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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
762304 Pequannock Sludge Lagoon Remediation Contract No. 06-WS2024, New Jersey.
...City of Newark, New Jersey.The work consists of the dredging, removal and proper disposal of sludge from the 48...
New Jersey 04-16-2024
762221 24-09 Prosper Street Ditch Rehabilitation,Wisconsin.
...Rehabilitation,City of De Pere,Wisconsin.Description:    Culverts, Waterways, Stormwater Channels, Construction, dredging (water, sediment, material), Drainage, dredging, Ditches and CanalsProject 24-09...
Wisconsin 03-28-2024
761618 Water Treatment Plants Lagoon Cleaning, North Carolina.
...and labor necessary for performing all work associated with dredging, dewatering, transporting, and proper disposal of solids from the...
North Carolina 04-03-2024
759148 2324-08 Aquatic Gardens Drainage Improvements - Pond Grading Project , Florida.
...the bid specifications and contract documents.The work consists of dredging and regrading an existing pond, installing a quick-connect vault...
Florida 04-10-2024
759115 Contract No. 2024-01 Lagoons Sludge dredging Project 000483.0446, Pennsylvania.
... Contract No. 2024-01 Lagoons Sludge dredging Project 000483.0446, Northwestern Chester County Municipal Authority, Honey Brook,...
Pennsylvania 04-04-2024
757796 2024 Water Utility Alum Sludge Dewatering, Nova Scotia.
...contractor, that deploys and operates their own hydraulic vacuum dredging, along with a high solids, high volume dewatering system,...
Nova Scotia 03-13-2024
757760 Water Soluble In Emulsion Polymer for Resaca Sediment Dewatering , Texas.
...dewater Resaca sediment in high shear conditions associated with dredging and dewatering equipment. Closing Date:- : March 13, 2024...
Texas 03-13-2024
757273 2024 Riverwater WTP Sludge Lagoon dredging Project, Georgia.
... 2024 Riverwater WTP Sludge Lagoon dredging Project, Dalton Utilities, Dalton, Georgia.The work to be done...
Georgia 04-07-2024
756118 Holland Fields Stormwater Management Rehabilitation,Wisconsin.
...consists of removing and restoring vegetation in all facilities, dredging the facilities, replacing the existing gabion weirs with alternative...
Wisconsin 02-29-2024
755748 Aerated Lagoon Sludge Removal, British Columbia.
...demobilization following desludging operations. ? Supply and install all dredging equipment and piping as required to de-sludge the lined...
British Columbia 02-29-2024
755641 24-28: Water Treatment Plant Sediment Hauling , Montana .
...project is clean the sedimentation ponds from the yearly dredging activities at the City of Billings Water Treatment Plant. ...
Montana 03-05-2024
753418 Harbor dredging , Vermont.
... Harbor dredging , City of Burlington ,Vermont.This project involves dredging material...
Vermont 02-15-2024
750089 Ann Street and Fremont Street Reconstruction,Wisconsin.
...course; 1,200 T of asphalt pavement; stormwater detention basin dredging and disposal; restoration; and related miscellaneous work.Closing Date:- February...
Wisconsin 02-06-2024
749742 Old Pelican Bay Maintenance Dredge - Hurricane Ian , Florida.
...the requirements of the technical specifications and permits. The dredging is concentrated near the canal entrance between Station 33+50...
Florida 02-21-2024
745232 Design-Build Services, Missouri. equalization basin and the Central WWTP for processing.3) dredging and removal of material of existing equalization basin at...
Missouri 01-22-2024
744869 Wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall Relocation Project,Washington.
...of City provided con-crete anchors on the HDPE pipe; dredging of impacted sediments with upland disposal; dredging of dense...
Washington 01-24-2024
743822 Fishing Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements , South Carolina.
...conveyor, wash water booster pump, and polymer feed system. dredging and cleaning of theexisting flow equalization basin, and installation...
South Carolina 01-16-2024
743608 Wwtp Aeration And dredging, Phase 2,Texas.
... Wwtp Aeration And dredging, Phase 2,City of Merkel,Texas.The project includes sludge removal, dewatering...
Texas 01-18-2024
736901 Bear Creek Water Treatment Plant Sludge Lagoon Cleanout , Georgia.
...labor, materials,equipment, services, and all work necessary for the dredging, onsite dewatering, hauling, anddisposal of water treatment plant sludge...
Georgia 11-30-2023
734957 SCO-DEQ-WRC Outfall Canal dredging (Nov-2023), North Carolina.
... SCO-DEQ-WRC Outfall Canal dredging (Nov-2023), NC Wildlife Resources Commission, Raleigh, North Carolina.The Outfall...
North Carolina 11-30-2023