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473959 Sealed bid for Drainage Grate and manhole Cover, Virginia.
... QQ EVA001_QQ230811 Drainage Grate and manhole Cover, Virginia Department of Transportation, Richmond, Virginia.Sealed bid for...
Virginia 04-22-2019
473631 Sealed bid for 155254 Storm Drain Maintenance,Virginia.
...long.4. Visually inspect and thoroughly clean drop inlets, culverts, manholes, pipes, and other drainage structures of sediment, road debris,...
Virginia 04-18-2019
473506 Sealed bid for Surface Transportation Program, Missouri.
...from E. Seventh Street to Lincoln Street full width, manhole lid adjustments, water valve box lid adjustment, minor drop...
Missouri 04-17-2019
473175 Sealed bid for Fremont Avenue Bridge Replacement, Minnesota.
...Valve & Box; 3 Each 8" Gate Valve & manhole; 205 Lin Ft 8" Watermain Ductile Iron Cl 52;...
Minnesota 04-16-2019
473152 Sealed bid for 2019 CIP-Contract A Street & Utility Improvements, Illinois.
...To Be Reconstructed, New Frame & Lid    Each14 Storm manhole, Ty-A, 4' Dia, Round Frame & Closed Lid Each15...
Illinois 04-22-2019
473082 Sealed bid for 2018 and 2019 Street Improvements, Ohio.
...high fence will be incorporated around any shaft or manhole or other excavation left open at the end of...
Ohio 04-19-2019
473068 Sealed bid for 2019 Drainage Improvement Projects, Ohio.
...high fence will be incorporated around any shaft or manhole or other excavation left open at the end of...
Ohio 04-19-2019
472772 Sealed bid for Creek Phase 2 Sewer Project,Utha.
...Installation of 5,050 feet of 15-inch pipe, 19 5-foot manholes, 550 feet of 30-inch steel casing (72 feet owner...
Utah 04-12-2019
472703 Sealed bid for 1900539 0.34 Mi of Hot Mix Asphalt Resurfacing, Sanitary Sewer, Sidewalk Ramps, Michigan.
...San Sewer Tap, 8 inch 8257050 4.000 Ea12. Sanitary manhole, 48 inch Dia 8257050 2.000 Ea13. Bypass Pumping 8257051...
Michigan 04-19-2019
472690 Sealed bid for STP HES 0169 (8) Route 110 / Mill Street Intersection, Vermont.
...Highway Related Items.1. Rehab. Drop Inlets, Catch Basins, Or manholes, Class I 1.000 Each2. Rehab. Drop Inlets, Catch Basins,...
Vermont 04-19-2019
472578 Sealed bid for Cowan Street Sewer Extension, Georgia.
...8” sanitary sewer, sewer works equipment including all piping, manholes, inverts, structures, and testing to provide a complete and...
Georgia 04-18-2019
472431 Sealed bid for OP3 Preservative Seal, Kansas.
...including but not limited to certification of pipe, beam, manholes or other structural materials The user shall contact the...
Kansas 04-19-2019
472264 Sealed bid for Pipe Culverts,Iowa Department of Transportation,Ames,Iowa.
...Class 2029.90 Cubic Yard Granular Backfill5.00 Each Intakes & manholes/Utility Access0.50 Acre Mulching129.90 Square Yard Removal Of Pvmnt/Drives/Sdwk752.30 Ton...
New York 04-16-2019
472220 Sealed bid for Cipp Lining Project, Wisconsin.
...rehabilitation of approximately 202 vertical feet of sanitary sewer manhole, 169 service lateral reinstatements (Addendum No. 1), plus at...
Wisconsin 04-15-2019
472189 Sealed bid for Crestwood Drive Reconstruction Project, Texas.
...PHASE I includes replacing and rehabilitating sanitary sewer lines, manholes, sewer services and replacing water lines, valves, fire hydrants,...
Texas 04-18-2019
472081 Sealed bid for 20Th Avenue Sanitary Sewer Replacement, Pennsylvania.
...installation of approximately 600 linear feet of 8" PVC, manholes, reconnection of all building service sewers, and all other...
Pennsylvania 04-15-2019
472074 Sealed bid for Wastewater Treatment Facility - Sewer Line Replacement, Colorado.
...restoration of grade. Sewer line will include precast concrete manholes as shown on the construction documents. 3. Reconnection of...
Colorado 04-17-2019
472033 Sealed bid for Annual Service Agreement Chemical Root Control,California.
...inhibit re-growth, without permanently damaging the vegetation producing roots. manholes will be in sewer easements and in the City.1...
California 04-18-2019
471984 Sealed bid for 2019 Sanitary Sewer System, California.
...firm to provide smoke testing of sanitary sewer and manhole inspection for a portion of the Town’s collection system...
California 04-17-2019
471949 Sealed bid for East Alta Vista Reconstruction Project, Iowa.
...1 LS 18. Fire Hydrant Assembly, WM-201 4EA 19. manhole Adjustment, Major 1 EA.Please download the specification and plans...
Iowa 04-10-2019