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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
499579 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer and manhole Replacement ,Iowa.
... Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer and manhole Replacement ,City of Camanche, Iowa.The general nature of the...
Iowa 10-10-2019
499507 Sealed bid for Street Improvements, Texas.
...of 6” sewer line, wye fittings, sewer laterals, reconnections, manhole installations, trenching backfill, street/driveway repair, 6” waterline, gate valves,...
Texas 10-10-2019
499414 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer/Storm Drain Maintenance and Repair Project,Florida.
...such as, by example and not limitation, access to manholes, type and quantity of debris to be removed, size...
Florida 10-10-2019
499355 Sealed bid for 2019 Flood Recovery Projects Standby Generator Support Structures,Nebraska.
...iron or steel: lined or unlined pipes and fittings, manhole covers and other municipal castings, hydrants, tanks, flanges, pipe...
Nebraska 10-14-2019
499302 Sealed bid for Precast Rings Domes And Covers, New York.
...Domes And Covers, Town of Huntington, New York.4'0" I.D. manholeS: Shall be a complete manhole assembly, consisting of necessary...
New York 10-10-2019
499210 Sealed bid for Storm Sewer / Sewer main and Structure Cleaning and videoing 2019,Prince Edward Island.
...definition is all pipe between two catch basins and/or manholes..2 Control Report for concrete showing, as a minimum, the...
Prince Edward Island 10-10-2019
499172 Sealed bid for CCTV Inspection of Sanitary Sewers Bell Boulevard (Davey Rd to 140 metres west of Hanna Crt.), Ontario.
...facilitate this it is anticipated some sandbagging in the manholes and some form of by-pass pumping system will need...
Ontario 10-11-2019
499138 Sealed bid for W. Broadway & Maple Street Sewer Main Extension Project, Montana.
...12-inch SDR 35 PVC gravity sanitary sewer main and manholes along West Broadway from Birch Street to Maple Street;...
Montana 10-08-2019
498807 Sealed bid for 2019 Sewer Improvements,Minnesota.
...Improvements,City of Orono,Minnesota.15 Remove & Install Casting13 Each Sanitary manhole Add Barrel Section(S)1 Each Precast Cone Section12 Each Salvage...
Minnesota 10-08-2019
498680 Sealed bid for Drainage-Grading Improvements, Illinois.
...HDPE (Directionally Drilled), Trench Drain System, Catch Basins, Storm manhole, Brick Path Regrading, Stone Path Regrading, and Flagstone Wall...
Illinois 10-14-2019
498441 Sealed bid for Prequalification East Area Phase 1: Storm Trunk on County Lands,Alberta.
...approximately 2200 metres of 1050mm-1200mm diameter PVC SDR35 including manholes and vaults. • Supply and installation an access approach...
Alberta 10-10-2019
498336 Sealed bid for Sewer Replacement, Colorado.
...680 LF of new sanitary sewer piping to include manholes, service reconnections/extensions, and bypass pumping of existing sewer flows...
Colorado 10-09-2019
498095 Sealed bid for 2156-Construction of Green Stormwater Infrastructure In 53Rd St, Pennsylvania.
...for box sewers, metering chambers, etc.4. Pre-cast concrete sewer manholes for combined, sanitary and stormwater sewers.5. Brick, mortar, sand,...
Pennsylvania 10-10-2019
498092 Sealed bid for 2149-Construction of Green Stormwater Infrastructure In Rorer St, Pennsylvania.
...sewer foundations, soil stabilization.3. Concrete for sewer cradles, bases, manhole bases, collars, sewer pipe encasement. All sewers.4. Sand-cement grout...
Pennsylvania 10-10-2019
498091 Sealed bid for 2150-Construction of Green Stormwater Infrastructure In 15Th St, Pennsylvania.
...catch basin city inlet Each 1.01. Pre-cast concrete sewer manholes for combined, sanitary and stormwater sewers.2. Brick, mortar, sand,...
Pennsylvania 10-10-2019
498081 Sealed bid for Tachet Water Reservoir Replacement,British Columbia.
...of new PVCO C909 watermains and drain pipes, de-chlorination manhole, new reservoir supply pumps in the Water Treatment Plant...
British Columbia 10-03-2019
498059 Sealed bid for Anacostia Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation, Maryland.
...rehabilitation including repair, rehabilitation and replacement of mains and manholes located along the Anacostia River in Bladensburg, Maryland. The...
Maryland 10-02-2019
498018 Sealed bid for Construction Of Gardena Pump Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation, California.
...(CIPP) liners. The project will also rehabilitate fifty-eight (58) manholes using a calcium aluminate cement (CAC) protective coating system,...
California 09-29-2019
498007 Sealed bid for Item No.21 – Precast 72-inch manhole Magna Detention Basins,Utah.
... Sealed bid for Item No.21– Precast 72-inch manhole Magna Detention Basins,Salt Lake County,Salt Lake City,Utah.a. Reference: Drawing...
Utah 10-09-2019
497989 Sealed bid for Item No. 11, 13, 32 – Copper Cove, Jefferson, and Miriam Way Site Demolition Work Magna Detention Basins,Utah.
...and equipment required to remove and dispose of abandoned manholes, cleanout boxes, catch basins and pipelines, appurtenances, pipe, miscellaneous...
Utah 10-09-2019