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392760 Sealed bid for Puritan Rd Flood Mitigation & Ecological Resilience Project , Massachusetts.
...a precast concrete box culvert & headwalls,clearing & grubbing, dredging along the existing creek bed, pavement work; and final...
Water / Wastewater Massachusetts United States 11-20-2017
392250 Sealed bid for Darden Towe Park Pond dredging , Virginia.
...Sealed bid for Darden Towe Park Pond dredging ,Albemarle County, Charlottesville, Virginia . Project DescriptionThis project includes...
Water / Wastewater Virginia United States 11-10-2017
392004 Sealed bid for 204-18 - Professional Dam Engineering Services, Michigan.
...include, but are not limited to, inspection, evaluation, classification, dredging, decommissioning, or design for the repair and rehabilitation for...
Consulting Services Michigan United States 11-16-2017
390537 Sealed bid for Construction of Municipal Wastewater System Improvements, Idaho .
...Schedule B: lagoon area site work, aeration diffuser replacement, biodredging existing sludge, wastewater lift station, storage pond piping and...
Water / Wastewater Idaho United States 10-27-2017
389957 Sealed bid for 2017 CWSRF WWTP Upgrade , Georgia . headworks pump station with 400 LF force main, dredging approximately 260 dry tons of sludge from the existing...
Water / Wastewater Georgia United States 11-16-2017
389804 Sealed bid for 0005-18 , Red Bay Branch Sediment Basin dredging , Florida. for 0005-18 , Red Bay Branch Sediment Basin dredging , City of Jacksonville, Florida. project-Provide all labor, equipment, materials,...
Sewer Misc Florida United States 10-25-2017
389718 Sealed bid for CIP 8-011 Construction Of Long Creek Maintenance dredging ,Virginia. for CIP 8-011 Construction Of Long Creek Maintenance dredging,City of Virginia Beach,Virginia.The work includes mechanical dredging of the...
Contractors/Construction Virginia United States 10-12-2017
389418 Sealed bid for #5372986 Martin & Faribault County JD No. 314 Repairs , Minnesota.
...Pumping SystemSeeding & Erosion Control Associated with Ditch WorkDrainage, dredging, DitchLift Station/Lift Station EquipmentClosing Date:- October 10, 2017 at...
Contractors/Construction Minnesota United States 10-10-2017
389257 Sealed bid for #5392681 Neptune Crosswalk Improvements , Minnesota.
...Neptune Crosswalk Improvements Project, for the CityCulverts, Waterways, StormwaterDrainagg, dredging, DitchesClosing Date:- October 10, 2017 at 12:00 P.M. CDT.Please...
Contractors/Construction Minnesota United States 10-10-2017
388805 Sealed bid for Laylin Park Pond Cleaning , Michigan.
...Cleaning ,City of Mason, Michigan.Project description:The Project consists of dredging and disposal of approximately 8,000 Cyd. of sediment from...
Water / Wastewater Michigan United States 10-31-2017
388693 Sealed bid for 17036, Wisconsin Basin dredging, Virginia .
...Sealed bid for 17036, Wisconsin Basin dredging, City of Norfolk, Virginia .The Work under this project...
Sewer Misc Wisconsin United States 10-19-2017
388523 Sealed bid for Project #5389340, Lincoln Lagoon dredging Phase 2 , Wisconsin.
...(Project #5389804), City of Kenosha, Wisconsin.The project entails dewatering, dredging approximately 8000 cy, hauling materials to City specified landfill,...
Treatment Plant Equipment Wisconsin United States 10-06-2017
388416 Sealed bid for 08-1839-6501, dredging the City Yacht Basin Project , Maryland.
...Sealed bid for dredging the City Yacht Basin Project , City of Havre...
Sewer Misc Maryland United States 10-31-2017
388171 Sealed bid for Sewer Improvements Facultative Pond dredging, Georgia.
...Sewer Improvements Facultative Pond dredging, City of Arlington, Georgia.The project consists of: The project...
Contractors/Construction Georgia United States 11-02-2017
388108 Sealed bid for 1-18-3-11-5 Lake Linganore dredging, Maryland.
... 1-18-3-11-5 Lake Linganore dredging, Millersville , MD. Furnishing of all materials and equipment and...
Contractors/Construction Maryland United States 10-19-2017
388014 Bid invited for Brittany Oaks Drainage Improvement Project, Colorado
...Owner’s Association (HOA) property. In addition, there will be dredging of the detention pond and asphalt overlay work as...
Contractors/Construction Colorado United States 10-19-2017
387714 Sealed bid for Basin Maintenance dredging, Newfoundland and Labrador.
... Basin Maintenance dredging, Little Port, NL. The scope of work consists of the...
Contractors/Construction Ontario Canada 10-12-2017
387663 Sealed bid for Sheriffs Cove dredging,California.
...Sealed bid for Sheriffs Cove dredging,Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District,Eureka, California.The intent is to remove...
Contractors/Construction California United States 10-10-2017
387656 Sealed bid for Sheriffs Cove dredging, California
... Sheriffs Cove dredging, Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, Eureka, California The work consists...
Contractors/Construction California United States 10-10-2017
387442 Sealed bid for #5379278 8513-001 Fish Lake Dam Modifications , North Dakota.
..., City of Fargo , North Dakota.Culverts, Waterways, StormwaterDam/ReservoirsDrainage, dredging,DitchesWater Resources (River/Stream)Closing Date:- October 13, 2017 at 10:00 A.M....
Contractors/Construction North Dakota United States 10-13-2017

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