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556901 Sealed bid for Two (2) screw pumps, Illinois.
... Two (2) screw pumps, Madison County, Edwardsville, Illinois.Sealed Bids Will Be Received By...
Illinois 10-21-2020
556573 Sealed bid for Water Pump & Meter Servicing 2020-01 ,California. of efficiency testing for water well and booster pumps, and the testing, calibration, and minor repairs of production...
California 10-23-2020
556518 Sealed bid for Main Condensate Pump, New York.
... RFQ-WC206100 - Steam Condensate pumps, Westchester County, New York.steam condensate pump for Radiator and...
New York 10-19-2020
556516 Sealed bid for Steam Condensate pumps, New York.
... RFQ-WC206099 - Steam Condensate pumps, Westchester County, New York.Steam Condensate Pump, Weinman Pump Motor...
New York 10-19-2020
556445 Sealed bid for Cosgrove Deck Drainage Improvements, Massachusetts.
...Facility) that houses four unused chemical tanks and associated pumps, into storage for MWRA boats and associated supplies. Also...
Massachusetts 10-23-2020
556435 Sealed bid for Condensate pumps, New York.
... RFQ-WC206097 - Condensate pumps, Westchester County, New York.Weinman steam Condensate pump set starter,...
New York 10-20-2020
556257 Sealed bid for Water Pump Replacement, New Brunswick.
...E0A 3G0 As Per Attached Specifications. Vertically Mounted Split-Case pumps Schedule: - Flow: 1000 Usgpm - Head: 300 Ft...
New Brunswick 10-19-2020
555961 Sealed bid for FocalPoint Stormwater System - Coal Mine Brook/DPWP, Massachusetts.
...they shall be monitored at all times when the pumps are running.Closing Date:- October 21, 2020 at 4:00 P.M....
Massachusetts 10-21-2020
555717 Sealed bid for Highway 37 Lift Station - Wastewater Infrastructure Improvements, Wisconsin.
...of an 8’ diameter concrete valve vault, duplex submersible pumps, pump control panel, engine generator, automatic transfer switch, connections...
Wisconsin 10-22-2020
555705 Sealed bid for Valve Exercisers, Oklahoma.
...Bid Form A.Hydraulic System Components and PartsValve Grinding CompoundsHydraulic pumps, Hand and Motor DrivenValves, Directional Control (to Control Pneumatic,...
Oklahoma 10-21-2020
555535 Sealed bid for Pump Replacement Sprint for LM6000, Texas.
...Goulds Pump Model Esv Part No. 10Sv12Nc30 1 EA.Centrifugal pumps.Closing Date:- October 14, 2020 at 2:00 P.M. CDT.Please see...
Texas 10-14-2020
555516 Sealed bid for 3MGD WWTP Emergency Generator Replacement & Facility Improvements,Texas.
...structure, automatic transfer switch, service drop, site lighting, non-potable pumps and control panel.  Installation of new 800kW diesel generator...
Texas 10-22-2020
555382 Sealed bid for Water Based Fire System Repairs, Florida.
...Not Limited To, Repair Fire Sprinklers, Fire Hydrants, Fire pumps, Backflow Devices, And Fire Hoses. The District Currently Has...
Florida 10-22-2020
555123 Sealed bid for Motors and Pump Parts & Repairs, Texas.
...inspection and repairs to various types of motors and pumps. Services under this solicitation include, but are not limited...
Texas 10-20-2020
555061 Sealed bid for 2020 Cook Road Pump Station Rehab Project, Washington.
...consists of removal and disposal of the existing submersible pumps, rails and discharge piping and the installation of new...
Washington 10-16-2020
555025 Sealed bid for WCRM158 Lagoon Temporary Reconfiguration, Saskatchewan.
...Required Permanent Infrastructure To Support And Operate The Temporary pumps And Piping, And Required Appurtenances (Electrical Services, Concrete Pads,...
Saskatchewan 10-20-2020
554996 Sealed bid for Darlington Valley Pump Station - General Construction, Pennsylvania.
...but not be limited to, relocating the existing temporary pumps from the current location to the new location as...
Pennsylvania 10-14-2020
554994 Sealed bid for Darlington Valley Pump Station - Electrical Construction, Pennsylvania.
...but not be limited to, relocating the existing temporary pumps from the current location to the new location as...
Pennsylvania 10-14-2020
554769 Sealed bid for Water Pump Replacement - Scoudouc Industrial Park,New Brunswick.
...Nb E0A 3G0 As Per Attached Specifications.Vertically Mounted Split-Case pumpsSchedule:- Flow: 1000 Usgpm- Head: 300 Ft Discharge With 0.0...
New Brunswick 10-13-2020
554705 Sealed bid for (Rebid) Clarifier No. 3 - Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements 2020,Texas.
...Clarifier No. 3 Sludge Pump improvements including recoating the pumps, motors, piping, valves and pipe supports; Digester No. 1...
Texas 10-16-2020