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423292 Sealed bid for Water Reclamation Facility Liquid Biosolids, Texas.
...mixer, new building to house electrical motor control center, chemical feed pumps and sludge pumps, improvements to existing 0.5...
Tanks Texas United States 05-21-2018
422962 Sealed bid for Svc, Maint, Calibrtn & Certif Of Fume Hoods & Biohazard Cabinets, California.
...Pasadena, California.    Semi-Annual Testing And Certification Of 66 chemical Fume Hoods, Per Cal Osha And Ifb 71964 Specifications,...
Analyzers California United States 05-23-2018
422660 Sealed bid for Water Inventory Items,Texas.
...Natural Gas,Water, Oil, Acids,Alkalides, Most (Aliphatic) Hydrocarbon Fluids Andmany chemicals. Bolts And Nuts: High Strength, Low Alloy Steel.8/8" To...
Misc. Services Texas United States 05-24-2018
422402 Sealed bid for Fixed Base Water Meter Project - Rebid, Ohio.
...Meter Project - Rebid, City of North Canton, Ohio.All chemicals, substances, and materials added to or brought in contact...
Meters Ohio United States 05-25-2018
422331 Invitation to bid for Water Treatment Services, Maryland
...In addition, the water treatment program will include all chemical products, and professional consulting services Due date 05/21/2018 09:00:00 PM...
Treatment Plant Systems Maryland United States 05-21-2018
422207 Sealed bid for Caustic Soda , Texas.
...compliance with ANSI/NSF Standard 60 for Drinking Water Treatment chemicals.4. The liquid Caustic Soda shall not contain heavy metals...
Chemicals Texas United States 05-24-2018
422157 Sealed bid for B136A Furnish and Deliver Various Maintenance chemicals,New Jersey.
...Sealed bid for B136A Furnish and Deliver Various Maintenance chemicals, Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission,Newark,New Jersey.Furnish and Deliver Various Maintenance...
Chemicals New Jersey United States 05-24-2018
422072 Sealed bid for UV Cured Sewer Lining Project,Colorado.
...Installation of” UV Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) with traffic control. chemical grout of sewer service connections Copies of the Plans,...
Pipe Colorado United States 05-16-2018
422010 Sealed bid for Water Treatment chemicals - Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) , Texas.
...Sealed bid for Water Treatment chemicals - Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda), City of Beaumont ,...
Chemicals Texas United States 05-24-2018
421903 Sealed bid for Water Treatment chemicals,Oregon.
...Sealed bid for Water Treatment chemicals,City of Bend,Oregon.Bids to establish Price Agreements for the purchase...
Water / Wastewater Oregon United States 05-21-2018
421857 Sealed bid for Treatment chemicals, Rhode Island.
...Sealed bid for Treatment chemicals, City of Woonsocket, Rhode Island.Scope: These specifications cover Aluminum...
Chemicals Rhode Island United States 05-22-2018
421720 Sealed bid for Pump Station 29 Upgrade,Alaska.
...valves.d. Seal existing cracks in concrete wet well with chemical grout.2. Site Improvementsa. Install grass pavers to provide a...
Pumps Alaska United States 05-17-2018
421694 Sealed bid for chemicals and Supplies, Texas.
...B3180818 chemicals and Supplies, City of Dallas, Texas.The Work Blanket Order...
Chemicals Texas United States 05-11-2018
421644 Sealed bid for Wastewater & Water Treatment Plant chemicals,Michigan.
...Sealed bid for Wastewater & Water Treatment Plant chemicals,City of Monroe,Michigan.Attached are the specifications for the chemicals that...
Water / Wastewater Michigan United States 05-21-2018
421634 Sealed bid for Water Treatment Improvements, Minnesota.
...HVAC, electrical and controls, painting, etc.C. Furnish and install chemical feed equipment.D. Construction of process piping, valving, etc.E. Construction...
Water / Wastewater Minnesota United States 05-24-2018
421599 Sealed bid for Supply of chemicals Fy 2019, Massachusetts.
...Supply of chemicals Fy 2019, Salem and Beverly Water Supply Board, Beverly,...
Chemicals Massachusetts United States 05-24-2018
421560 Sealed bid for Water System Improvements project, Montana., new pump and process piping, valves and appurtenances, chemical feed equipment, painting, associated site excavation and remediation, and...
Contractors/Construction Montana United States 05-17-2018
421549 Sealed bid for chemicals, Kentucky.
...chemicals, City of Sturgis Water and Sewer Departments, Kentucky.chemicals: A)...
Chemicals Kentucky United States 05-10-2018
421538 Sealed bid for Purchase of Laboratory Buffers, Texas. for Water Utilities - City of Dallas Ricca chemical Rc1580-1 Buffer Ph 8.0, 1 Gallon All Items Considered...
Equipment Distributors Texas United States 05-11-2018
421536 Sealed bid for Purchase of Laboratory Supplies, Texas.
...vwr international bdh7229-7 sulfuric acid 0.02 n, 20 ricca chemical 8670-5 t.i.s.a.b. ii, 5 gallon vwr international bdh7343-4 phenylarsine...
Laboratory & Field Testing Equipment Texas United States 05-11-2018

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