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376458 Sealed bid for Collapsible Potable water tanks, California.
...Collapsible Potable water tanks, Sylmar, Los Angele, California.Naics: 313320 500 Gallon Collapsible...
Tanks California United States 07-27-2017
376057 Sealed bid for Repairs and Cleaning of water tanks 1. One, New Jersey .
...Sealed bid for Repairs and Cleaning of water tanks 1. One,Township of Pemberton, New Jersey.(1) 750,000 gallon...
Tanks New Jersey United States 07-20-2017
374938 Sealed bid for ECUS1706TNMRFP04 - Water Storage Tanks Inspection,Virginia.
...water storage tanks on Eglin Air Force Base. The water tanks include 16 elevated storage tanks, three hydropneumatic tanks,...
Tanks Virginia United States 07-14-2017
372002 Sealed bid for 216-2017 Cleaning (High Pressure Washing) Of Various Bridge Structures , Ontario. designated and the contractor is responsible for supplying water tanks and transporting water to the bridge sites. sewer,watermain,...
Contractors/Construction Ontario Canada 06-22-2017
370827 Sealed bid for Pump Stations Maximo Improvement Project, North Carolina.
...capacity of 91 MGD; seven water pump stations; 14 water tanks (10 elevated, 4 ground) with a combined storage...
Pumps North Carolina United States 06-16-2017
370701 Sealed bid for Professional Services, Hawaii.
...of water wells, surface water treatment facilities, construction of water tanks, water transmission and distribution mains, vehicle and foot...
Consulting Services Hawaii United States 06-30-2017
370628 Sealed bid for D810088 - ARDEC Livestock water tanks, Colorado.
...Sealed bid for D810088 - ARDEC Livestock water tanks, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado.The CSU-ARDEC Livestock...
Tanks Colorado United States 06-06-2017
370304 Sealed bid for Full Service Maintenance Program For Water Storage Tanks, Florida.
...success in providing inspection and maintenance services for potable water tanks in accordance with Chapter 65-550-of the Florida Administrative...
Contractors/Construction Florida United States 06-29-2017
369242 Sealed bid for 06-17 2017 Hydro Excavator,Wyoming.
...explanations. (Submit horsepower requirements of all systems on unit)The water tanks shall be totally separate from the debris tank...
Tanks Wyoming United States 06-08-2017
369014 Sealed bid for Water Plant No. 1 MCC Replacement,Texas.
...consist of dismantling and removing existing piping, pumps, motors, water tanks, equipment and other appurtenances. It includes cutting,  capping,...
Water / Wastewater Texas United States 06-02-2017
368799 Sealed bid for 2017-124 Water Tank Rehab Project ,Massachusetts.
...water blast, repair, seal and paint the Reservoir Street water tanks for the City, supplying all labor, materials and...
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 06-01-2017
368047 Sealed bid for 3170006928, Water Treatment Equipment ,Mississippi.
...remote radio monitoring and control for 17 wells, 4 water tanks, and related itemsEach bid shall be accompanied by...
Water / Wastewater Mississippi United States 06-05-2017
367668 Sealed bid for 17-108 Plumbing Services for Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation, British Columbia.
...toilets, bathtubs, faucets and fixture drains; replacement of hot water tanks; repair or replacement of natural gas valves, pipes,...
Contractors/Construction British Columbia Canada 05-25-2017
367498 Sealed bid for Water Tank Painting & Rehabilitation: 300,000 Gallon Hwy. 100 Elevated Storage Tank , Tennessee.
...Steel Tank RehabilitationB. Section 09873 – Field Painting Steel water tanksC. Section 13421 – Disinfection of Water Storage FacilitiesA....
Contractors/Construction Tennessee United States 05-25-2017
367415 Sealed bid for DNR Polyethylene water tanks, Michigan.
...DNR Polyethylene water tanks, Roscommon, Michigan.The work Furnish and deliver one (1)...
Contractors/Construction Michigan United States 05-10-2017
366660 Sealed bid for Provide Rental And Maintenance Of Deionized Water System, Georgia.
...Annual Lease of four (4) Mixed Bed Worker Deionized water tanks – two ateach lab.Closing Date: May 08, 2017...
Contractors/Construction Georgia United States 05-08-2017
366063 Sealed bid for 2017-036, Tank Cleaning Project, Colorado.
...and equipment necessary to clean and inspect nine (9) water tanks as stated in the scope of work City...
Tanks Colorado United States 05-15-2017
364841 Sealed bid for Water Storage Tanks & (9) 120 gal Commercial Storage water tanks, Massachusetts.
...Water Storage Tanks & (9) 120 gal Commercial Storage water tanks, City of Attleboro, Massachusetts.The City of Attleboro is...
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 04-26-2017
364717 Sealed bid for Pitchess Laundry and water tanks Replacement, California
...Pitchess Laundry and water tanks Replacement, Alhambra, California.25% CBE goal The work includes...
Tanks California United States 05-02-2017
364620 Sealed bid for Wastewater Tank Maintenance/Pumping, Georgia.
...the price per location for pumping and cleaning the wastewater tanks. All prices should include disposal of product. Tanks...
Tanks Georgia United States 05-03-2017

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