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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
473161 Sealed bid for 2019 CIP-Contract C Street & Utility Improvements, Illinois.
...storm catch basins, replacement of various existing storm and sanitary sewers, sanitarysewer lining, street resurfacing, pavement and base replacement,...
Illinois 04-17-2019
472703 Sealed bid for 1900539 0.34 Mi of Hot Mix Asphalt Resurfacing, sanitary sewer, Sidewalk Ramps, Michigan.
...for 1900539 0.34 Mi of Hot Mix Asphalt Resurfacing, sanitary sewer, Sidewalk Ramps, Michigan Department of Transportation, Lansing, Michigan.Description:...
Michigan 04-19-2019
472578 Sealed bid for Cowan Street Sewer Extension, Georgia.
...all labor necessary to: Extend approximately 256 lf 8” sanitary sewer, sewer works equipment including all piping, manholes, inverts,...
Georgia 04-18-2019
472514 Sealed bid for Grouse Street Force Main Rehabilitation Phase, Texas. Grouse Street Force Main Rehabilitation-Phase VI: The existing sanitary sewer force main line begins at the Grouse Street...
Texas 04-17-2019
472381 Sealed bid for W. 3rd Quigley/Westerly Miscellaneous CSO Control, Ohio.
...475 LF of 8-inch diameter pipe as a new sanitary sewer lateral; three diversion structures; two junctions structures; one...
Ohio 04-21-2019
472274 Sealed bid for 469(702) Pipe Culverts, Erosion Pipe, Storm Sewers Guardrail Reconstruction,Kansas.
...and type of pipe culvert, erosion pipe, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, end section and concrete headwall specified in the...
Kansas 04-17-2019
472220 Sealed bid for Cipp Lining Project, Wisconsin.
...pipe. Interior rehabilitation of approximately 202 vertical feet of sanitary sewer manhole, 169 service lateral reinstatements (Addendum No. 1),...
Wisconsin 04-15-2019
472189 Sealed bid for Crestwood Drive Reconstruction Project, Texas.
...CRESTWOOD DRIVE RECONSTRUCTION PHASE I includes replacing and rehabilitating sanitary sewer lines, manholes, sewer services and replacing water lines,...
Texas 04-18-2019
472187 Sealed bid for 84th Avenue NE Curb Ramp Replacement, Washington.
...stakes.2. Establish the horizontal and vertical location of all sanitary sewer, storm, and water structures features, placing offset stakes...
Washington 04-19-2019
472098 Sealed bid for Consultant Services, Utah.
...Gutter And Sidewalk Including Associated Storm Drain, Waterline, And sanitary sewer Improvements In The Mountain Vista Business Center. Proposals...
Utah 04-18-2019
472081 Sealed bid for 20Th Avenue sanitary sewer Replacement, Pennsylvania.
... 20Th Avenue sanitary sewer Replacement, Municipal Authority of the Township of Patterson,...
Pennsylvania 04-15-2019
472074 Sealed bid for Wastewater Treatment Facility - Sewer Line Replacement, Colorado.
...of Bennett, Colorado,     Install a new 18” PVC sanitary sewer line within the boundary of the Town’s Waste...
Colorado 04-17-2019
472073 Sealed bid for 2019 Spring Green Street and Utility Construction,Wisconsin.
...roadway, 2,515 LF of water main, 2,450 LF of sanitary sewer, 790 LF of sanitary force main, 3,060 LF...
Wisconsin 04-10-2019
472033 Sealed bid for Annual Service Agreement Chemical Root Control,California.
...of their treatment plant.Apply chemical root control agent to sanitary sewers, in order to kill the root growth in...
California 04-18-2019
471984 Sealed bid for 2019 sanitary sewer System, California.
... 2019 sanitary sewer System, Town Of Hillsborough, California.Town of Hillsborough (TOH)...
California 04-17-2019
471949 Sealed bid for East Alta Vista Reconstruction Project, Iowa.
...erosion control, and site restoration.1. Culvert Removal 183 LF2. sanitary sewer Service, PVC, 6" 50 LF 3. Storm Sewer...
Iowa 04-10-2019
471938 Sealed bid for 2019 sanitary sewer Cleaning & Televising, Texas.
... 2019 sanitary sewer Cleaning & Televising, Kleinwood Municipal Utility District, Houston,...
Texas 04-18-2019
471935 Sealed bid for James Street Reconstruction and Streetscape, Wisconsin .
...paving: reconstruction; (6)Landscaping: trees, shrubs, planting beds, turf restoration; (7)sanitary sewer relay with service laterals; (8)Storm sewer services; (9)Water...
Wisconsin 04-18-2019
471876 Sealed bid for Athens Alley Stormwater Improvement, Pennsylvania.
...corrugated polyethylene pipe; 180 LF of 12 ? PVC sanitary sewer, 4 new sanitary manholes; and 240 linear feet...
Pennsylvania 04-16-2019
471801 Sealed bid for Dusty Road Lagoon Desludgin , British Columbia.
...the extraction, dewatering and/or disposal of approximately 4000m³ of sanitary sewer sludge from a lagoon located on Dusty RoadThe...
British Columbia 04-06-2019