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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
753848 ABB Variable Frequency Drive , Illinois .
...VFD electrical contractor and Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition (SCADA) integrator will perform the installation. The Vendor shall provide...
Illinois 02-14-2024
753586 Otterbein Sewage Pumping Station Upgrades, Ontario.
...odor control management system.Health and safety upgradesElectrical, instrumentation and SCADA upgrades; addition of air conditions unit; new wetwell ventilation...
Ontario 02-16-2024
752803 Water & Wastewater System Improvements,Texas.
...pumps.(3) Chlorination system modifications, booster pump electrical upgrades, and SCADA system. A non-mandatory, pre-bid meeting held on Friday, February...
Texas 02-21-2024
752724 2024-018 SCADA Ethernet Switches , Wisconsin.
... 2024-018 SCADA Ethernet Switches , City of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.The...
Wisconsin 02-15-2024
752568 BWA Water Connection , Texas.
...Pump, Sampling Stations, 12-Inch Meter Strainers, Etc. 1-LS Electrical Improvements 1-EA New SCADA Tower 1-EA New Transformer 130 SY 6-Inch Crushed Concrete with Geofabric 25...
Texas 02-22-2024
752342 Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements,Indiana.
...and 8; upgrades to Lift Station 10, and system-wide SCADA upgrades to several lift stations. Closing Date:- February 1,...
Indiana 02-01-2024
751650 Well No. 3 Improvements MCC Replacement,Illinois.
...chemical feed pump motor circuit, and provisions for future SCADA connection at Well No. 3, and all other incidental...
Illinois 02-20-2024
750740 36 Sanitary Sewer Lift Station and 6" Force Main,Texas.
...the sum of: EA 17 Furnish and install electrical SCADA, and control panel with sun screen as specified for...
Texas 02-12-2024
750696 Schust Road Pump Station Improvements,Michigan.
...the electrical panels, starters, disconnects, level control, and adding SCADA.A pre-bid conference will be held at 1:00 pm local...
Michigan 02-21-2024
750378 24-010-RS Regional Water Reclamation Facility (Rwrf) Reclaimed Water Storage Pond, Florida.
...Integration of new instrumentation and controls into existing plant VTSCADA system• Coordination of with City staff for SCADA related...
Florida 02-14-2024
750057 The PBA Well No. 6 Project, North Carolina.
...Installation of shed to house electrical components• Electrical and SCADA construction• Generator installationA non-mandatory pre-bid meeting will occur on...
Pennsylvania 02-13-2024
750029 185Th Drive Pump Station Improvements,Oregon. connect the new equipment with the pump station's SCADA system. A Voluntary Prebid conference will be held on...
Oregon 02-14-2024
750021 Pitman Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements,Kentucky.
...Sinking Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. Additionally, electrical, instrumentation, and SCADA upgrades at each wastewater treatment plant to support the...
Kentucky 02-15-2024
750020 Cemetery Reservoir #2, Utah.
...connections to existing yard piping; temporary piping, electrical, and SCADA connections during construction; landscaping, restoration, and irrigation; electrical, instrumentation,...
Utah 02-15-2024
749777 Lakes of Forest Pine Lift Station - SCADA Improvements,Texas.
...Lakes of Forest Pine Lift Station - SCADA Improvements,Barker-Cypress Municipal Utility District,Houston,Texas.The replacement of lift station control...
Texas 02-08-2024
749776 Water Plant No. 3 - SCADA Improvements,Texas.
... Water Plant No. 3 - SCADA Improvements,Barker-Cypress Municipal Utility District,Houston,Texas.The replacement of existing Autosensory panel;...
Texas 02-08-2024
749757 Cottonwood West Lift Station Pre-Procurement,Texas.
...Transformer, Lift Pumps Control Panel, Panel Mounted Equipment, and SCADA Panel. A Non-Mandatory Pre-Proposal Video Conference will be held...
Texas 02-12-2024
749751 Winter Valley Pump Station Improvements,Missouri.
...with VFD Controls, Control Panel, Transducer, Back-up float system, SCADA, and new 200-amp electrical service. Site Utilities shall include...
Missouri 02-15-2024
749745 C2024-05 Waste Water Treatment Plant SCADA Upgrade, Ontario.
... C2024-05 Waste Water Treatment Plant SCADA Upgrade, Region of Waterloo, Kitchener, Ontario.The Region of Waterloo...
Ontario 02-08-2024
749741 Control, Telemetry, Security, Instrumentation and SCADA Integration Services , Florida.
... Control, Telemetry, Security, Instrumentation, and SCADA Integration Services  , Lee County, Fort Myers , Florida.Lee...
Florida 02-22-2024