORY):July 17,2017 at...
Contractors/Construction Illinois United States 07-27-2017
376961 Sealed bid for Plans for Local Water Project ,California.
...Avenue, through a diversion / influent pump station, which pumps sewage to the WRF. The WRF utilizes Membrane Bio-Reactor...
Water / Wastewater California United States 07-27-2017
376947 Sealed bid for Spring Booster Station Improvements project, New Mexico.
...stainless steel piping, installation of VFD drive for existing pumps, demolition of the existing pressure tank, electrical, and other...
Pumps New Mexico United States 07-26-2017
376864 Sealed bid for 1746-10768, Storey Park Well , Idaho.
...required for drilling purposesat his own expense. Costs for pumps, water conveyance facilities, or transportation to the Work site...
Well Systems & Equipment Idaho United States 07-27-2017
376828 Sealed bid for Feedwater Pump Cooling System, New York.
...closed cooling water loop to cool the CHP feedwater pumps and air compressors. Connect all instrumentation and controls to...
Pumps New York United States 07-18-2017
376692 Sealed bid for pumpstation Pump Repair, Michigan.
...pumpstation Pump Repair, Lansing, Michigan.These stations remove storm water from...
Contractors/Construction Michigan United States 07-20-2017
376646 Sealed bid for 426-2017, Consulting Services for Evaluation Study of Wastewater SCADA Communications system , Manitoba.
...the sewer collection system contain various valves, gates and pumps, of which only limited remote control can be provided....
Process Control & Data Management Systems Manitoba Canada 07-24-2017
376632 Bid invited for Water Plant No. 1 Expansion, Texas
...gallon hydropneumatic pressure tank, two (2) 800 gpm booster pumps, electrical and controls, with alternate items for access road...
Contractors/Construction Texas United States 07-27-2017
376523 Sealed bid for 18-018P Station 6-2 Design, Alaska. to a 200,000 gallon non-potable water storage tank, pumps, well(s), driveways, on-site relocation and burn room upgrades of...
Contractors/Construction Alaska United States 07-26-2017
376373 Sealed bid for 17162 - Replacement OEM pumps and Parts for the Department of Public Works, Illinois.
...17162 - Replacement OEM pumps and Parts for the Department of Public Works, Waukegan,...
Pumps Illinois United States 07-27-2017
376314 Sealed bid for RFQ 17-40 Wet Well & Terminal Reservoir Cleaning Project, California.
...than 3") suction / 15-20" of hose discharge Multiple pumps to pump material from tank to truck (1 pony...
Contractors/Construction California United States 07-17-2017
376119 Sealed bid for Soyars Pump Station Improvements Project, Texas.
...I consists of removing and replacing existing potable water pumps including all necessary pipe modifications, electrical and appurtenances. Phase...
Pumps Texas United States 07-27-2017
375913 Sealed bid for RFB-RC-2017-046 pumps - Replacement Parts for Cornell pumps & Carter Duplex pumps, New York.
...RFB-RC-2017-046 pumps - Replacement Parts for Cornell pumps & Carter Duplex...
Pumps New York United States 07-18-2017
375755 Sealed bid for Digester Heat Exchangers & Belt Press, Wisconsin. valve for digester building, expansion tank, and recirculation pumps. Replacement of equipment on the Ashbrook Belt Press except...
Treatment Plant Equipment Wisconsin United States 07-14-2017
375739 Sealed bid for 12-04 WP2020 HE-14 Hanapepe-Eleele Booster Pump Replacements, Hawaii.
...appurtenances required to provide and install two (2) booster pumps, two (2) fixed aluminum louvers for the existing Booster...
Contractors/Construction Hawaii United States 07-11-2017
375643 Sealed bid for Murphy Control System Replacement Project, California.
...operates one of the City’s natural gas engine water pumps at Garthe Pump Station. The successful contractor shall furnish...
Water / Wastewater California United States 07-19-2017

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