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394701 Bid invited for Permit-Required Confined Space Stand-by Rescue Services, California
...Acoustic Fiber Optic (AFO) system for the Almaden Valley pipeline (AVP) and a portion of the Santa Teresa Force...
Contractors/Construction California United States 11-22-2017
394437 Sealed bid for New Groundwater Production Well - IS/MND, California.
...proposes to construct a new production well and associated pipeline within the City of Claremont in order to increase...
Well Systems & Equipment California United States 11-22-2017
394417 Sealed bid for Ductile Iron Pipe and Fittings, California.
...The pipe and fittings will be used in a pipeline Rebuild pilot project in Oakland.Closing Date: Nonember 22, 2017...
Pipe California United States 11-22-2017
394249 Sealed bid for Galleria Reclaimed Waterline Improvements, Nevada.
...4550 linear foot of 30-inch, 300 PSI Fiberglass Reinforced pipeline (FRP), removal/abandoning of 3,500 linear foot portion of the...
Pipe Nevada United States 11-16-2017
394204 Sealed bid for Raw Water System, Colorado.
...of Norwood (Town). Construction includes installing a raw water pipeline network throughout the Town, a bulk water station, improvements...
Water / Wastewater Colorado United States 11-21-2017
394082 Sealed bid for 1406 Water pipeline Replacement 2017,Manitoba.
...Sealed bid for 1406 Water pipeline Replacement 2017,The Manitoba Water Services Board,Brandon,Manitoba. Project Description: The...
Contractors/Construction Manitoba Canada 11-17-2017
393901 Sealed bid for LVVWD No. L0046 (Miscellaneous Vault Pipe Coatings - 2017),Las Vegas Valley Water District,Nevada.
...will be related to sand blasting and recoating valves, pipelines and associated appurtenances within the vault at sites around...
Pipe Nevada United States 11-21-2017
393476 Sealed bid for 18-1811, Force Main Inspection & Assessment , Delaware.
...intends to acquire the services of an experienced professional pipeline assessment firm for the electromagnetic and visual assessment an...
Contractors/Construction Delaware United States 11-22-2017
393286 Sealed bid for 18146 , Kernersville CCTV Inspection, North Carolina. work shall be accomplished in accordance with the pipeline cleaning technical specification included as Appendix C.Closing Date:- November...
Pipe North Carolina United States 11-22-2017
393276 Sealed bid for 17-70, CCTV Utilities pipeline Inspections, British Columbia.
...Sealed bid for 17-70, CCTV Utilities pipeline Inspections, City of Campbell River , British Columbia. The...
Pipe British Columbia Canada 11-21-2017
393199 Sealed bid for Baseline Recycled Water pipeline Extension, California.
...Baseline Recycled Water pipeline Extension, Chino, California.The objective of the project is to...
Consulting Services California United States 11-09-2017
393195 Sealed bid for Gis Master Plan, California. enhance the Agency's ability to manage facilities and pipeline assets, plan for growth, integrate and standardize information among...
Misc. Services California United States 11-15-2017
393070 Sealed bid for 1862 Fire Flow Improvement Program Almonte pipeline Replacement Project,California.
...Sealed bid for 1862 Fire Flow Improvement Program Almonte pipeline Replacement Project, Marin Municipal Water District,Corte Madera,California.DESCRIPTION: This contract...
Pipe California United States 11-16-2017
393021 Sealed bid for Civil Contractors for the COS Watermain Rehab. by CIPP Lining, British Columbia.
...City. 6.Testing, disinfection and commissioning of the newly rehabilitated pipelines. 7.Full permanent restoration of disturbed roads, sidewalks, curbs, and...
Contractors/Construction British Columbia Canada 11-16-2017
392935 Sealed bid for 3000008953 pipeline Maintenance - CPRA-Coastal P&R, Louisiana.
...Sealed bid for 3000008953 pipeline Maintenance - CPRA-Coastal P&R,Louisiana DepartmentĀ  of Transportation & Develop,Baton...
Pipe Louisiana United States 11-07-2017
392871 Sealed bid for KBH Service Blending pipelines Project, Texas.
...Sealed bid for KBH Service Blending pipelines Project,City of El Paso,Texas.The work under this contract shall...
Pipe Texas United States 11-16-2017
392862 Sealed bid for On-Call Pipe Inspection, Cleaning, And Pacp Rating Services,Oregon.
...have a mix of culverts, toe drains, outfalls, and pipelines in need of inspection, cleaning, and PACP rating services....
Pipe Oregon United States 11-17-2017
392854 Sealed bid for Almonte pipeline Replacement Project, California.
...Almonte pipeline Replacement Project, Perris, California.This contract is for furnishing labor...
Pipe California United States 11-16-2017
392673 Sealed bid for Construction of The Raw Water Supply Facilities, Texas.
...replace the existing tank, in addition to miscellaneous valves, pipeline tie-ins and road crossings.Closing Date: November 9, 2017, at...
Contractors/Construction Texas United States 11-09-2017
392509 Sealed bid for 138832 Mesa Water Treatment Plant Phase 1 Upgrades,Colorado. any work that would affect any sewer,or water pipelineA Prebid ConferenceĀ  11/07/2017 12:00 PM ESTClosing Date:- November 21,...
Water / Wastewater Colorado United States 11-21-2017

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