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419289 Sealed bid for Seh Redundancy pipeline Section 111 - Dedham South ,Massachusetts.
...Seh Redundancy pipeline Section 111 - Dedham South, Boston, Massachusetts,     The...
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 04-24-2018
417906 Sealed bid for Phase V Service Line Replacement (SLR), Michigan.
...and capping for the final connections. Final connections of pipeline installations will be done by the Contractor.A mandatory pre-bid...
Contractors/Construction Michigan United States 04-23-2018
417360 Sealed bid for Radiographic Examination of Steel pipeline Welds, Control No. 1240, Tennessee .
...Sealed bid for Radiographic Examination of Steel pipeline Welds, Control No. 1240, Knoxville Utilities Board, Knoxville, Tennessee.Description...
Pipe Tennessee United States 04-24-2018
416973 Sealed bid for 200K N Rural Dist Trans Main Details, North Dakota.
...Water Supply Authority , Williston, North Dakota.Contract No. 1 pipeline Construction:Construction generally consists of furnishing and installing all site...
Contractors/Construction North Dakota United States 04-24-2018
416776 Sealed bid for 2018 Sewer pipelines Rehabilitation Project,Ohio.
...Sealed bid for 2018 Sewer pipelines Rehabilitation Project,City of Xenia,Ohio.The furnishing of labor and materials...
Pipe Ohio United States 04-12-2018
416771 Sealed bid for Glenella-Lansdowne Water pipeline Extensions 2018,Manitoba.
...Sealed bid for Glenella-Lansdowne Water pipeline Extensions 2018, Manitoba Water Services Board,Brandon,Manitoba.The supply and installation...
Pipe Manitoba Canada 04-20-2018
416665 Sealed bid for Red Rock RWS_Jackson Martin Expansion Project, Phase 2, Minnesota.
...consists of constructing 44 miles of 2” through 6” pipeline, 71 user services, valves, crossings and miscellaneous appurtenant work.Closing...
Contractors/Construction Minnesota United States 04-12-2018
416605 Sealed bid for Water Supply Facilities, Alberta.
...and upgrades to three (3) facilities along a regional pipeline which passes through the MD of Foothills between the...
Contractors/Construction Alberta Canada 04-18-2018
416409 Sealed bid for Belle Haven Sewer Project Phase III, California.
...a combination of Class C-12 "Earthwork and Paving," C-34 "pipeline" and C-42 "Sanitation System" licenses at the time this...
Sewer Misc California United States 04-11-2018
416405 Sealed bid for The P1 pipeline Project,California.
...Sealed bid for The P1 pipeline Project,City of Cotati ,California.The project consists of a installing...
Contractors/Construction California United States 04-24-2018
416368 Sealed bid for Supply Of Materials, Utah.
...Construction Of The Blanding Irrigation Company – Dry Wash pipeline, Which Includes Approximately 9,120 Feet Of Hdpe Dr-32.5 Irrigation...
Contractors/Construction Utah United States 04-20-2018
416345 Sealed bid for pipeline Production Well Project, Idaho.
...#PWIR180063 Locust Lane Irrigation Supply & pipeline Production Well Project, City of Nampa, Idaho.The project consists...
Contractors/Construction Idaho United States 04-11-2018
416255 Sealed bid for Contract: 477 System Repair Services,New Jersey. to the Township's Water, Wastewater and DPW system pipelines and peripherals on an as needed basis. Each bidder...
Contractors/Construction New Jersey United States 04-19-2018
416136 Sealed bid for Construction Inspection Services ,Virginia.
...demonstrated prior experience with construction inspection for pump stations, pipelines and small treatment plant projects. All proposers shall have...
Pipe Virginia United States 04-10-2018
416072 Sealed bid for Water And Wastewater Plan Review Services, Arizona. plans for infrastructure as follows: 1) Water distribution pipelines, potable water storage tanks and water distribution system appurtenances;...
Consulting Services Arizona United States 04-24-2018
416068 Sealed bid for PTH 5 Watermain Extensions Opportunity Information, Manitoba ., 150 mm and 100 mm diameter water supply pipelines, water service connections and associated works.1.1 Pressure pipeline1.1.1 300...
Contractors/Construction Manitoba Canada 04-13-2018
416045 Invitation to bid for Villa Street Water and Sewer Main Replacement, Project 13-21A and 13-22A, California
...abandonment or removal of existing facilities, replacement of new pipelines by open-trench method, re-connection to existing pipelines, reformation of...
Contractors/Construction California United States 04-11-2018
415772 Sealed bid for pipeline Cleaning, CCTV Inspection, and/or Combined CCTV/Sonar Inspection Services, New Jersey.
...pipeline Cleaning, CCTV Inspection, and/or Combined CCTV/Sonar Inspection Services, Joint...
Pipe New Jersey United States 04-10-2018
415669 Sealed bid for 2018-124 Sewer pipeline Corrosion Analysis ,Washington.
...Sealed bid for  2018-124 Sewer pipeline Corrosion Analysis ,Kitsap County ,Port Orchard,Washington.The  County Public Works...
Pipe Washington United States 04-11-2018
415663 Sealed bid for 18-0031-7, Provide Trenchless Sewer Line Reconstruction Services, Georgia .
...of this specification to provide for the reconstruction of pipelines and conduits by the installation of a resin-impregnated flexible...
Contractors/Construction Georgia United States 04-24-2018

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