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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
655229 Southerly Plc Replacement Project, Ohio.
...Time On Wednesday, June 15, 2022, At The Southerly wastewater treatment Center At 6000 Canal Road, Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio...
Ohio 08-15-2022
654499 Wastewater Plant Chemicals – Dry Polymer , Montana.
...,  Montana.This bid is for a fixed price on wastewater treatment dry polymer for a period of 12 months...
Montana 08-16-2022
654418 wastewater treatment Plant , Alabama
... wastewater treatment Plant , City of Rainsville, of Upgrades...
Alabama 08-10-2022
654406 Liquid Polymer for Wastewater Plants , Florida
...the purchase of Liquid Polymer to be used at wastewater treatment Plant 1 and wastewater treatment Plant 2 locations.Closing...
Florida 08-11-2022
654339 Stillwater wastewater treatment Plant Clarifier , California
... Stillwater wastewater treatment Plant Clarifier , City of Redding , California.Remove...
California 08-10-2022
654206 wastewater treatment Facility Aeration Basin Repairs , Missouri.
... wastewater treatment Facility Aeration Basin Repairs , City of Parkville,...
Missouri 08-16-2022
654200 Liquid Sodium Permanganate,New York.
...York.Liquid Sodium Permanganate shall be delivered to the Harriman wastewater treatment Facility, in two hundred seventy-five (275) three hundred...
New York 08-18-2022
654189 Installation of Low-Pressure Sewer Force Main , Massachusetts.
...pump stations in the Town of Wareham   Water and wastewater treatment supply and disposalA pre-bid conference advising bidders of...
Massachusetts 08-18-2022
654148 wastewater treatment Facility Effluent Flood Control Improvements Project , North Dakota.
... wastewater treatment Facility Effluent Flood Control Improvements Project , City...
North Dakota 08-11-2022
654121 wastewater treatment Plant Secondary Clarifier 403 Refurbishment, British Columbia.
... wastewater treatment Plant Secondary Clarifier 403 Refurbishment,Resort Municipality of Whistler,Whistler,...
British Columbia 08-11-2022
654035 On-Call Emergency Sanitary And Storm Sewer Repair Services , Iowa.
...Sanitary Landfill, or the Wastewater Reclamation Authority (WRA) Regional wastewater treatmentFacility. Waste disposal and cleanup shall be in accordance...
Iowa 08-17-2022
654012 RFQ-WC220824 - wastewater treatment Parts, New York.
... RFQ-WC220824 - wastewater treatment Parts, Westchester County, New York.248-0077 Valve Check Vbnd...
New York 08-08-2022
653916 As Needed Water Resource Recovery Facility Engineering Services, Ohio .
...and management of special projects at the County’s major wastewater treatment plants.A Mandatory Pre-Proposal Conference will be held at...
Ohio 08-16-2022
653767 wastewater treatment Plant No. 1 Rehabilitation,Texas.
... wastewater treatment Plant No. 1 Rehabilitation,Northwest Harris County Municipal Utility...
Texas 08-12-2022
653634 RFB-WC-22316 - Pump Equipment, New York.
...Influent Pumps and related equipment for the Blind Brook wastewater treatment Plant. Closing Date: August 10, 2022 at 02:00...
New York 08-10-2022
653616 Hull Wwtf Coastal Resiliency Measures Fema Grant Assist And Cps, Massachusetts.
...submit sealed Bids for Town of Hull MA – wastewater treatment Facility Coastal Resiliency Measures, which includes, but is...
Massachusetts 08-17-2022
653474 22-07E wastewater treatment Plant Clarifier Parts , Nova Scotia.
... 22-07E wastewater treatment Plant Clarifier Parts , Town of Bridgewater, Nova...
653419 WWTP - General Engineering Services,Michigan.
...- General Engineering Services,City of Durand,Michigan.Renovations to the existing wastewater treatment facility which include refurbishment of the existing clarifiers,...
Michigan 08-08-2022
653332 Rebid - Stonebrooke WWTP,Texas.
...of the Contract includes the following: Construction of Stonebrooke wastewater treatment Plant.Each Bid must be accompanied by a Bid...
Texas 08-11-2022
653251 Potassium Hydroxide Solution (KOH Solution) - 3.20.5030.012 Supply & Delivery of Chemicals for Wastewater , Ontario.
...of Innisfil, Ontario.Potassium Hydroxide Solution (KOH Solution) - Lakeshore wastewater treatment Plant (1578 St. Johns Street, Innisfil)o 45 %o...
Ontario 08-12-2022