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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
653171 Henderson Municipal Drain , Ontario.
...located in the Town of Newmarket and collects and pumps sewage from several residential homes and businesses within the...
Ontario 08-09-2022
652859 Rebid - Imperial Wildlife Area Water Treatment Plant Operation & Maintenance,California.
...Aqua, Inc. Multistage filtration system model #0012726, multiple booster pumps, a 27,604-gallon holding tank, an emergency bypass filtration system,...
California 08-02-2022
652699 Dittrich Street Flood Pump Station Reconstruction , New York.
...1. The proposed project will replace the electrical components, pumps and pump controls and discharge pipeline components in a...
New York 08-09-2022
652675 Sewage pumps, New York.
... RFB-WC-22311 - Sewage pumps, Westchester County, New York.The purpose of this bid is...
New York 08-09-2022
652343 Mt. Edward Road Booster Station, Prince Edward Island.
...and install 3 new ABB VFD’s for 60 HP pumps.4 Supply and install pressure transducers for high pressure system...
Prince Edward Island 08-09-2022
652242 Concrete Lift Station Structure, pumps & Appurtenances (Item 16) - Sonoma Trunk Extension and Tivoli Lift Station, California.
... Concrete Lift Station Structure, pumps & Appurtenances (Item 16) - Sonoma Trunk Extension and...
California 08-09-2022
652227 RFQ022378 JPWWTP - Condensate Tank, Ohio.
...Condensate Tank #SCC4A Receiver Size (Gal.): 36 Number of pumps: 2 EDR Rating: 45,000 Pump Flow (GPM): 45 NPT...
Ohio 07-27-2022
652158 Secondary Reservoir Project Phase 2, Utah.
...of concrete pad and concrete vault for vertical turbine pumps ? Installation of 4 – 150 HP 2,000 gpm...
Idaho 08-09-2022
652110 Motor, Pump And Gearbox Repair Services, Virginia.
...for cleaning, inspection and repair services for various motors, pumps and gearboxes located at various HRSD facilities throughout the...
Virginia 07-27-2022
652064 Sewer System Rehabilitation , North Carolina.
...add resiliency by replacing the existing above ground self-priming pumps with submersible pumps and adding a permanent onsite generator....
North Carolina 08-08-2022
651866 1132364 Submersible Trash pumps , Texas.
... 1132364 Submersible Trash pumps , San Antonio Water System, San Antonio, Texas.SCOPE: The...
Texas 07-27-2022
651860 Papillion Creek WRRF Biosolids and Energy Improvements 2022, Nebraska
...heat recovery heat exchangers, cooling heat exchangers, hot water pumps, cooling water pumps and all other associated equipment and...
Nebraska 08-05-2022
651624 8 Mile Vertical Dry Installed Submersible Non-Clog pumps,Michigan.
... 8 Mile Vertical Dry Installed Submersible Non-Clog pumps,Oakland County,Pontiac,Michigan.This Request for Bid for qualified suppliers to provide...
Michigan 08-04-2022
651608 Stormwater Discharge Pump Piping , Texas.
...2 – 24” steel discharge piping from the new pumps to a single collection header including 2 – 24”...
Texas 08-01-2022
651594 Vertical Turbine pumps for Hunters Reservoir Raw Water Intake Project (CIP 11103) , California .
... Vertical Turbine pumps for Hunters Reservoir Raw Water Intake Project (CIP 11103)...
California 08-01-2022
651589 Contract 2020-01 Pump Station Upgrades , New Jersey.
...bypass pumping system; shutdown and isolation of existing sewage pumps wet wells; demolition of existing concrete diversion walls, floors...
New Jersey 08-04-2022
651561 Water Treatment Plant Improvement And Water Well Replacement Project,Mississippi.
...platformInstall redundant soda ash solution and chlorine chemical metering pumpsInstall CMU chemical treatment building (complete)Install yard pipingPerform site workl...
Mississippi 08-09-2022
651446 Lift Station 36, 52 & 69 Rehabilitation Project , Texas.
...stations 36, 52 & 69 for the replacement of pumps, motors, control panels, and associated workLift Station 36: Contractor...
Texas 08-02-2022
651409 Water Plant No. 1 Expansion,Texas.
...ground storage tank and modification of four (4) booster pumps.Pre-Bid Details 8/02/2022 2:00 PM On-site at 10330 County Road...
Texas 08-09-2022
651181 Sheldon Meter Building,South Dakota.
...dimensions are 22’x36’. The work includes all piping, fittings, pumps, motors, VFDs, meters, gauges, valves, and appurtenances including but...
South Dakota 08-09-2022