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430312 Sealed bid for Barnes Sithe Chopper Pump, North Carolina.
...Barnes Sithe Chopper Pump Model 4XSCDI-75N6 Explosion-Proof 7.5HP Chopper pumps for Parkwood Pumping Station.Barnes Sithe Chopper Pump Model 4XSCDI-75N6...
Pumps North Carolina United States 07-16-2018
430098 Sealed bid for Kingfield Wastewater Pump Station Upgrades, Maine.
...Residential Pump Station Upgrade. Work Will Generally Include: New pumps, Slide Rails, Controls, Outlet Piping, Access Hatches, And Safety...
Pumps Maine United States 07-16-2018
429258 Sealed bid for Hog pumps, Texas.
...IFS : B3181019 3" x 4' Hog pumps, Dallas Water Utilities, Dallas, Texas.Sealed bid for Water Utilities...
Pumps Texas United States 07-10-2018
429210 Sealed bid for pumps and Accessories, Texas.
...IFS : B3181015 pumps and Accessories, Dallas Water Utilities, Dallas, Texas.Sealed bid for...
Pumps Texas United States 07-09-2018
428899 Sealed bid for Pear Street Booster Station Rehabilitation, Montana.
...original equipment.  There are two (2) six inch diameter pumps with 50 horsepower motors and one four inch diameter...
Pumps Montana United States 07-13-2018
428894 Sealed bid for (Rebid) Wwtp Influent Lift Station Improvements,Texas.
...NP 3171 MT3 346 (or Pre-Qualified Equal) lift station pumps with VFD’s and replacement Control Panel. This project shall...
Contractors/Construction Texas United States 07-10-2018
428751 Sealed qualifications for Zone 3N/4N Reservoir Upgrade, Alberta
...distribution header that will serve future Zone 4N, emergency pumps that are able to supply commercial fire flow, transfer...
Treatment Plant Equipment Alberta Canada 07-11-2018
428459 Sealed bid for Purchase And Delivery Of Two (2) Flygt-A/C 12X12X15 Nsyv Model 300 Replacement Sludge Return pumps For The Wastewater Treatment Plant, Kentucky.
...(2) Flygt-A/C 12X12X15 Nsyv Model 300 Replacement Sludge Return pumps For The Wastewater Treatment Plant, City of Ashland, Kentucky.Sealed...
Equipment Distributors Kentucky United States 07-12-2018
428429 Sealed bid for Towable 4? & 8? Emergency pumps, California.
...Towable 4? & 8? Emergency pumps, Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District, San Rafael, California.Purchase Order...
Pumps California United States 07-06-2018
428338 Sealed bid for Marina Cove Lift Station Upgrade and Force Main Replacement, Georgia
...main. The project also includes replacing three existing submersible pumps at Marina Cove Lift Station to provide a capacity...
Contractors/Construction Georgia United States 07-12-2018
428081 Sealed bid for Concourse A Sewer Repairs, Colorado.
...the basement of Concourse A.  Work includes installing new pumps, lining sumps, replacing and relocating controls, and repairing inlets...
Sewer Misc Colorado United States 07-03-2018
428047 Sealed bid for On-Call Commercial/Industrial Plumbing Contractor,New York.
...supplyDomestic water supply treatment systemsCounty-owned wells: Submersible and jet pumps, and Pressure tanksUnderground applicationsClosing Date:- July 16, 2018 at...
Treatment Plant Equipment New York United States 07-16-2018
427985 Sealed bid for Eight Affordable Housing Units At 236 Auburn Street,Massachusetts.
...of water. The Contractor shall provide and operate all pumps, piping and other equipment necessary to this end.B. Sewers...
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 07-12-2018
427923 Sealed bid for Caustic Soda (Bulk) Liquid Weight ,Texas.
...shall be required to have all connectors, hoses and pumps necessary, including air compressor, to deliver the chemical into...
Chemicals Texas United States 07-10-2018
427918 Sealed bid for Sodium Chlorite,Texas.
...shall be required to have all connectors, hoses, and pumps necessary to deliver the chemical into the Texarkana bulk...
Chemicals Texas United States 07-10-2018
427864 Sealed bid for Domestic Water Booster Pump, Colorado.
...issues and needs constant repair to the control panel, pumps, motors, claw valves and piping system as well as...
Pumps Colorado United States 07-06-2018
427815 Sealed bid for Lift Station No. 9 Pump Replacement Project,, California.
...Foster City, CA. Remove two (2) existing Fairbanks Morse pumps, pump stands, motors, and demo existing concrete pedestals. Fabricate...
Contractors/Construction California United States 07-05-2018
427811 Sealed bid for Prairie View Lift Station ,Oklahoma.
...existing Prairie View Lift Station with new piping, valves, pumps, electrical, controls and site improvements.Closing Date:- July 12, 2018...
Contractors/Construction Oklahoma United States 07-12-2018
427789 Sealed bid for 3483-0 Four Sewage Ejector pumps W/Removal Base System, Massachusetts.
...3483-0 Four Sewage Ejector pumps W/Removal Base System, Charlestown, Boston, Massachusetts.Four Sewage Ejector pumps,...
Pumps Massachusetts United States 06-28-2018
427695 Bid invited for 18-18091 Early Procurement of Horizontal Split-Case Centrifugal pumps for the Central Water Integration Pipeline Project, Texas.
... 18-18091 Early Procurement of Horizontal Split-Case Centrifugal pumps for the Central Water Integration Pipeline Project, San Antonio...
Pipe Texas United States 07-13-2018

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