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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
405037 Sealed bid for water tanks, California.
...water tanks,,Los Angeles, California . Description 1 2 Each Naics: 326199...
Tanks California United States 01-31-2018
404718 Sealed bid for C1764030 Henry Coe Residence Water Tank Replacement, California.
...Sacramento, California.The Work Public Works Project- Replacing Two Potable water tanks and systems Contractor License Type California Department of...
Tanks California United States 02-23-2018
403554 Sealed bid for J2P3083 Bridge Replacement,Missouri.
...Replacement,Missouri Department of Transportation,Jefferson City ,Missouri.  3.2 Water and water tanks Used for Hydro cleaning. Aquatic invasives such as...
Contractors/Construction Missouri United States 02-16-2018
402189 Sealed proposal for Supply and Delivery of Two (2) New Truck Mounted water tanks, Alberta
... Supply and Delivery of Two (2) New Truck Mounted water tanks, Lethbridge County, Lethbridge, Alberta Lethbridge County requests proposals from...
Tanks Alberta Canada 01-22-2018
401986 Sealed bid for Tank Maintenance & Painting Of Multi-Column Elevated Water Storage Tanks,Indiana.
...bids are certain modifications to each of the elevated water tanks.Closing Date:- Janurary 30, 2018 at 4:00 P.M.EST.Please see...
Contractors/Construction Indiana United States 01-30-2018
401697 Sealed bid for 32-013118 On-Call Engineering Services, North Carolina.
...interface (PLC, VFD,Cellular etc.); water and wastewater pump stations; water tanks; storm water studies, compliance studies and permitting included...
Consulting Services North Carolina United States 01-31-2018
401473 Sealed bid for Construction of the water tanks Rehab, Alabama.
...Sealed bid for Construction of the water tanks Rehab,City of Camden, Alabama.The Project consists of the...
Tanks Alabama United States 02-06-2018
399997 Sealed bid for R-18424-18 Repaint Main Campus Water Tower, Oklahoma.
...the application of specified product to surfaces of steel water tanks. Upon request, he shall substantiate this requirement by...
Contractors/Construction Oklahoma United States 02-01-2018
398936 Sealed bid for Elevated and Ground Tank Rehabilitation 15-CDBG-10569,Callifornia.
...the interior and exterior of two welded steel potable water tanks (75,000-gallon elevated tank and 100,000-gallon ground storage tank).This...
Tanks California United States 01-18-2018
398827 Sealed bid for J9S3230 Route P New Madrid County Bridge Rehabilitation over Maple Slough Ditch, Missouri. be furnished by the slope system Contractor.Water and water tanks Used for Hydro cleaning. Aquatic invasives such as...
Contractors/Construction Missouri United States 01-19-2018
398531 Sealed bid for J2P3059C Route 24/61 Marion County. Bridge rehabilitation over South Fabius River 1.2 , Missouri.
...1.2, Missouri Department of Transportation, Jefferson City, Missouri.Water and water tanks Used for Hydro cleaning. Aquatic invasives such as...
Water / Wastewater Missouri United States 01-19-2018
395427 Sealed bid for Crow Hill Water Storage Tanks Painting, Pennsylvania.
...exterior and interior surfaces of two flat bottom potable water tanks and the piping within their valve vaults, installation...
Tanks Pennsylvania United States 01-04-2018
393091 Sealed bid for AquatechModel B10 Combination Sewer Cleaner/Jetter Truck,Indiana.
...a 10 Cubic Yard Debris Tank with 1,000 gallon water tanks and a 80 gallon per minute at 2000...
Misc. Services Illinois United States 11-15-2017
392375 Sealed bid for Science Building Sprinkler and Standpipe System Supply Reconstruction, New York.
...piping and general construction work; demolition of existing metal water tanks, electrical and fire alarm work with minor asbestos...
Contractors/Construction New York United States 12-05-2017
391426 Sealed bid for 6901 - Bulk Drinking Water, Ontario.
...seeking qualified bidders to supply Bulk Drinking Water and water tanks on a rental basis to ensure sufficient Drinking...
Water / Wastewater Ontario Canada 11-27-2017
391386 Bid invited for Owen Ridge and County Line Tank Recoat, Alabama
...pressure washing and recoating the exterior of two elevated water tanks 1 owen Ridge 200, 000 gallon watr tankCounty...
Tanks Alabama United States 11-14-2017
391349 Sealed bid for 12066-383 - Ground Storage water tanks Painting Services,Florida.
...Sealed bid for 12066-383 - Ground Storage water tanks Painting Services,City of Fort Lauderdale,Florida.(City) is seeking bids...
Tanks Florida United States 11-16-2017
390304 Invitation to bid for 17-5078 Annual Contract for Potable and Reuse Water Storage Tank Cleaning and Inspection, Texas
...(tank drained) cleaning and inspection of potable and reuse water tanks, with associated reporting requirements. Due date : 11/08/2017 11:00...
Tanks Texas United States 11-08-2017
389419 Sealed bid for RFP#17/18-A1 Storage Tank Cleaning & Inspection, Florida.
...for providing continuing services for cleaning and inspecting potable water tanks and hydro-pneumatic tanks in compliance with 62-555.350(2) F.A.C....
Tanks Florida United States 11-09-2017
389113 Sealed bid for 12-Yard Combination Sewer Cleaner , Georgia.
...vacuum breaker and overfill protection• 1200 Gallon minimum polyethylene water tanks• 8" vacuum intake hose• 4 way telescopic boom...
Pipe Georgia United States 11-02-2017

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