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591543 Sealed bid for One Horizontal Chopper Pump, Massachusetts.
...Delivery Timeline Requested With Bid: Vaughan He3L6Cs Or Equal, pumps, Chopper, Vaughan Model, 720-64 Rings, Mounting, Amtrol Pump 1.0000...
Massachusetts 06-23-2021
591331 Sealed bid for Route 30 Sewer,Kentucky.
...of a new sanitary sewer force main and grinder pumps.Closing Date:- June 21, 2021 at 2:00 P.M. EDT.Please see...
Kentucky 06-21-2021
591249 Sealed bid for Efficiency Testing of Water Well pumps and Water Meters, California.
... Sealed bid for Efficiency Testing of Water Well pumps and Water Meters, City of Ontario, California.The City of...
California 06-18-2021
591063 Sealed bid for 000266-0341-4 Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Television Inspection in Support of Rehabilitation,Texas.
...secondary clarifier and a canopy over the existing NPW pumps, installation of RAS pumps, scum pumps, and appurtenances, and...
Texas 06-11-2021
591049 Sealed bid for 21-14-2975TP Middle Chickahominy WWPS Upgrades, Virginia.
...including, but not limited to, demolition of the existing pumps and piping within the wetwell and installation of three...
Virginia 06-15-2021
590917 Sealed bid for Portable Diaphragm Mud pumps, Florida.
... Portable Diaphragm Mud pumps, Hillsborough County Water Resources Department, Tampa, Florida.The Hillsborough County...
Florida 06-16-2021
590783 Sealed bid for Pump and Piping Demo Project, Michigan.
..., City of Wyoming, Michigan.A. Demo all marked piping, pumps, blowers, bases, and associated apparatus.B. All remaining piping shall...
Michigan 06-22-2021
590689 Sealed bid for Electric Motor and Pump Repair Services, Missouri.
...and is continuing to grow. The City has various pumps, associated motors, and parts located at the wastewater treatment...
Missouri 06-22-2021
590595 Sealed bid for PIED/IS/DCFB Supply and Deliver Sewage pumps, Ontario.
... Sealed bid for PIED/IS/DCFB Supply and Deliver Sewage pumps, City of Ottawa, Ontario.To supply and deliver sewage pumps,...
Ontario 06-17-2021
590535 Sealed bid for RFQ018944, SWWTP-Condensate Pump And Motor Assembly, Ohio.
...City of Columbus, Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant, Ohio.Manufacturer: Shipco pumps, Part#: 116PF, Description: Model 116PF Pump and Motor Assembly,...
Ohio 06-15-2021
590432 Sealed bid for WRF Clarifier No. 05 Project No 18118-111, Florida.
...clarifier; and replacement of the return activated sludge (RAS) pumps.Closing Date:- June 22, 2021 at 03:00 A.M. EDT.Please see...
Florida 06-22-2021
590405 Sealed bid for Mcwc Eros Control Valve Station, South Dakota.
...above-ground pump station; The pump station will include all pumps, piping, fittings, flow meters, transmitters, gauges, combination air valves,...
South Dakota 06-18-2021
590365 Sealed bid for Shallowbag Bay Sewer Pump Station Replacement, Florida.
...pump station top slab and portions of walls; submersible pumps, valves, controls, and electrical equipment; new precast concrete wet...
North Carolina 06-22-2021
590291 Sealed bid for Keewatin Underpass Pumping Station, Manitoba.
...gas service, domestic water service, electrical service, telephone service, pumps, motors, electrical distribution, ventilation system, and controls.Closing Date:- June...
Manitoba 06-09-2021
590260 Sealed bid for SPAC-21-21A Furnish and Deliver Various Spare Parts Allis Chalmers pumps, New Jersey.
... SPAC-21-21A Furnish and Deliver Various Spare Parts Allis Chalmers pumps, Ocean County Utilities Authority, Bayville, New Jersey.Sealed Bids Will...
New Jersey 06-18-2021
590255 Sealed bid for Lift Station and Wastewater System Improvements , Washington.
...Bid Schedule includes furnishing two (2) Grundfos recessed impeller pumps (Model No. SLV.30.A30.55/4) and one (1) spare pump. Refer...
Washington 06-21-2021
590145 Sealed bid for WTP VFD Booster Pump Project, Washington
...piping to provide the NEC required distance between the pumps and the MCC.B. Remove part of the interior/exterior walls...
Washington 06-17-2021
590121 Sealed bid for Water Softening for Well Sites,California.
...softening tanks at the well-sites, including any valves and pumps that may be needed.2) Checking the hardness of the...
California 06-15-2021
590088 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer System Improvements, Georgia.
...A new sewage lift station with wet well mounted pumps will be constructed on property procured by the City...
Georgia 06-18-2021
589847 Sealed bid for On Call Electrical Services Water and Sewer , Massachusetts. pumping equipment such as vertical turbine and centrifugal pumps plus sewer ejector pumps.Closing Date:- June 17, 2021 at...
Massachusetts 06-17-2021