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527193 Sealed bid for 022974.00 Highway Safety Improvements, Maine.
...Maine Modified HL-93 for Strength 1.Adjusting Catch Basins and manholes, The Department will allow the use of metal ring...
Maine 04-01-2020
526981 Sealed bid for Carman Avenue Infrastructure Upgrades,New Brunswick.
...iron water main, 275 metres of storm sewer main, manholes and catch basins, service laterals, temporary water system, street...
New Brunswick 03-31-2020
526786 Sealed bid for Drive Storm Drain Improvement Project, Oregon.
...273 LF 24? HDPE storm drain, 3 storm drain manholes, connection to existing storm drain manhole, removal of 152...
Oregon 03-31-2020
526622 Sealed bid for 2020 Monroe Avenue Street and Utility Reconstruction Project, Minnesota.
...ft 8"to 24" diameter storm sewer, with catch basins, manholes and casting assemblies -- 1,200 lin ft 8" diameter...
Minnesota 03-31-2020
526599 Sealed bid for Nichols Sawmill Interceptor Sewer Replacement-Phase 2,Texas.
...linear feet of sewer pipe installation, including trenchless installations, manholes and connections. The Work also includes clearing and grubbing;...
Texas 03-21-2020
526596 Sealed bid for Hospital Drive Reconstruction, Alaska .
...of the sewer main line, reconstruction of the sewer manholes, replacement of the roadway section to a 24-inch depth...
Alaska 03-26-2020
526491 Sealed bid for 162-2020 - Alley Renewals, Manitoba .
...AvenueAlley Renewal:Remove existing concrete pavement;Installation of land drainage pipe, manholes, catch basins and catch pits where required;Removal of any...
Manitoba 03-31-2020
526344 Sealed bid for 36677 Over US 12, 0.83 Mile West of Sr 912, Indiana.
...West of Sr 912, Indiana Department of Transportation, Indianapolis, Indiana.Descriptionmanhole, Remove 2.00EachPipe, Remove 189.00 LftStorm Water Management Budget 17601.00...
Indiana 04-01-2020
526320 Sealed bid for 024533.00 Highway Improvements, Maine.
...Maine Modified HL-93 for Strength 1.Adjusting Catch Basins and manholes, The Department will allow the use of metal ring...
Maine 03-25-2020
526318 Sealed bid for 024529.00 Highway Improvements, Maine.
...has approximately 4 water gate valves and 8 sewer manholes to adjust to grade. The District intends to loosen...
Maine 03-25-2020
526310 Sealed bid for 024523.00 Highway Improvements, Maine.
...Improvements, Maine Department of Transportation, Augusta, Maine. Adjust Sewer manhole to Grade shall consist of adjusting a manhole to...
Maine 03-25-2020
526308 Sealed bid for Darling Addition Street and Utilities Rehabilitation, Montana.
...3,700-linear feet of new storm drain, including inlets and manholes; approximately 2,500-linear feet of new water mains, valves, hydrants,...
Montana 03-24-2020
526305 Sealed bid for 024513.00 Highway Improvements, Maine.
...Department of Transportation, Augusta, Maine. Adjusting Catch Basins and manholesThe Department will allow the use of metal ring inserts...
Maine 03-25-2020
526303 Sealed bid for 024511.00 Highway Improvements, Maine.
...Maine. The Limerick Sewer District has approximately 12 sewer manholes to adjust in the project area. The Limerick Sewer...
Maine 03-25-2020
526299 Sealed bid for 024509.00 Highway Improvements, Maine.
...feet.The Kennebunk Sewer District (KSD) has approximately 7 sewer manholes to adjust in the project area. The KSD has...
Maine 03-25-2020
526294 Sealed bid for 023043.00 Highway Improvments, Maine.
...Design Specifications with Maine Modified HL-93 for Strength 1. manholes, Inlets Catch BasinsThe Department will allow the use of...
Maine 03-25-2020
526252 Sealed bid for Lime Hollow Sanitary Sewer Upsizing Phase II, Pennsylvania.
...SDR-35 PVC sanitary sewer; installation of new 48? precast manholes; abandonment of the existing sewer; installation of stream crossings;...
Pennsylvania 03-31-2020
526199 Sealed bid for Sewer Rehabilitation Project, Illinois.
...feet of sanitary sewer and 240 vertical feet of manhole rehabilitation in the Village of PecatonicaAll bids must be...
Illinois 03-31-2020
526124 Sealed bid for 42645 SR 106 From US 6W TO US 6E, Indiana.
...In. 476.00 LftPipe, Type 2, Circular, 15 In. 12.00 Lftmanhole, C15 2.00 EachCasting, Adjust To Grade 33.00 EachInlet, B15...
Indiana 04-01-2020
526040 Sealed bid for 2020 Road Rehabilitation Program, Ontario.
...and parging.Includes using a hole-saw attachment to cut around manhole frame through new surface asphalt, removing existing riser rings,...
Ontario 03-31-2020