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676577 Steven M. Clouse WRC Digester Mixing and System Enhancements Phase 3 Project, Texas.
...Area LP gas piping, valves, canopy roof, and sump pumps, the removal and replacement of the hot water recirculation...
Texas 12-08-2022
676406 1170250 Submersible pumps, Texas.
... 1170250 Submersible pumps, San Antonio Water System, San Antonio, Texas.SAWS is soliciting...
Texas 12-08-2022
676053 1172929 (Submersible pumps_Dos Rios), Texas.
... 1172929 (Submersible pumps_Dos Rios), San Antonio Water System, San Antonio, Texas.SAWS is...
Texas 12-06-2022
675817 34522-97535-T01 Lemieux Island Intake Blockage Contingency , Ontario.
...rental, supply, installation, operation, maintenance and removal of diesel-powered pumps and HDPE piping to install a temporary low lift...
Ontario 12-08-2022
675609 SS-2023-01 Purchase sole/single source products and/or services Discflo pumps at the Water Tretament Plant , Florida.
... SS-2023-01 Purchase sole/single source products and/or services Discflo pumps at the Water Tretament Plant , City of Holly...
Florida 12-01-2022
675325 Water Capital Improvements and Easement , New Jersey .
...piping. Both Chambers are equipped with Heaters, De-Humidifiers, Sump pumps, Exhaust Fans, Stair Ladders and Lighting (collectively hereafter referred...
New Jersey 12-06-2022
675318 Production Well Rehabilitation 2022-2023 , Nevada.
...wells: remove, inspect, and service (when appropriate) motors and pumps, rehabilitate each well, equip each well with a pump...
Nevada 12-01-2022
675043 Rehabilitation of Lift Station No. 2,Texas.
...2,Lake Municipal Utility District,Houston,Texas.Installation of submersible sanitary sewer lift pumps; installation of valves and piping associated with the lift...
Texas 12-08-2022
674754 6" Self Priming Trailer Mounted pumps, Massachusetts.
...6" Self Priming Trailer Mounted pumps, Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, Boston, Massachusetts.Two New 6" Self-Priming...
Massachusetts 12-06-2022
673573 Pump Stations Rehabilitation – Phase 1, Kentucky.
...of 4 existing sewer pump stations with the duplex pumps in the 5-10 horsepower range, reconnection to existing force...
Kentucky 12-07-2022
673491 Second Call' Crane Creek M-1 Canal Restoration, Florida.
...structure and screens, intake piping and manholes, concrete wetwells, pumps, discharge piping, valves, pipe supports, power supply and equipment,...
Florida 12-01-2022
673349 Grundfos Chemical Dosing pumps, Saskatchewan.
... Grundfos Chemical Dosing pumps, City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.This Request for Quotations (the “RFQ”)...
Saskatchewan 11-30-2022
673067 1170606 Submersible pumps , Texas.
... 1170606 Submersible pumps , San Antonio Water System, San Antonio, Texas.SCOPE: The...
Texas 11-22-2022
673064 1170606 (Submersible pumps), Texas.
...1170606 (Submersible pumps), San Antonio Water System, San Antonio, Texas.The San Antonio...
Texas 11-22-2022
673036 Contract No. G3-23 Annual Maintenance Contract Well And Booster pumps And Motors, New York.
... Contract No. G3-23 Annual Maintenance Contract Well And Booster pumps And Motors, Jericho Water District, Syosset, New York.Sealed Bids...
New York 12-02-2022
673028 Water Plant No. 4,Texas.
...well, ground storage tanks, hydro tanks, control building, booster pumps, detention pond, storm sewer, water distribution lines and miscellaneous...
Texas 12-02-2022
672902 Sewer pumps and Related Parts, Louisiana.
... Sewer pumps and Related Parts,Calcasieu Parish Police Jury,Lake Charles, Louisiana.The Manafacturer...
Louisiana 12-01-2022
672886 Aeration & Effluent Pump Upgrades,British Columbia.
...two SBRs and the check valves on the sludge pumps within the two SBRs.Closing Date:- November 29, 2022 at...
British Columbia 11-29-2022
672828 SPC-20-CoolingTower Replacement,Minnesota.
...associated equipment such as variable speed drives, condenser water pumps and corroded piping;Replacement of associated steel structure;Patching roof penetrations...
Minnesota 12-06-2022
672808 Group B – Well Pump Diagnostic, Repair, and Replacement - Water & Wastewater Pump and Motor Services , Texas.
...Motor Services ,New Braunfels Utilities,New Braunfels, Texas.i) Vertical Turbine pumps1) Well #2(a) Approximate Depth: 220 feet(b) Approximate Column Size:...
Texas 12-02-2022