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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
545377 Sealed bid for 21Aml03-1 Yellow Creek Phase II,Virginia.
...Stone Gap,Virginia.Underground Facilities: All pipelines, conduits, ducts, cables, wires, manholes, vaults, tanks, tunnels or other such facilities or attachments,...
Virginia 08-03-2020
544530 Sealed bid for Priority Sewer Replacements Area 9, 10 & 11 , California.
...sewer.2. Reconnection of 13 sewer laterals.3. Replacement of 11 manholesReconnection of existing 4-inch and 6-inch diameter sewer laterals to...
California 08-02-2020
544291 Sealed bid for 37th Street Reconstruction Project and Culinary Waterline Replacement CDBG Project, Utah.
...barrow, untreated base course, and asphalt; lowering and raising manholes and clean-out boxes; removal and replacement of 1,400 l.f....
Utah 08-03-2020
544181 Sealed bid for Basins Rehabilitation Phase 2C project, Tennessee.
...feet of 8” through 18” gravity sewer; 50 new manholes; the reinstatement of 75 sewer services; 300 linear feet...
Tennessee 07-30-2020
544001 Sealed bid for Stormwater culvert: SR 191, Pennsylvania.
...the pipe. There are (2) 4? diameter precast concrete manholes included in the project. It is estimated that there...
Pennsylvania 08-03-2020
543841 Sealed bid for Supply Of Concrete manhole Risers, Saskatchewan.
... Supply Of Concrete manhole Risers, Saskatchewan Telecommunications, Regina, Saskatchewan.Supply Of Concrete manhole Risers...
Saskatchewan 07-28-2020
543441 Sealed bid for Pebble Valley Force Main, Wisconsin.
...16-Inch Force Main Open Cut Construction3 Air Release Valve manholes1 Sanitary manhole.Closing Date:- July 31, 2020 at 11:00 A.M....
Wisconsin 07-31-2020
543412 Sealed bid for Alley and Parking Lots Maintenance, Illinois.
...(PCC) paving, matching existing access points, sanitary and storm manhole adjustments/construction, utility pole protection, patching in various locations, restoration,...
Illinois 07-31-2020
543381 Sealed bid for 2020 Sewer Impovements Project,Utah.
...line of the existing sewer pipe from center of manhole to manhole with no deduction for manholes.B. Payment will...
Utah 08-04-2020
543376 Sealed bid for 2020 Sewer Impovements Project,Utah.
...for 2020 Sewer Impovements Project,American Fork City,Utah.Install twelve sewer manholes, pipe burst approximately 815 linear feet of 12” HDPE...
Utah 08-04-2020
543279 Sealed bid for 608631-111716 Replacement Kings Highway over the North Branch Manhan River, Massachusetts.
...10 feet(c) Catch basins(d) Drainage Pipes(e) Pipe Flared Ends(f) manholesEmbed culverts or pipe arches below the grade of the...
Massachusetts 08-04-2020
543245 Sealed bid for 606632-111303 Replacement Street Over the Sudbury River, Massachusetts.
...10 feet(c) Catch basins(d) Drainage Pipes(e) Pipe Flared Ends(f) manholes(g) HandholesCircular vertical precast reinforced concrete manholes and structures used...
Massachusetts 07-28-2020
543147 Sealed bid for Wastewater Structures Rehabilitation , Tennessee. performed (Work) consists of the rehabilitation of deteriorated manholes and other wastewater structures as assigned using a three-layered...
Tennessee 08-04-2020
543139 Sealed bid for 203213 - Sanitary Sewer Improvements to serve SC Addition , Kansas.
...Pipe, SS 8" 750.00 LF5 5. Riser Assembly 4", manhole Stub 4.00 EA6 6. Riser Assembly 4", Vertical 2.00...
Kansas 07-31-2020
543133 Sealed bid for 203216 Group 1 - Sanitary Sewer Improvements to serve Emerald Bay Estates 4th Addition, Phase 2, Kansas.
...Pipe, SS 8" 3592.00 LF7 7. Riser Assembly 4", manhole Stub 9.00 EA8 8. Riser Assembly 4", Vertical 2.00...
Kansas 07-31-2020
543119 Sealed bid for Resurface Runway 2/20, Illinois.
...Runway 2/20Shoulder Adjustment    Inlet Protection    Adjust Underdrain Cleanout    Adjust manhole    Closing Date: July 31, 2020 at 12:00 PM CDT.Please...
Illinois 07-31-2020
543117 Sealed bid for Reconstruct and Rehabilitate Hangar Taxiways, Illinois.
...Remove Underdrain    Remove Underdrain Insp. Hole    Remove Underdrain Cleanout    manhole 4'    Adjust manhole & Replace Casting    Infiltration Trench    Closing...
Illinois 07-31-2020
543113 Sealed bid for Runway 18/36 Removal and Associated Improvements, Phase 1, Illinois.
Illinois 07-31-2020
543111 Sealed bid for (0.953 miles) SMART overlay project on 471h Street, Illinois.
...ADA sidewalk located in Villages of Hinsdale and Western Springs.manholes To Be Reconstructed    Inlets To Be Reconstructed    Frames And...
Illinois 07-31-2020
543109 Sealed bid for Reconstruct the intersection of Chautaugua Street at McLafferty Road, Illinois.
...15"    Storm Sewer Removal 8"    Storm Sewer Removal 15"    manholes, Type A, 4'-Diameter, Type 1 Frame, Closed Lid    manholes,...
Illinois 07-31-2020