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407131 Bid invited for South Columbus Water Resource Facility Improvements, Georgia to support new equipment.• Modifications to existing plant SCADA system. Due date :February 22, 2018 at 2.00 PM...
Contractors/Construction Georgia United States 02-22-2018
406627 Sealed bid for Lift Station Improvements , South Dakota.
...exhaust fan.10. Replace corroded ventilation duct work.11. Coordinate with SCADA system provider.12. Operate bypass pumping necessary during lift station...
Contractors/Construction South Dakota United States 02-20-2018
406576 Sealed bid for Project #5527007, Water System Improvements; Contract A and B, Wisconsin.
...upgrade, electrical gear and system, integration and upgrade of SCADA system, upgrade and improvements to interior and exterior of...
Water / Wastewater Wisconsin United States 02-15-2018
406347 Sealed bid for Collingwood Pump Station Replacement , Michigan . for Collingwood Pump Station Replacement , City of Davison , Michigan.Principal items of work include but are not limited to: Demolish Existing Pump Station Place 6’ Dia Precast Concrete Wet Well Place Precast Concrete Valve Vault Place 2 Submersible pumps (including rails, bases, floats, etc.) Place Electrical, control panel/ Pump Controller/ SCADA System Remove and Repair Concrete driveways, sidewalk, curb and gutter, and HMA Closing Date:- February 15, 2018 at 02:00 P.M. EST.Please...
Pumps Michigan United States 02-22-2018
406290 Sealed bid for Road Pressure Reducing Valve Commissioning, Ontario.
...components, disinfection/pressure testing and commissioning of the PRV Chamber, SCADA integration, removal of an existing flowmeter chamber including restoration,...
Contractors/Construction Ontario Canada 02-21-2018
406211 Sealed bid for Anaerobic Digester Rehabilitation Project, Washington.
...and instrumentation, and to connect to the Owner’s existing SCADA system.Closing Date: February 09, 2018 at 11:00 AM PST.Please...
Misc. Services Washington United States 02-09-2018
406153 Sealed bid for 2018-01, Wastewater Treatment Plant and Prowse Road Lift Station Retrofit, British Columbia .
...Process Upgrades· Chemical Storage Building and System· Control and SCADA System Upgrades· Prowse Road Lift Station RetrofitClosing Date:- February...
Contractors/Construction British Columbia Canada 02-21-2018
406043 Sealed bid for Pumping Station Pump Control Valve Operation Bid No.18-002, Massachusetts.
...control wiring and miscellaneous electrical work, and PLC and SCADA system programming, testing and commissioning. In accordance with M.G.L....
Pumps Massachusetts United States 02-22-2018
405929 Sealed bid for Pumping Station Upgrades , New Brunswick.
...(3) lift stations including wet-wells, prefabricated buildings, backup power generators,SCADA systems, and removal of lift stations,A bid bond in...
Pumps New Brunswick Canada 02-15-2018
405723 Sealed bid for SCADA System Update, California.
...SCADA System Updates, West Sacramento, California.The objective of the SCADA...
Process Control & Data Management Systems California United States 02-23-2018
405578 Sealed bid for Hap Cremean Water Plant, Ohio.
...FRP storage tank. The project also includes new plant SCADA network and fiber optic breakout panels at the Maintenance/Administration...
Contractors/Construction Ohio United States 01-31-2018
405351 Sealed bid for Water System Improvements,Alabama .
...The project consists of installing new AMR water meters, SCADA, and painting 200,000-gallon ground storage tank. The City of...
Contractors/Construction Alabama United States 02-22-2018
404879 Sealed bid for Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion,Ohio .
...positive displacement  blowers with building addition, replace mechanical  screen, SCADA System,  and miscellaneous improvements. The contract documents,  including plans...
Water / Wastewater Ohio United States 02-21-2018
404862 Sealed bid for Phase 2- Water System SCADA Improvements, Oregon .
...Sealed bid for Phase 2- Water System SCADA Improvements, City of Roseburg, Oregon. The Phase 2 –...
Process Control & Data Management Systems Oregon United States 02-20-2018
404791 Sealed bid for Oak Hollow Pump Station VFD Replacement, North Carolina
...RTU and integration of proposed VFD, RTU and existing SCADA system. PreBid Date:      01/25/2018 10:00 AM 211 S. Hamilton...
Pumps North Carolina United States 02-21-2018
404781 Sealed bid for 18-04, Westbrook Sewage Pumping Station Upgrades, Ontario . pumps and appurentences, the upgrade of the instrumentation, SCADA controls and communication system, modifications to structure lid, mechanical...
Pumps Ontario Canada 02-07-2018
404533 Sealed bid for Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades, General,Massachusetts.
...UV system, and integration of new system into Town's SCADA system to make a complete and operational system.TA pre-bid...
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 02-16-2018
404383 Sealed bid for Sludge Collection System Improvements for Water Treatment, Ohio.
...collectors shall be automated and tied into the existing SCADA system ? Design shall include all plans and specifications...
Consulting Services Ohio United States 02-02-2018
404324 Sealed bid for Chemical Feed and SCADA System Improvements Project, Contract 17-03: General Construction,Pennsylvania.
...Sealed bid for Chemical Feed and SCADA System Improvements Project, Contract 17-03: General Construction,City of DuBois,...
Chemical Feed Equipment Pennsylvania United States 02-20-2018
404323 Sealed bid for Chemical Feed and SCADA System Improvements Project , Contract 17-04: Electrical Construction,Pennsylvania.
...Sealed bid for Chemical Feed and SCADA System Improvements Project, Contract 17-04: Electrical Construction,City of DuBois,...
Chemical Feed Equipment Pennsylvania United States 02-20-2018

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