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613388 Flushing, CCTV, & Drainage Systems, British Columbia. collection for an area consisting of 109 drainage manholes and approximately 6.1 km of drainage sewer main less...
613199 2328 Sewer Reconstruction & Relay Of Water Mains In Hazzard St Lining Sewers Boston ST , Pennsylvania.
...1.0 $ 34,500.00 $ 34,500.00 S0704 Rehabilitation of Sewer manholes Each 1.0 $ - S1000 Excavation for pipe sewers...
Pennsylvania 11-23-2021
613123 Sanitary Collection System Flow Monitoring Services,Virginia.
...following data: Site, time, recorded meter data reading vs. manhole measurements, adjustments made to meters/sensors and any other pertinent...
Virginia 11-26-2021
612775 Jordan River Siphon & District Outfall Line Project , Utah.
...for the siphon, siphon inlet and outlet structures, sewer manholes, Palmer-Bowlus flow meter, meter enclosure structure, field restoration, landscape...
Utah 11-19-2021
612636 191(511) Two Lane Resurfacing,Ohio.
...35) Each 4.000Inlet Adjusted To Grade (Wt: 35) Each 1.000manhole Adjusted To Grade (Wt: 35) Each 10.000Service Box Adjusted...
Ohio 11-18-2021
612370 Sanitary Sewer System Rapid Condition Assessment Services , Nevada.
...sewer system the City began a sewer pipeline and manhole condition assessment program in 2018. The first phase of...
Nevada 11-18-2021
612329 Clean Catch Basins - DPW Services, Massachusetts.
...curb inlets, and properly disposing of the materials removed. Drainmanholes are considered catch basis in this contract.That contractor shall...
Massachusetts 11-17-2021
612284 Porters Lane Emergency Sanitary Sewer Replacement,Michigan.
...diameter, ductile iron pipe sanitary sewer and one sanitary manhole structure supported on timber piles to replace the existing...
Michigan 11-23-2021
612281 Perry Branch Gravity Sewer , Georgia.
...639 L.F. of 12” clay pipe, and 41 existing manholes. The purpose of this project is to locate interconnections...
Georgia 11-23-2021
612229 Cleveland Apartments Gravity Sewer Extension , North Carolina.
...linear feet of 8-inch PVC sanitary sewer froman eXisting manhole to a cut-in proposed 4-loot manhole. The proposed 4-loot...
North Carolina 11-22-2021
612158 Kingston Row & Dunkirk Drive Outfall - Outfall Program - Contract 2,Manitoba.
...coating(ii) Construction of a new reinforced concrete collar(iii) Chamber manhole cleaning (as required)(iv) Installation of 600 mm diameter debris...
Manitoba 11-23-2021
612143 Water And Sewer Repair And Maintenance Services,Michigan. the existing sewer systems within the City. Additionally, manhole and catch basin repairs and replacements.Closing Date: November 16,...
Michigan 11-16-2021
612111 2335-Sewer Reconstruction, Lining Of Sewers , Relay Of Water Mains In Olive St, Pennsylvania.
...1.0 $ 22,500.00 $ 22,500.00 S0704 Rehabilitation of Sewer manholes Each 5.0 $ - S1000 Excavation for pipe sewers...
Pennsylvania 11-23-2021
612055 Various Concrete and Polymer manhole Components Rebid , California.
... Various Concrete and Polymer manhole Components Rebid , City of San Diego, California.Furnish the...
California 11-23-2021
611959 2021-113 Project 2.0, Main street (Route 344) - Bridge Replacement , Nova Scotia.
...involvesinstall 250 mm PVC pipe, adjust and or repair manhole or catch basin, break into existing services, sanitary sewer...
Nova Scotia 11-17-2021
611958 2021-113 Project 1.0, Wyldes Bridge (GUY096) - Bridge Replacement , Nova Scotia.
...bridge rail, 300 mm and 450 mm concrete pipe, manhole/catch basin remove, manhole/catch basin adjust and/or repair install precast...
Nova Scotia 11-17-2021
611861 Contract No. 7600-124B - 2022 Sludge Hauling Contract ,Pennsylvania.
...from the Bartons Meadows Wastewater Plant to a Township manhole in the collection system of the Veterans Center Plant...
Pennsylvania 11-23-2021
611813 Section 7 - Sewer Mains - Schwatka Lake Raw Water Supply Main Flowmeter Installation,Yukon.
...Flowmeter Installation,City of Whitehorse,Yukon.Supply And Installation of 3000 Dia manhole Vm 2Supply And Installatio of 3000 Dia manhole Frame,...
Yukon 11-24-2021
611800 Marginal Combined Sewers Rehabilitation Project,Massachusetts.
...McGrath Highway, as well as raising a buried access manhole on that parallel combined sewer to grade. Closing Date:-...
Massachusetts 11-23-2021
611759 2021 manhole Rehabilitation Project ,Ohio.
... 2021 manhole Rehabilitation Project ,City of Defiance, Ohio.The scope of the...
Ohio 11-16-2021