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423524 Sealed bid for Lift Station 55 Equalization Basin Project, 423524 .
...water line , 450 LF of fencing, transfer pump, manhole, valves, electrical work, instrumentation work, wastewater flow control and...
Contractors/Construction Alabama United States 05-28-2018
423507 Sealed bid for Excavation and Sewer Main Repair/Replacement Services , Missouri.
...mains.? The ability to perform the installation of sanitary manholes.? The ability to perform all ground restorations, erosion control...
Contractors/Construction Missouri United States 05-25-2018
423436 Sealed bid for Various Sanitary Sewer Repairs, Utah.
...Replacement Of Existing Lines, Reconnection Of Laterals, Construction Of manholes, Replacement Of Existing manholes And Associated Work Items.Closing Date:...
Sewer Misc Utah United States 05-24-2018
423220 Sealed bid for manhole Safety,New York.
...Sealed bid for manhole Safety Ramp,County of Rockland,New City,New York.manhole Safety Ramp MSR31...
Distribution New York United States 05-24-2018
423050 Sealed bid for Fort Chipewyan Lift Stations , Alberta.
...This includes all corresponding site work including yard piping, manholes, wetwell, valves, shallow utilities, and dewatering along with all...
Contractors/Construction Alberta Canada 05-23-2018
422957 Sealed bid for Stevens Boulevard Storm Sewer, Ohio .
...of replacement of storm sewers, catch basins, and storm manholes; pavement repair, drive apron replacement, curb ramp replacement; re-grading...
Sewer Misc Ohio United States 05-25-2018
422946 Sealed bid for Lakeview Paving, Section 1 , Nebraska .
...Ea6. Construct End Of Street Barricade 2 Ea7. Adjust manhole To Grade (3 Stm, 50 San) 53 Ea8. Saw-Cut...
Contractors/Construction Nebraska United States 05-22-2018
422944 Sealed bid for Lakeview Sanitary Sewer & Storm Sewer, Sect. 1, Nebraska .
...Construct 8" X 6" Wye 149 Ea10. Construct 6" manhole Stubout 44 Ea11. Construct 8" Diameter Drop Connection (3...
Sewer Misc Nebraska United States 05-22-2018
422816 Sealed bid for Zoom Camera Sanitary Sewer Inspection,Ontario.
...SEWER system. Work includes inspection of approximately 700 sanitary manholes and 49.0 kilometers of sanitary SEWER ranging in size...
Pipe Ontario Canada 05-24-2018
422785 Sealed bid for Sewer Replacement Kinsley Street , New Hampshire . another contractor) and the laterals, catch basins and manholes will be rehabilitated. qualified firms to submit bids for...
Sewer Misc New Hampshire United States 05-22-2018
422713 Invitation to bid for 2018 Concrete Pavement & Drainage Project, Texas
...laydown curb, sidewalk ramps, storm pipe, storm inlets, storm manholes and pavement marking. The contractor will install an 8”...
Contractors/Construction Texas United States 05-22-2018
422646 Sealed bid for Various Sanitary Sewer Repairs,Utah.
...replacement of existing lines, reconnection of laterals, construction of manholes, replacement of existing manholes and associated work items.Engineers Estimate...
Sewer System Construction and Repair Utah United States 05-24-2018
422609 Sealed bid for manhole Rehabilitation 2018,California.
...Sealed bid for  manhole Rehabilitation 2018,City of Poway,California.Project Description:project involves the rehabilitation of...
Distribution California United States 05-24-2018
422497 Bids invited for SUV Purchase, Ohio send an inspector out to inspect lining and manhole repair work being done by contractors and is also...
Contractors/Construction Ohio United States 05-24-2018
422451 Sealed bid for Small Projects Site & Roadway Improvements,Virginia.
...Small Projects Site & Roadway Improvements,City of Norfolk,Virginia.90 Adjust manhole Frame/Cover Ea 1091 Adjust Water/Gas/Sewer Valve Box/Cover Ea 2592...
Contractors/Construction Virginia United States 05-23-2018
422444 Sealed bid for K'awaika Center Infrastructure Parajet, New Mexico.
...PVC sanitary sewer main, one (1) new sanitary sewer manhole and the replacement of one (1) existing sanitary sewer...
Pipe New Mexico United States 05-25-2018
422254 Sealed bid for S. Center Street Storm Sewer Extension , Wisconsin.
...Storm Sewer Square Yard Inlet 2 EA Storm Sewer manhole 850 LF Shoulder Restoration 1,800 SY Topsoil and Seeding...
Sewer Misc Wisconsin United States 05-25-2018
422153 Sealed bid for Twin Lakes Boulevard Drainage Improvements, New Jersey.
...LF of storm sewer replacement, 114 new/replaced inlets and manholes, 297 LF of vinyl bulkhead replacement, 1,525 SY of...
Contractors/Construction New Jersey United States 05-22-2018
422147 Sealed bid for Culvert Replacements, Wisconsin.
...15 each water valve box repairs, 13 each sanitary manhole repairs, 75 L.F. of 12” ductile iron water main...
Sewer Misc Wisconsin United States 05-16-2018
422141 Sealed bid for Sanitary & Storm Sewer Construction,Wisconsin.
...inch Storm Sewer and Remove & Replace a Storm manhole. 2. South 26th Street – 700 feet North of...
Contractors/Construction Wisconsin United States 05-23-2018

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