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394273 Sealed bid for Derby Grange Road Sanitary Sewer Extension ,Iowa.
...and 1,011 LF of 12” SDR-26 PVC pipe, 14 manholes, one creek crossing, one road crossing,tree removals, field fencing,...
Pipe Iowa United States 11-22-2017
394266 Sealed bid for Derby Grange Road Sanitary Sewer Extension Project, Iowa
...8” and 1,011 LF of 12” SDR-26 PVC pipe, 14 manholes, one creek crossing, one road crossing, tree removals, field fencing,...
Contractors/Construction Iowa United States 11-22-2017
394156 Sealed bid for OCWUT SC-0952 - Sanitary Sewer Relief Interceptors ,Oklahoma.
...Sanitary Sewer Pipe 42 Inch8 Foot Diameter Sanitary Sewer manhole (0 Feetto 6 Feet) Closing Date:- December 20, 2017...
Sewer Misc California United States 11-20-2017
394014 Sealed bid for Lower Walnut Creek Sanitary Sewer Improvements, North Carolina.
...sewer installed by open cut with approximately 60 precast manholes. - Approximately 455 LF of 72.5” OD fiberglass-reinforced polymer...
Sewer Misc North Carolina United States 11-15-2017
393980 Sealed bid for Project #5341110 Secondary Williston Road Lift Station Forcemain,Minnesota.
...HDPE Forcemain (Utilizing Directionally Drilling)4 EA 72” Air Valve manhole4 EA Combination Air Valve (Air/Vacuum & Air Release)3 EA...
Contractors/Construction Minnesota United States 11-21-2017
393861 Sealed bid for Wascana Park Sewer Infrastructure Repairs, Saskatchewan.
...sewers, storm sewers, water mains, hydrants, valves, catch basins, manholes, and building services. The work generally includes the construction...
Contractors/Construction Saskatchewan Canada 11-23-2017
393807 Sealed bid for P028007 2017 Rumble Stripes District 7,South Carolina.
...excavation, compaction, fine grading, etc.• Drainage: Pipe, catch basins, manholes, etc.    Closing Date:-November 14, 2017 at 12:00 P.M.EST.Please see...
Contractors/Construction South Carolina United States 11-14-2017
393728 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Diversion U.S. Rt 20 W & Chetlain Lane,Illinois.
...horizontal directional drilling and trenching; installation and adjustment of manholes; and site grading.Bids will be on a total sum...
Sewer Misc Illinois United States 11-13-2017
393608 Sealed bid for P028005 2017 Rumble Stripes District 5,South Carolina.
...excavation, compaction, fine grading, etc. Drainage: Pipe, catch basins, manholes, etc.Closing Date:-November 14 ,2017 at 12:00 P.M.EST.Please see the...
Contractors/Construction California United States 11-14-2017
393598 Sealed bid for P026839, P028226 Church Street Town of Lexington Phase II,South Carolina.
...The drainage structure* may consist of standard junction boxes, manholes, catch basins, drop inlets, or circular drainage structures detailed...
Contractors/Construction South Carolina United States 11-14-2017
393559 Sealed bid for Nicky D's Sanitary Sewer Extension , Texas.
...Installation @3 502.1 1 EA 4' Dia Sanitary Sewer manhole Tech @4 502.1 7 EA 5' Dia Sanitary Sewer...
Pipe Texas United States 11-21-2017
393558 Sealed bid for Quebec Road Sewer Separation (Re-bid),Ohio.
...water mainrelocations. The project includes installation of approximately 123 manholes/storm inlets. The project is located mostly in the street...
Sewer Misc Ohio United States 11-13-2017
393546 Sealed bid for 17-014 Small Main Rehab,Colorado.
...lineal feet of 8-inch diameter sanitary sewer mains, 12 manholes 48-inches in diameter and related surface improvement as detailed...
Sewer Misc Colorado United States 11-22-2017
393454 Sealed bid for West Main Street Sanitary Sewer Project, Pennsylvania
...linear feet of 24-inch diameter sanitary sewer, and 7 manholes with lateral replacement and tie in to existing sanitary...
Contractors/Construction Pennsylvania United States 11-17-2017
393418 Sealed bid for 18-43 Supply and Deliver Cast Iron manhole and Catch Basin Covers, Gratings and manhole Rings and Frames, Massachusetts.
...18-43 Supply and Deliver Cast Iron manhole and Catch Basin Covers, Gratings and manhole Rings and...
Distribution Massachusetts United States 11-16-2017
393406 Sealed bid for Informal manhole Covers, Texas .
...Informal manhole Covers, Houston, Texas.Purchase Order To Furnish manhole Platen Covers...
Distribution Texas United States 11-10-2017
393383 Sealed bid for 2017 Webb Road Outfall Rehabilitation,Ohio.
...revetment to protect the bluff;? demolition/disposal of the existing manhole remnants;? installation of a modular concrete retaining wall with...
Sewer Misc Ohio United States 11-20-2017
393288 Sealed bid for 17-23074, Pleasant Street Outfall Relocation , New Brunswick.
...of approximately 60 meters of new storm pipe, including manholes, outfall, removal of existing storm outfall, asphalt, street restoration,...
Pipe New Brunswick Canada 11-22-2017
393286 Sealed bid for 18146 , Kernersville CCTV Inspection, North Carolina.
...of sewer mains in accordance with NASSCO Guidelines and manhole inspections of approximately 782 sewer manholes in accordance with...
Pipe North Carolina United States 11-22-2017
393283 Sealed bid for Project #5422367 Dry Fertilizer Shed Site Improvements,Nebraska.
...of 8” P.V.C. sanitary sewer, 5 precast 48” diameter manholes, sewer wyes, service line, mobilization and incidental items for...
Sewer Misc Nebraska United States 11-23-2017

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