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429920 Sealed bid for Mesquite Pass Water Main Extension, Texas.
...Contractor is responsible for repair and clean-up of broken manholes, buried valve boxes, broken sewer pipe, and all other...
Contractors/Construction Texas United States 07-16-2018
429430 Sealed bid for Houser Street Parking Expansion and Athletic Field Grading Project, Iowa.
...of 10" DIP water main casing pipe; 1 EA manhole adjustment, major; 8,068 SY 6" PCC pavement; 69.7 SY...
Contractors/Construction Iowa United States 07-13-2018
429425 Sealed bid for Street Sanitary Sewer Lining, Ohio.
...the plan difference in horizontal distance between centerlines of manholes and/or inlets; centerline of mainline pipe for transverse sewers...
Sewer Misc Ohio United States 07-13-2018
429304 Sealed bid for Purchase of various new & unused gray cast iron castings, New York.
Distribution New York United States 07-12-2018
429246 Sealed bid for 2nd East - RR Tracks to Stationary Rd, Idaho.
...Mix (145 pcf) (For Street 4" and Pathway2.5"), Rotate manhole cone Section EA 2 ,2030.4.1.A.1 Adjust manholes to Grade...
Contractors/Construction Idaho United States 07-10-2018
429193 Sealed bid for Drive Utility Demolition & Relocation Project,Oregon.
...demolition and/or abandonment of existing storm drain pipes and manholes; and • Installation (relocation) of water mains and appurtenances....
Pipe Oregon United States 07-16-2018
429169 Sealed bid for Palisades Slip Lining Phase 2 Project No. 163 ,California.
...that are capped, 29 internal lateral reinstatements, rehabilitate 11 manholes, construction of 6 new manholes, rebuild selves on 4...
Contractors/Construction California United States 07-16-2018
429164 Sealed bid for manhole Rehabilitation 2018 Project No. 182,California.
...Sealed bid for manhole Rehabilitation 2018 Project No. 182, Lake Arrowhead Community Services...
Distribution California United States 07-16-2018
429148 Sealed bid for Concrete manhole Sections and Grade Ring ,Missouri.
...Sealed bid for Concrete manhole Sections and Grade Ring, Duckett Creek Sanitary District, O’Fallon,...
Distribution Missouri United States 07-16-2018
429012 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer/Watermain/Storm Sewer for Crary's 9th Addn, North Dakota.
...LF of 8” PVC Sewer, 110 LF of 48” manhole, 6 EA of manhole Castings, and 35 EA of...
Sewer Misc North Dakota United States 07-16-2018
428955 Sealed bid for Edge Road Water Main, Georgia.
...and storm sewer components and culverts.5. Catch basins and manholes located and top elevations.6. Storm flow direction for pipes,...
Contractors/Construction Georgia United States 07-12-2018
428932 Sealed bid for Roseland Acres Strom Sewer Replacement, Ontario. and installation of approximately 631m of storm sewer, manholes, new catch basins including leads, ditching improvements along with...
Sewer Misc Ontario Canada 07-16-2018
428919 Sealed bid for Large Diameter manhole Project, Alaska .
...Sealed bid for Large Diameter manhole Project, City of Anchorage, Alaska .seeking to replace sanitary...
Distribution Alaska United States 07-09-2018
428907 Sealed bid for Water And Sewer Inventory, Virginia.
...ITEM # VB-9*S( Inventory Number 316-250-030) 4 12 EA. manhole Frame(4”high) and cover per city spec (Non-Inventory)5 12 EA....
Equipment Distributors Virginia United States 07-10-2018
428887 Sealed bid for Pipeline Rehabilitation Project, California .
...with a Top Hat lateral seals, rehabilitation of 43 manholes, removal of 4 sewer clean outs to be replaced...
Pipe California United States 07-11-2018
428869 Sealed bid for Kenmore Ave. & Harrison St. Sanitary Sewer Rehab, Iowa.
...240 LF 8” PVC Sanitary Sewer; 2 EA Sanitary manholes, Type SW-301; 680 LF 8”3. Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining; 925...
Sewer Misc Iowa United States 07-12-2018
428855 Sealed bid for S. Prairie Avenue Utility and Street Improvements, Wisconsin.
...with Additional Excavation 40 VF 48 Inch DIA Sanitary manhole with Additional Excavation 350 LF Concrete Curb and Gutter...
Contractors/Construction Wisconsin United States 07-13-2018
428803 Sealed bid for Emergency Water and Sewer Repairs Rebid, North Carolina.
...sewer mains, fire hydrants, water and sewer services, rebuild manholes, and making new taps.    Closing Date:- July 6, 2018...
Equipment Distributors North Carolina United States 07-06-2018
428623 Sealed bid for Engineering Design for the Marlboro Street Rehabilitation Project,New Hampshire.
...elevations for storm and sewer infrastructure, including catch basins, manholes, pipe outlets, and standpipes.8. Material, diameter, and direction for...
Contractors/Construction New Hampshire United States 07-13-2018
428619 Sealed bid for Randall Wobbe Lane Sewer Improvements, Arkansas.
...130 feet of 8-inch ductile iron sewer, 9 new manholes, and related facilities.Closing Date:- July 13, 2018 at 10:00...
Sewer Misc Arkansas United States 07-13-2018

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