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435979 Sealed bid for WTP Chemical, Tennessee.
...WTP Chemical, Gallatin Public Utilities, Gallatin, Tennessee. Chemicals – water treatment Plant and System - Sodium Silicofluoride with Freight...
Chemicals Tennessee United States 08-20-2018
435758 Sealed bid for Xylem Sanitaire Diffuser Repair Parts RFI, Florida.
...aeration tanks. Aeration, the most critical component of the wastewater treatment process, adds air into wastewater to allow aerobic...
Water / Wastewater Florida United States 08-20-2018
435422 Sealed bid for Fountain Filtration Renovation – Design Services (Project Pw17-35),California.
...necessarily be limited to): installation of an Ultra Violet water treatment system, upgrading the existing filtration and chemical mechanical...
Filtration California United States 08-20-2018
435365 Sealed bid for Sodium Hypochlorite, Oregon.
...Day Of Sodium Hypochlorite Generator At The Geren Island water treatment Faciity.Closing Date: August 17, 2018 at 05:00 PM...
Chemicals Oregon United States 08-17-2018
435049 Sealed bid for Lagoon Biosolids Removal from the Wastewater treatment facility's lagoon, Alabama.
...Lagoon Biosolids Removal from the Wastewater treatment facility's lagoon, City Of Robertsdale, Alabama.The Project consists...
Water / Wastewater Alabama United States 08-16-2018
435030 Sealed bid for Water and Wastewater treatment Chemicals, Arkansas.
...Water and Wastewater treatment Chemicals, City of Fort Smith, Arkansas. Sealed or emailed ...
Chemicals Arkansas United States 08-14-2018
434991 Sealed bid for New Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Florida.
...NASH SC-7 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump for the Dyal water treatment Plant.Project Estimated Budget: $35,000.00Closing Date: August 20, 2018...
Pumps Florida United States 08-20-2018
434769 Sealed bid for Uvc Lamps For Sterilization, New York.
...WC-18239 - Uvc Lamps For Sterilization In Wastewater treatment Plant, Westchester County, White Plains, New York. To Supply...
Water / Wastewater New York United States 08-20-2018
434768 Sealed bid for Uniform Services, South Carolina.
...of field services, laboratory, and operators’ building), Center Street Wastewater treatment Plant, and the North Operations Center. Closing Date:...
Misc. Services South Carolina United States 08-17-2018
434723 Sealed bid for Grit Conveyor, Connecticut.
...Provision of grit screw conveyors for use in waste water treatment operations, per the requirements in the document available...
Water / Wastewater Connecticut United States 08-15-2018
434692 Sealed bid for Aeration System Improvements for the TWWTP Project, North Carolina
...within existing BNR Train No. 2 at the Triangle Wastewater treatment Plant (TWWTP) including addition of diffused aeration equipment...
Water / Wastewater North Carolina United States 08-16-2018
434616 Sealed bid for Belfry - Pond Creek Sewer Project Contract 2 - Wastewater Collection System, Kentucky
...LF of water line to serve the new Belfry Wastewater treatment Plant A pre-bid conference will be held at 2:00...
Water / Wastewater Kentucky United States 08-16-2018
434560 Sealed bid for Facility Improvements Project,Wisconsin.
...bids are asked is facility improvements at the City’s Wastewater treatment Plant, Well No. 4 and Water Reservoir the...
Water / Wastewater Wisconsin United States 08-16-2018
434416 Sealed bid for WWTF Repairs & Improvements, Missouri.
...the following improvements at the City of Pacific, Missouri Wastewater treatment Facility: Lagoon Repairs: Installation of new aeration diffusers...
Contractors/Construction Missouri United States 08-15-2018
434348 Sealed bid for Powdered Activated Carbon, Virginia.
...IFB 19-009-CJ Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) ~ Utilities/water treatment Plant, Gloucester County, Gloucester, Virginia.The work furnishing the...
Contractors/Construction Virginia United States 08-14-2018
434321 Sealed bid for Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC, Virginia.
...Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) for Gloucester County Public Utilities water treatment PlantAll chemicals must meet or exceed minimum standards...
Filtration Virginia United States 08-14-2018
434319 Sealed bid for Aqueous Ammonia 19% Mini-Bulk Product, Virginia.
...tank is located at The Gloucester County Public Utilities water treatment Plant, 8214 Reservoir Ridge RoadAll chemicals must meet...
Chemicals Virginia United States 08-15-2018
434292 Sealed bid for Brass Water Meters, California.
...Other Scrap Metal Material as Stored at the Lompoc water treatment Plant, 601 E. North Avenue, Lompoc, CA.Closing Date:...
Meters California United States 08-16-2018
434234 Sealed bid for Energy Utility Consulting Services,Maryland.
...lights and traffic lights, as well as the City’s water treatment plant located on the Potomac River. Closing Date:-...
Consulting Services Maryland United States 08-13-2018
434167 Sealed bid for Purchase of water treatment Equipment, Texas.
...IFS : B6181073 Purchase of water treatment Equipment, Dallas Water Utilities, Dallas, Texas.Sealed bids for...
Treatment Plant Systems Texas United States 08-09-2018

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