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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
481775 Sealed bid for Waverly Hills 199th Sewer NSP-1, Washington.
...locations shown on plans for four properties.Install two 48-inch manholes and connect to the existing 48-inch manhole in 199th...
Washington 06-14-2019
481660 Sealed bid for 2019 Street Program, Kentucky.
...adequately maintained by the Contractor at his expense.Storm sewer manholes, inlets and catch basins shall be constructed as per...
Kentucky 06-13-2019
481577 Sealed bid for Cast Iron Sewer Replacement FY 18-19 Package IV Project, California.
...replacement of existing and construction of new sanitary sewer manholes and the evaluation, repair and reconnection of sanitary sewer...
California 06-13-2019
481172 Sealed bid for Gehman Basin Sanitary Sewer Investigation, Pennsylvania.
...from 8-in to 15-in, perform NASSCO MACP Level 2 manhole inspection of 252 manholes, and perform cleaning and CCTV...
Pennsylvania 06-12-2019
481164 Sealed bid for Road Rehabilitation, Alberta.
...Cold Mill Asphalt Surface 2 ea. - Storm Sewer manhole/Catch Basin Repairs.Closing Date: June 12, 2019 at 02:00 PM...
Alberta 06-12-2019
481097 Sealed bid for manhole Infiltration/Rehabilitation Services - 2019, Idaho.
...  manhole Infiltration/Rehabilitation Services - 2019, City Of Boise, Idaho.The work...
Idaho 06-12-2019
480947 Sealed bid for 82,1 - Covers & manhole Frames,Califronia.
... Sealed bid for 82,1 - Covers & manhole Frames,City of Los Angeles,Califronia.Sealed bid Covers & manhole Frames...
California 06-06-2019
480901 Sealed bid for Lift Station No. 9 Rehabilitation, Minnesota.
...Well Cleaning, Repair, and Coating Installation of Access Hatches, manholes, Top Slab, and Associated Concrete Work Control Panel, Controls,...
Minnesota 06-13-2019
480867 Sealed bid for Sewage Lift Station Rehabilitation Project, California.
...coring, concrete flat work, asphalt paving, and sanitary sewer manhole installation. Bonds required. Prevailing wages apply.Closing Date: June 14,...
California 06-14-2019
480864 Sealed bid for 2215 - Scum Concentration Building Switchgear and MCC Replacement Project at Southwest WPCP, Pennsylvania
...for box sewers, metering chambers, etc.9. Pre-cast concrete sewer manholes for combined, sanitary and stormwater sewersClosing Date:- June 13,...
Pennsylvania 06-13-2019
480863 Sealed bid for 2214 - Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades at Southwest WPCP, Pennsylvania .
...for box sewers, metering chambers, etc.9. Pre-cast concrete sewer manholes for combined, sanitary and stormwater sewersClosing Date:- June 13,...
Pennsylvania 06-13-2019
480748 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Televising,South Dakota.
...Sanitary Sewer Mains and inspection of the Sanitary Sewer manholes.Closing Date:- June 10, 2019 at 4:00 P.M.CDT.Please see the...
South Dakota 06-10-2019
480740 Sealed bid for Prai- Rieview Adc "Ion Phase 2 Water & Sewer Utilities, Illinois. the following 10" Sewer Main (2,032 Lf) - manholes (6) 28 New Water & Sewer Service Nstalla- Tions...
Illinois 06-01-2019
480688 Sealed bid for Monument Ave Sewer Extension Project, Carolina.
...fifty five lineal feet of sanitary sewer, one sewer manhole, one modified sewer manhole, one inside drop manhole connection,...
California 06-06-2019
480591 Sealed bid for 1290 South Storm Drain Project,Utah.
...Concrete Pipe MeetingRequirements of Astm C76. 2.5 Cleanouts And manholesI. All Storm Drain manhole Covers Shall Be A Standard...
Utah 06-12-2019
480575 Sealed bid for Brookside Dr and Sundance St Paving, Oregon.
...Inlets, Type 4 A 18 EA Minor Adjustment of manholes 1 EA Adjusting Inlets 2 EA Connection to Existing...
Oregon 06-13-2019
480544 Sealed bid for Television & Video Condition Assessment of Gravity Sewer Mains ,Rhode Island.
...infiltration and any other possible deficiency in pipe or manhole.Detailed Report - A report that details what was observed...
Rhode Island 06-12-2019
480528 Sealed bid for Greenlawn Drive Sewer Extension Project ,South Carolina.
...of new 8-inch sewer main, installation of five new manholes, installation of five new double sewer laterals and three...
South Carolina 06-13-2019
480499 Sealed tender for Rowat Avenue Storm Sewer, British Columbia.
...of 600mm diameter storm main, as well as 5 manholes and related construction work as stated in the Tender...
British Columbia 06-11-2019
480495 Sealed bid for Schedule A: Sanitary Sewer Improvement,South Dakota.
...pulverize asphalt/blotter and gravel base course• 6 sanitary sewer manholes to six-foot depth, with approximately 8.9 vertical feet of...
South Dakota 06-11-2019