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521530 Sealed bid for Project #6829731, 6th Avenue Storm Drain Improvements - Structure, Montana.
...used to collect stormwater, and a trunk line with manholes will convey stormwater to existing facilities. The new storm...
Montana 02-25-2020
521528 Sealed bid for 6th Avenue Storm Drain Improvements - Pipe, Montana.
...used to collect stormwater, and a trunk line with manholes will convey stormwater to existing facilities. The new storm...
Montana 02-25-2020
521492 Sealed bid for Division II - Intersections Water And Paving Replacement, Nebraska.
...31 L.F.ADA Detectable Warning Panels 27 EachRemove and Replace manhole Ring and CoverClosing Date:- February 28, 2020 at 9:00...
Nebraska 02-28-2020
521479 Sealed bid for F004401C Highway (US 180), Arizona.
...pumps, and other equipment used in a paint striping apparatus.manholes, valve boxes, small radius curbs and other fixed objects...
Arizona 02-28-2020
521038 Sealed bid for Upground Reservoir Outlet Piping and Associated Improvements, Ohio.
...Catch Basin, per AA-S133, Type B 1 EA8. 604 manhole, Type C, per AA-S102 5 EA9. 607 Fence Installation...
Ohio 02-21-2020
521028 Sealed bid for East Washington Street Sewer Rehabilitation, Ohio.
...Pipe Lining - Lateral, As Per Plan 1,000.00 Ft. manhole Rehabilitation Cleaning And Lining, 48 Inch Diam., As Per...
Ohio 02-27-2020
520790 Sealed bid for Mockingbird & Quitman Sanitary Sewer Improvements Project, Texas.
...approximately 4,000 LF of 10” PVC gravity sewer, 17 manholes, 17 Service Reconnections, 6 New Service Connections, 460 SY...
Texas 02-27-2020
520474 Sealed bid for Jones Place Lift Station Forcemain Replacement, Illinois. trenched to a new 6' diameter doghouse effluent manhole.Closing Date:- February 26, 2020 at 2:00 P.M. CST.Please see...
Illinois 02-26-2020
520459 Sealed bid for 2020 Sewer Relining & Point Repair Project, California.
...lateral connections, install sectionals, install top-hat lateral seals, rehabilitate manhole channel, adjust manhole frame and cover and additional heavy...
California 02-26-2020
520369 Sealed bid for Bayberry Drive and Valle Vista Drive Pavement Rehabilitation Project, California. finished grade; removal and reconstruction of roadway, sewer manhole adjustments to finished grade, ADA ramps, traffic loops, video...
California 02-26-2020
520345 Sealed bid for Pavement Maintenance, Pennsylvania.
...of Keyways, 1,000 S.Y. of Base Repairs, 57 Each Inlet/manhole Adjustments, 7,105 L.F. of 6 x 18 Bituminous Wedge...
Pennsylvania 02-25-2020
520323 Sealed bid for Santa Cruz Avenue and Middle Avenue Street Rehabilitation Project, California.
...a rectangular rapid flashing beacon. Modify Catch Basin to manhole/Junction Box Install Storm Drain Catch Basin  Relocate Storm Drain...
California 02-27-2020
520224 Sealed bid for FY 2019-20 Minor Streets Rehabilitation Program, California.
...cross gutter, curb ramps, sidewalk, adjustment and replacement of manhole and utility covers, replacement of traffic striping, traffic signing,...
California 02-27-2020
520221 Sealed bid for Safe Routes to Schools/Green Infrastructure Project, California.
...connection to storm drains; replacing asphalt concrete surfacing; installing manhole; and relocating water service lateral, Precast Concrete Drainage Inlet...
California 02-27-2020
520192 Sealed bid for 20-1021 60th Street Reconstruction Segement 3, Wisconsin.
...12” to 78”), installing 17 new inlets, removing 11 manholes, constructing 20 new catch basins & manholes (sizes from...
Wisconsin 02-25-2020
520043 Sealed bid for 2019 Street Rehabilitation,Texas.
...rehabilitating six streets by mill and asphalt overlay, adjusting manholes elevations as necessary, and repainting stop bar stripes and...
Texas 02-27-2020
519946 Sealed bid for Vernal Drainage Project,Utah.
...John Jorgensen, UDOT Vernal Shed.14 02633 4 Foot Standard manhole 3 Ft To 5 Ft Deep - Cb 112...
Utah 02-26-2020
519934 Sealed bid for Catch Basin and manhole Repairs, Minnesota.
... Catch Basin and manhole Repairs, City of Minneapolis, Minnesota.The City of Minneapolis is...
Minnesota 02-27-2020
519919 Sealed bid for Services for Lake Avenue (Milling & Resurfacing) Improvements Project,New York.
...replacement of catch basin frames and grates and sewer manhole frames and covers, restoration of all disturbed lawn areas...
Minnesota 02-26-2020
519905 Sealed bid for Sewer Jetting Carmel Sewer Districts #1,#2,#4,#5,#6,#7, New York.
...of sewer jetting and degreasing of sewer mains and manholes in the following Carmel Sewer Districts 1, 2, 3,...
New York 02-28-2020