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449031 Sealed bid for Adjusting manhole Frames & Covers, Connecticut.
...Sealed bid for  Adjusting manhole Frames & Covers, City of Minden , Connecticut. The ...
Connecticut 11-13-2018
448422 Sealed bid for 2018 Sanitary Sewer System Improvement Project, Contract No.18-2,Pennsylvania.
...flumes meter pits; installation of two (2) sanitary sewer manholes; installation of two (2) laserflow meters and associated controls;...
Pennsylvania 11-12-2018
448367 Sealed bid for manholes - Annual Contract, Georgia.
...manholes - Annual Contract, City of Warner Robins, Georgia.Sealed bids...
Georgia 11-15-2018
448338 Sealed bid for Sewer Improvements At Lower King Street , New York.
...drainage culvert, remove and install a new sanitary sewer manhole, remove and replace roof slab of existing drainage culvert,...
New York 11-14-2018
448312 Sealed bid for Operator in Responsible Charge (ORC) Services, Colorado.
...CCTV inspection of sanitary sewer mains and sanitary sewer manhole inspections.Closing Date: November 19, 2018 at 05:00 PM MDT.Please...
Colorado 11-19-2018
448299 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Replacement,Washnigton.
...6" force main, 8' & 12" gravity main, sewer manhole, and site improve-ments including abandonment, of existing lift station.This...
Washington 11-19-2018
448273 Sealed bid for Deicing Chemical Storage Tanks D3 D4, Illinois.
...shall be equipped with the following ports and fittings:• manhole in the top, with replaceable gasket, and secured, approximate...
Illinois 11-07-2018
448051 Sealed bid for Building 2877 Wastewater Retrofit,Washington. a treatment facility. Work includes stormwater piping and manhole, pump station with submersible pumps, valve vault, and asphalt...
Washington 11-15-2018
448018 Sealed bid for Lift Station No. 1 Rehabilitation, Texas
...of the lift station. The rehabilitation of an existing manhole to include cleaning, abrasive blasting, and installing corrosion resistant...
Texas 11-16-2018
448017 Sealed bid for Wastewater Treatment Plant Lift Station and Force Main Rehabilitation, Texas abrasively blasted and recoated. The rehabilitation of one manhole shall include cleaning, abrasive blasting, application of corrosion resistant...
Texas 11-16-2018
448015 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Phase 1, Project No. 1180-092-01 , Texas
...sewer rehabilitation including point repairs, pipe bursting, service reconnections, manhole rehabilitation and site restoration.Proposals must be accompanied by a...
Texas 11-16-2018
447962 Sealed bid for Emerald Avenue Drainage Improvements, British Columbia
...will include tying sewer works into existing drainage manhole; removal and disposal of existing manhole; supply and...
British Columbia 11-13-2018
447886 Sealed bid for East Jordan manhole Frames and Covers, Missouri.
...Sealed bid for East Jordan manhole Frames and Covers, Duckett Creek Sanitary District, O’Fallon, Missouri.Material1....
Missouri 11-02-2018
447875 Sealed bid for US 171 Mowing and Litter,drainage structures, Louisiana.
...tunnels, culverts, catch basins, junction boxes, retaining walls, cribbing, manholes,endwalls, buildings, sewers, service pipes, underdrains, foundation drains and other...
Louisiana 11-15-2018
447864 Sealed bid for LA 8/LA 28 Mowing And Litter Removal,drainage structures, Louisiana.
...tunnels, culverts, catch basins, junction boxes, retaining walls, cribbing, manholes,endwalls, buildings, sewers, service pipes, underdrains, foundation drains and other...
Louisiana 11-15-2018
447803 Sealed bid for Transfer Station Sanitary Pump Station,Michigan.
...1 $ $ Model Np6020.180-2328 Install 5' Diameter Sanitary manhole, Complete Ea 1 $ $9 Install 6' Diameter C72...
Michigan 11-14-2018
447743 Sealed bid for Lift Station, Texas.
...including well point system and dewatering as necessary; on-site manhole; eight-inch (8”) on-site force main; twelve-inch (12”) on-site force...
Texas 11-14-2018
447638 Sealed bid for manhole Rehabilitation, Illinois.
...manhole Rehabilitation, City of Effingham, Illinois.Sealed bids will be received...
Illinois 11-13-2018
447615 Sealed bid for Irrigation System, Iowa.
...2" Ts Installed  5 EachConnect 2" Drain Line To manhole  1 EachSite Restoration  Closing Date:- November 15, 2018 at...
Iowa 11-15-2018
447542 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Improvements, Alabama .
...Hwy 14, from the lift station to an existing manhole on AL Hwy 14, approximately 700 LF of the...
Alabama 11-15-2018