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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
422631 Sealed bid for Stormwater Rehabilitation Program, Georgia. of which involves a 48? steel casing jack-and-bore, stormwater systems upgrades at an intersection, and flood control upgrades...
Contractors/Construction Georgia United States 05-22-2018
422466 Sealed bid for water systems Materials, Missouri.
...water systems Materials, City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri.    Marker, Locate...
Equipment Distributors Missouri United States 05-16-2018
422331 Invitation to bid for Water Treatment Services, Maryland
...all boiler systems, all cooling tower systems, all hot water systems, and all chilled water loop systems. In addition,...
Treatment Plant Systems Maryland United States 05-21-2018
421406 Sealed bid for Sidewalk, Curb And Gutter Repairs, Florida.
...repairs are made to the water, wastewater and reclaimed water systems by Toho Water Authority staff. The Contractor shall...
Contractors/Construction Florida United States 05-24-2018
421297 Sealed bid for 18-123 (Annual Supply - Liquid Oxygen), Nebraska
...Oxygen for Ozone Generation for Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed water systems’; 2.1.2. NSF/ANSI 60, ‘Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals -...
Chemicals Nebraska United States 05-18-2018
421045 Sealed bid for 2018 Catch Basin Cleaning, Massachusetts.
...resolve a conflict of existing Town owned drainage or water systems shall not be performed without approval of the...
Sewer Misc Massachusetts United States 05-17-2018
420540 Sealed bid for Plumbing Services, New York.
.../ or installation of all domestic hot and cold water systems, drainage systems, wastewater drainage, fixtures, assemblies and piping...
Treatment Plant Equipment New York United States 05-10-2018
420415 Sealed bid for Greatland Street Extension Improvements, Alaska., thaw wires, lighting systems, storm drain, sanitary sewers, water systems, and telephone, cable television, and electrical cables. Not...
Contractors/Construction Alaska United States 05-10-2018
420205 Sealed bid for Deionized water systems, Florida.
...18-01-STP Deionized water systems - MLS & KRC, University of South Florida,...
Contractors/Construction Florida United States 05-25-2018
419684 Sealed bid for Magnolia Avenue Water and Wastewater – Phase 1, Control Number: 1215, Tennessee.
...valve assemblies; 3 fire hydrant replacements; 4connections to existing water systems; and 25 water service reconnections. Existing water mains...
Contractors/Construction Tennessee United States 05-15-2018
419516 Sealed bid for 18-060 Continuing Contract for Professional Services Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Utility Systems,Florida.
...County,Lecanto,Florida.Engineering services associated with public water, wastewater and reclaimed water systems. Each consultant selected should also be able to...
Consulting Services Florida United States 05-24-2018
419029 Sealed bid for Storm Water Modeling Professional Services, South Carolina.
...Hilton Head Island. In 1995, the island’s primary storm water systems were inventoried and modeled. The resultant Island Wide...
Consulting Services South Carolina United States 05-14-2018
418427 Sealed bid for Annual Engineering Services Water Reclamation Facility, Virginia .
...Facility, Henrico County, Henrico, Virginia.The County's DPU provides water, wastewater systems, and solid waste services to over 90,000 customers....
Water / Wastewater Virginia United States 05-11-2018
418097 Sealed bid for Water Use Practices - Re-solicitation, Utah.
...the water use and general practices of Public Community water systems (PCWS) within each region to develop regional conservation...
Consulting Services Utah United States 04-20-2018
417961 Sealed bid for 2018 Water System Improvements–Contract IINew Water WellNo. 7, Mississippi.
...or in part by anticipated funds from the Drinking water systems Improvements Revolving Loan Fund (DWSIRLF) Loan Program from...
Well Systems & Equipment Mississippi United States 05-11-2018
417920 Sealed bid for Y18-1046, Contract for Utilities Restorations, Florida.
...repairs are made to the water, wastewater and reclaimed water systems by the Utilities Department.Utility Coordination – Section 337.401...
Pipe Florida United States 05-03-2018
417791 Sealed bid for 2018-2019 Water Treatment Services , Louisiana.
...program will provide scale and corrosion protection for condenser water systems, cooling towers, chillers and chilled water systems, steam...
Water / Wastewater Louisiana United States 04-25-2018
417341 Sealed bid for Maintenance of Deionized Water System, Georgia.
...of work is to lease, install and maintain de-ionized water systems that will generate Type II laboratory water to...
Laboratory & Field Testing Equipment Georgia United States 04-19-2018
416701 Sealed bid for As-Needed water systems Analysis, California
... As-Needed water systems Analysis, Poway, California The City of Poway is requesting...
Contractors/Construction California United States 04-27-2018
416639 Sealed bid for Western Storage And Pumping Facility Project No. 15-009, Florida.
...system. A new access roadway with asphalt pavement and stormwater systems is to be installed from Williams Road, down...
Pumps Florida United States 05-03-2018

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