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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
491820 Sealed bid for 010-61F98 Sidewalk construction and culvert replacement,Illinois.
...Basins, Type C, Type 8 Grate Base Items 1.000    manholes To Be Adjusted    Base Items 1.000    Closing Date:- September...
Illinois 08-17-2019
491535 Sealed bid for 2019 Boulevard Sewer Project,Utah.
...Sdr35 Pvc Storm Drain Pipe, (3) 48” Ø Sewer manholes, (1) Pretreatment Catch Basin, And All Restoration Of Any...
Utah 08-21-2019
491318 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Improvements Project -TXCDBG,Texas.
...of 6”, 8”, and 10” sanitary sewer pipe and manholes. Work includes the installation of 6”, 8”, and 10”...
Texas 08-20-2019
491277 Sealed bid for Bay Road Sewer and Watermain Replacement, Nova Scotia.
...Concrete m 230.6 Hydrants Ea 3.7 1050mm dia. Sanitary manholes Ea 3Remove/Cap.8 250mm dia. Concrete Sanitary Lateral Ea 1New...
Nova Scotia 08-20-2019
490972 Sealed bid for MacKinnon Drive Extension, Prince Edward Island.
...catch basin: 1050mm pcp catch basin: 1200mm pcp adjust manhole culvert removal adjust valve box.Closing Date: August 22, 2019...
Prince Edward Island 08-22-2019
490883 Sealed bid for Wylie Meadows Residential Subdivision, South Dakota.
...and Cleanouts14. Approximately 15 Each of 48” Sanitary Sewer manhole15. Approximately 1,000 Feet of 24” RCP Storm Sewer Piping16....
South Dakota 08-16-2019
490846 Sealed bid for Green Ridge Drive Storm Sewer and Pavement Improvements, Ohio.
...backfill material compacted to 100% optimum density per ASTMD698.C. manholes designated by the Engineer to be abandoned shall be...
Ohio 08-23-2019
490839 Sealed bid for Belvedere Avenue Sidewalk and Curb Replacement, Prince Edward Island.
...15 mm, surface draining naturally..7 Install isolation joints around manholes and catch basins and along length adjacent to concrete...
Prince Edward Island 08-23-2019
490835 Sealed bid for 2019 Microsurfacing, Prince Edward Island.
...the surface without allowing any free-standing or free-flowing water.. manholes, valve boxes, drop inlets and other service entrances shall...
Prince Edward Island 08-23-2019
490809 Sealed bid for Vine Avenue, Driftwood Place & Half Moon Court Street Improvements, California.
...2’ wide full depth AC pavement, AC pavement, adjust manholes and valves and striping on Vine Avenue, Driftwood Place,...
California 08-22-2019
490798 Sealed bid for Westlake Lift Station Upgrade 2019, Washington.
...replacing the wet well lid with new hatches and manhole access; bypass pumping; new pumps and motors; concrete pad;...
Washington 08-21-2019
490705 Sealed bid for GPS Services to Locate Exposed and Buried Lamp Holes, manholes, Catch Basins,Michigan.
...GPS Services to Locate Exposed and Buried Lamp Holes, manholes, Catch Basins,Detroit Water & Sewerage Department,Detroit,Michigan.Department of Water and...
Michigan 08-19-2019
490672 Sealed bid for Reconstruction of Elbow Lane , New Jersey.
...Bid 1. Dense Graded Aggregate 35 CY 2. Reconstructed manhole, Using New Casting 1 UN 3. Reconstructed Inlet, Type...
New Jersey 08-21-2019
490655 Sealed bid for 190142, Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction Phase 6, Kansas.
...Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction Phase 6, City of Wichita, Kansas.Removed manhole Castings. For manholes removed, manholes abandoned or for frame...
Kansas 08-23-2019
490651 Sealed bid for 2019 Shepperd Avenue CDBG Sidewalk Project,Colorado.
...Contract, shall mean bridges, culverts, sewers, catch basins,bretaining walls, manholes, headwalls, buildings, valve vaults and other features which may...
Colorado 08-20-2019
490647 Sealed bid for 24 Mile Road Sidewalk (CDBG)Expansion,Michigan.
...House Leads.f. Tunneling, Jacking or Boring of Sewer.g. Constructing manholes, Catch Basins, Inlets.h. Backfilling.i. Infiltration or Ex-Filtration Tests.j. Final...
Michigan 08-20-2019
490619 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Replacement, Saskatchewan.
...service connections up to the property lines and 3 manhole replacements.Closing Date: August 15, 2019 at 02:00 PM CST.Please...
Saskatchewan 08-15-2019
490594 Sealed bid for 2018 Sewer Improvement Project , Idaho.
...system repairs including gravity sewer pipe replacement, cured-in-place-pipe repairs, manhole replacement, service line reconnections, and jack and bore casing...
Idaho 08-15-2019
490565 Sealed bid for Sewerage Works Improvements Phase 2, Massachusetts.
...main; one submersible and one suction-lift pumping station; including manholes, sewer service connections and appurtenances; earthwork; dewatering and drainage;...
Massachusetts 08-22-2019
490519 Sealed bid for Street Recapitalization - Iris Avenue and Lockwood Ave, Nova Scotia.
...cold planning, and repaving of the streets including sanitary manhole frame and cover replacement and adjustment, water valve box...
Nova Scotia 08-22-2019