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386763 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation T-291063.12 , Kansas.
...8" sanitary sewer main in place. To connect with manhole #60. 7 services. To construct standard 4' manhole to...
Sewer Misc Kansas United States 09-22-2017
386760 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation T-291063.11 , Kansas.
...12" sanitary sewer main in place. To connect with manhole #11. 6 services. To construct standard 4' manhole to...
Sewer Misc Kansas United States 09-22-2017
386757 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation T-291063.13 , Kansas.
...10” Sanitary Sewer Main In Place. To Connect With manhole #26 & #27 3 Services Average Flow. Flows North....
Sewer Misc Kansas United States 09-22-2017
386460 Sealed bid for 447213 Wet Utilities Phase 1 & 2 Sewer, Water, and Storm Drain improvements, Arizona.
...and storm drain pipe including PVC sewer pipe, sewer manholes, DIP water lines, water valves, fire hydrants, and all...
Contractors/Construction Arizona United States 09-21-2017
386301 Sealed Bid for 15-28 Waipoli Road Ditch Improvements,Hawaii.
...42” drain lines, ditches, outlet channel, field inlets, drain manhole, repave existing driveways, construct shoulders, install guardrails, repair existing...
Contractors/Construction Hawaii United States 09-21-2017
386235 Sealed bid for SROG Salt River Outfall Interceptor Rehabilitation Project E Design Services, Arizona.
...E. Project E involves rehabilitation of 105 Grade 3 manholes. Budgeted construction cost for the rehabilitation project is approximately...
Consulting Services Arizona United States 09-23-2017
385974 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Inspection Project, Texas.
...project includes cleaning and televising storm sewer lines and manholes. Bonds required..A Pre-Bid: 09/15/2017 at 10:30AM, Not Provided IDS...
Sewer Misc Texas United States 09-22-2017
385914 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Video Inspection , Georgia .
...distances and documented deficiencies should accompany the videos.  All manholes will be located and accessible.  Pricing to exclude bypass...
Pipe Georgia United States 09-22-2017
385898 Sealed bid for 52nd and 53rd Street Reconstruction - Underground Works, Alberta
...4. Remove and dispose off site of existing sanitary manholes 5 ea. 5. Trenching & Backfilling to 98% Standard...
Contractors/Construction Alberta Canada 09-22-2017
385746 Sealed bid for Grease Grit and Debris Removal and Cleaning, Michigan. based on field conditions such as availability to manholes, process channels and basins, type of debris to be...
Sewer Misc Michigan United States 09-22-2017
385652 Sealed bid for Locust Glen North 19th Avenue Public Improvements, Nebraska
...LF remove combination curb and gutter; 1 EA adjust manhole to grade; 130 LF saw cut-full depth; 610 Sy...
Contractors/Construction Nebraska United States 09-20-2017
385523 Sealed bid for Oakwood Crescent Storm Sewer Upgrade, Nova Scotia
...HDPE, 320 kPa 1 600mm diameter, .2 450mm diameter, manholes, 1200 mm dia.,precast concrete, flat top, Catch Basins –...
Contractors/Construction Nova Scotia Canada 09-21-2017
385499 Sealed bid for Terrace Alpine Drive Sanitary Sewer Main Extension,Colorado .
...Service Companies (NASSCO) 2. Connection to existing sanitary sewer manhole via concrete coring as indicated in the Drawings 3....
Sewer Misc Colorado United States 09-21-2017
385489 Sealed bid for Stormwater Management Facility #3603 - Eastgate Park, Ontario
...including surface grates and weirs; installation of a control, manhole at the SWM facility outlet; installation of storage chambers;...
Contractors/Construction Ontario Canada 09-19-2017
385420 Sealed bid for Bank Sanitary Sewer manhole Lining Project, Montana.
...Bank Sanitary Sewer manhole Lining Project, Great Falls, Montana.The project consists of: Furnishing...
Sewer Misc Montana United States 09-20-2017
385329 Sealed bid for manholes Annual Contract, Georgia.
...manholes Annual Contract, Warner Robins, Georgia.Sealed bids will be received...
Distribution Georgia United States 09-21-2017
385315 Sealed bid for RFQ006377 Blueprint Fifth by Northwest Lining Project, Ohio.
...thru 15-inch sewers utilizing the Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) process, manhole rehabilitation, and other such work as may be necessary...
Contractors/Construction Ohio United States 09-13-2017
385312 Sealed bid for Various Locations Pavement Renovation No. 27, Contract #1000006290,California.
...Pipe) for AWSS (Auxiliary Water Supply System) Pipelines, Precast manhole Materials, Cast-In-Place manholes, Cured-In-Place Liner for Sewer Pipe, TV...
Contractors/Construction California United States 09-20-2017
385138 Sealed bid for Britt Road Bridge Replacement,Florida.
...Replacement,Martin County,Stuart, Florida.All underground pipelines, conduits, ducts, cables, wires, manholes, vaults, tanks, tunnels, or other such facilities or attachments,...
Contractors/Construction Florida United States 09-20-2017
385053 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation, Kansas.  1. Sewer Cleaning  2. CCTV Inspection  3. New manhole (8 EA, Precast)  4. manhole Rehabilitation (8 VF, Cementitious)...
Sewer Misc Kansas United States 09-12-2017

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