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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
514207 Sealed bid for Purchase of pumps and Pump Accessories, Texas.
... IFS DWU B3200073 - Purchase of pumps and Pump Accessories, Dallas Water Utilities, Dallas, Texas.   Sealed...
Texas 01-21-2020
513627 Sealed bid for Grit Chamber Near-Term Improvements Project, South Carolina.
...of tank walls, replacement of influent gates and grit pumps, and installation of a new bypass pipeline around the...
South Carolina 01-11-2020
513591 Sealed bid for Preventative Maintenance and Repair for Lift Station Equipment, Georgia.
...Chatham County, Savannah, Georgia.Scope: Maintenance/Service Schedule for Lift Station pumps and Grinders1 ea. Grinder Sewer Chewer SC06 Unit 51...
Georgia 01-21-2020
513247 Sealed bid for Kelly Pointe Lift Station Replacement, Wisconsin.
...installation of a new prefabricated building, piping, and submersible pumps, all mechanical and electrical work, pump control panel, modifications...
Wisconsin 01-22-2020
513024 Sealed bid for Domestic Water System Chemical pumps And Tanks, California.
... Sealed bid for Domestic Water System Chemical pumps And Tanks, City of Los Angeles, California.Description1. 9 Each...
California 01-21-2020
513023 Sealed bid for LMI pumps and Parts, Michigan.
... Sealed bid for LMI pumps and Parts,  Oakland County,  Waterford, Michigan.Oakland County Purchasing is...
Michigan 01-21-2020
513003 Sealed bid for Pump Station Improvements, Ohio.
...Improvements, the work for which consists of replacement of pumps and motors, pump control panel, electrical work, project coordination,...
Ohio 01-21-2020
512978 Sealed bid for Wastewater Sludge Belt Filter Press And Related Equipment Systems Including Polymer Feed, Texas.
...Press And Related Equipment Systems Including Polymer Feed, WaterBooster pumps, Conveyor, And Electrical & ControlSHarlingen Waterworks System reserves the...
Texas 01-21-2020
512827 Sealed bid for Inspection Services, Pennsylvania.
...providing as-needed inspection services to identify discharge from sump pumps, roof leaders and area drains entering into the GAMA...
Pennsylvania 01-15-2020
512800 Sealed bid for BBHH HUD Resiliency Program, Iowa.
...general flood resiliency work which includes installation of sump pumps and related concrete work, furnaces, plumbing, roof replacement, and...
Iowa 01-17-2020
512799 Sealed bid for Supply Blackmer pumps, Northwest Territories.
... RFT 0000003779 Supply Blackmer pumps, Marine Transportation Services - Shipyard, Hay River, Northwest Territories. ...
Northwest Territories 01-09-2020
512602 Sealed bid for 2020 Primary Pump Station Improvements, Texas.
...Evaluation and replacement of high service pump/motors and well pumps/motors. Replacement of control valves, motor operated valves, pressure reducing...
Texas 01-17-2020
512506 Sealed bid for Grade I Wastewater Operator, Iowa. month of employment. Duties include maintenance work on pumps, motors, valves, blowers, lift stations and related equipment as...
Iowa 01-20-2020
512438 Sealed bid for Phase 1 Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment Plant, Washington.
...Bubble Diffusers • Aeration Blower With Silencer • Recirculation pumps • Submerged Membrane Units With Guides And Stabilizers •...
Washington 01-17-2020
512419 Sealed bid for Billy Johnson Hall Pump Replacement, New Jersey.
...Replacement, Middlesex County College, Edison, New Jersey.Provide Two Booster pumps 'S • Supply only, Middlesex County College (MCC) will...
New Jersey 01-22-2020
512336 Sealed bid for Subdivision Lift Station Rehabilitation, Missouri.
...Washington, Missouri.The Scope of Work includes demolition of existing pumps, electrical controls, floats, and piping inside the wet well;installation...
Missouri 01-22-2020
512329 Sealed bid for Lift Station No. 2 Rehabilitation Project, Texas.
...removal and disposal of existing lift station piping, submersible pumps, wet well top slab, electrical equipment, electrical slabs, and...
Texas 01-15-2020
512256 Sealed bid for Back-Flow Prevention Device Testing/Certification, California.
...troubleshooting, removal, repairing/replacement, and retesting services for back-flow devices, pumps, and pressure regulators, for potable and non-potable (irrigation water)...
California 01-14-2020
512189 Sealed bid for West Campus Irrigation Pump Station Upgrade Project, Arizona.
...Campus of Arizona State University. Scope includes: Updating the pumps with higher flow rates and system redundancy, while allowing...
Arizona 01-10-2020
512114 Sealed bid for CDBG 18 NR Water Main Replacements project, Florida.
...the rehabilitation of Lift Station No. 1, including new pumps, piping,control panel, etc Bids will be received for a...
Florida 01-21-2020