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763980 Water Infrastructure Parts and Supplies,California.
...(5) turnouts from the United Water Conservation District’s Oxnard-Hueneme pipeline system, one (1) turnout from the Calleguas Municipal Water...
California 04-16-2024
763557 Wastewater System pipeline, Manhole and Forcemain, Inspection and Condition Assessment,Florida.
... Wastewater System pipeline, Manhole and Forcemain, Inspection and Condition Assessment,Charlotte County, Port...
Florida 04-12-2024
763508 Trenchless Sewer pipeline Rehabilitation,New Hampshire.
... Trenchless Sewer pipeline Rehabilitation,Town of Derry,New Hampshire.The work specified under this section...
New Hampshire 04-19-2024
763033 60613217 Morin Lake I.R. No. 217 Water Treatment Plant and Sewage Pump Station Upgrades, Saskatchewan.
...reservoir• New well development and existing well decommissioning• Underground pipeline construction• Civil works including site preparation and grading, access...
Saskatchewan 04-09-2024
762592 Johnson to Norum Sewer Main Replacement, Washington.
...the existing sewer main and tempo-rary sewer bypass pumpingMiscellaneous pipeline improvements including air vacu-um valve assemblies and blow-off assembliesAll...
Washington 04-19-2024
762376 Water Project Prequalification,Colorado.
...Water Project, a 42" fully welded raw water steel pipeline in northern Colorado, along with pump stattions and appurtenances. ...
Colorado 04-12-2024
762262 1400-245-00 Malloy Drain Phase 2B, Alberta.
...proposed project will include installation of a gravity storm pipeline from the west side of Highway 845 to the...
Alberta 04-11-2024
762124 Day Island Water Line Crossing Feasibility Study,Oregon.
...evaluated. The overall length of the 30- inch transmission pipeline under consideration is approximately 9,000 linear feet (LF), spanning...
Oregon 04-05-2024
762092 Full Circle Effluent pipeline Project,California.
... Full Circle Effluent pipeline Project,Lake County Water Resources,Lakeport,California.The goal of the Full Circle...
California 04-17-2024
762083 Brine Line On-Call CCTV Services,California.
...required after any CCTV equipment becomes stuck inside the pipeline.Provide a list of CCTV equipment and accessories available, including,...
California 04-08-2024
761881 Demolition and Debris Removal of Structure, Texas.
...and/or buckets may be used. Underground Facilities - All pipelines, conduits, ducts, cables, wires, manholes, vaults, tanks, tunnels, or...
Texas 04-12-2024
761803 2024 Small-Scale Infrastructure Lighting Unit Price Construction, Texas.
...Cost Participation, Work in other jurisdictions (TxDOT, RR, etc.), pipeline Encroachments, Specialty Items that require Maintenance Agreements, Forestry Tree...
Texas 04-18-2024
761767 pipeline Repair 2024 Annual On-Call Rate , Kansas.
... pipeline Repair 2024 Annual On-Call Rate, City of Bonner Springs,...
Kansas 03-28-2024
761762 2024 On-Call CCTV Inspection Services Annual On-Call Rate , Kansas.
...of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) specifications(Appendix A) performed per pipeline Assessment & Certification Program (PACP) standards including the specific...
Kansas 03-28-2024
761656 Scott Road Gap Transmission pipeline Project, California.
... Scott Road Gap Transmission pipeline Project,Eastern Municipal Water District,Perris, California.Contractor shall perform all work...
California 04-17-2024
761511 New Dragswolf Reservoir, Contract -5,North Dakota. piping, concrete vault and appurtenances, connections to existing pipelines, inlet/outlet piping from the existing pipelines, foundation, appurtenances, coating,...
North Dakota 04-10-2024
761360 Storm Sewer Cleaning and Inspection Services,Virginia.
...Sewer Cleaning and Inspection Services,City of Waynesboro,Virginia.Clean storm sewer pipelines;Clean inlets and manholes;Provide pre-inspection CCTV footage of pipelines and...
Virginia 04-18-2024
761351 Water Meters & Fire Hydrants - Turbine,Colorado.
...interior working parts without disturbing the connection of the pipeline. The size, model, and direction of flow shall be...
Colorado 04-02-2024
761316 Upsize Blending Line at Diamond,California.
...and replacement of 3,030 LF of 12-inch PVC blending pipeline with 2,594 LF 20-inch DIP and 433 LF 20-inch...
California 04-10-2024
761143 Wastewater Collection System Relining Projects, Colorado.
...minimal reduction of the inside diameter. Preparation of the pipeline will bedone prior to lining including cleaning, removal of...
Colorado 03-29-2024