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464555 Sealed bid for 2019 Sanitary Sewer Cleaning And Cctv Investigation,Michigan.
...and prepare a log of all pertinent information including manholes, to be submitted to the Owner before final acceptance....
Michigan 02-20-2019
464450 Sealed bid for Meter Replacement, Georgia.
...meter box, 6” and 10” force main, concrete sanitary manhole, 10” PVC gravity sewer, tie-ins to existing force main...
Georgia 02-19-2019
463715 Sealed bid for Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements, Iowa.
...tank, new aeration for two sludge storage tanks, metering manhole, effluent piping, and removal/demolition/reuse of existing treatment facility infrastructure....
Iowa 02-14-2019
463680 Sealed bid for Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements , Iowa.
...for excavation, backfill and site work, reinforced concrete structures, manholes, lagoon piping, valves, electrical and miscellaneous associated work, including...
Iowa 02-21-2019
463662 Sealed bid for 2019 West 4Th Street Sewer Replacement Project, Iowa.
...and Ductile Iron (DI) sanitary sewer main; precast concrete manholes, and PVC sewer services. Said improvements will be constructed...
Iowa 02-15-2019
463539 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study, Iowa.
...solicit bids from firms capable of providing CCTV and manhole Inspection services for the sanitary sewer system as described...
Iowa 02-18-2019
463257 Sealed bid for Road Storm Drain & Water Improvements, Washington.
...of 12 inch storm drain pipe, 12 storm drain manholes, 8 catch basins, 2100 LF of 8 inch &...
Washington 02-19-2019
463183 Sealed bid for Branch St Sewer Relocation 2019, Kansas.
...across MO State Highway 92, in addition to concrete manholes, tying in of sanitary service lines, abandoning and filling...
Missouri 02-21-2019
463148 Sealed bid for Phase 12, Ramsey Emergency Interconnect,Illinois .
...iron or steel; lined or unlined pipes and fittings, manhole covers and other municipal castings, hydrants, tanks, flanges, pipe...
Illinois 02-19-2019
463124 Sealed bid for Main Avenue Storm Sewer Improvements and Wastewater Collection System Improvements, South Dakota.
...36” RCP, 25 each of storm sewer structures including manholes and inlets, 11 each area drains and all related...
South Dakota 02-21-2019
463121 Sealed bid for Phase 1 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation, Illinois.
...the sanitary sewer system by performing cure-in-place pipe lining, manhole rehabilitation, spot repairs and restoration as shown on the...
Illinois 02-19-2019
463049 Sealed bid for CD2019-11 Demolition - 2618 Locust Street, Missouri.
...ofnot greater than six (6) feet below adjacent grade;(iv) manhole structures to a depth of six (6) feet below...
Missouri 02-21-2019
463047 Sealed bid for CD2019-10 Demolition - 1219 N. 13th Street, Missouri.
...ofnot greater than six (6) feet below adjacent grade;(iv) manhole structures to a depth of six (6) feet below...
Missouri 02-21-2019
463046 Sealed bid for CD2019-09 Demolition - 918 Main Street, Missouri.
...ofnot greater than six (6) feet below adjacent grade;(iv) manhole structures to a depth of six (6) feet below...
Missouri 02-11-2019
463045 Sealed bid for 19409 Maintenance Roadway Repair Contract South, Sub-Region S-3, New Jersey.
...stainless steel, brass, or aluminum. 8. For curbs, gutters, manholes, and other similar structures, do not apply prime coat....
New Jersey 02-21-2019
463001 Sealed bid for T200.502 Roadway Resurfacing; Milepost 83 to 122 (2019), New Jersey.
...This work shall consist of alteration of inlets and manholes to the prescribed lines, grades and dimensions atdesignated locations...
New Jersey 02-20-2019
462821 Sealed bid for Water and Sanitary Sewer Improvements, Missouri.
...438 lineal feet of 8-inch gravity sanitary sewer, 2 manholes, and all appurtenances. All equipment, materials, and workmanship must...
Missouri 02-15-2019
462698 Sealed bid for 2017 Sewer Line Improvements Project, North Carolina.
...sewer line outfalls within the Oxford sewer system including manholes, service connections and related appurtenances.Closing Date: February 20, 2019...
North Carolina 02-20-2019
462625 Sealed bid for Wabash Street Improvements from Parker Street to Troost Street,Kansas.
...Shall Be Clean Graded Gravel Type Ca-5.31. Sanitary Sewer manhole AdjustmentAll Sanitary Sewer manholes Within The Limits Of The...
Kansas 02-06-2019
462571 Sealed bid for Sewer Main Abandonment, Washington.
...with controlled density fill (CDF). Abandon 18 sanitary sewer manholes by means of removing the top 4 feet of...
Washington 02-12-2019