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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
592515 Sealed bid for 13th Street N btw Tyler and Country Acres , Kansas .
...subsection “a” and replace with the following subsections:a) Gravity sanitary sewers. When potable water pipes and gravity sanitary sewers...
Kansas 06-23-2021
591346 Sealed bid for sanitary sewer Extension Project,Kentucky.
... Sealed bid for sanitary sewer Extension Project,City of Lancaster,Kentucky.Bids for the construction of...
Kentucky 06-22-2021
591331 Sealed bid for Route 30 Sewer,Kentucky.
...Works a The work includes construction of a new sanitary sewer force main and grinder pumps.Closing Date:- June 21,...
Kentucky 06-21-2021
591235 Sealed bid for sanitary sewer System Improvements, Illinois.
... Sealed bid for sanitary sewer System Improvements, Village of Park Forest, Illinois.The Contractor...
Illinois 06-13-2021
591215 Sealed bid for Nation Turtle Estates - Phase 1, Oklahoma.
...curb and gutter, installation of stormwater systems, water systems, sanitary sewer systems, sanitary sewer lift station, lighting and electric,...
Oklahoma 06-16-2021
591178 Sealed bid for Forced Road Storm Sewer Reconstruction,Ontario.
...of storm sewer, 108m of watermain and 30m of sanitary sewer on Forced Road between Boundary Road and Lea...
Ontario 06-22-2021
591135 Sealed bid for 2021 Sanitary Pipe Replacement Project, Pennsylvania.
...and materials to replace approximately 1,800 linear feet of sanitary sewer pipe and perform maintenance on several manhole structures,...
Pennsylvania 06-11-2021
591063 Sealed bid for 000266-0341-4 sanitary sewer Cleaning and Television Inspection in Support of Rehabilitation,Texas.
... Sealed bid for 000266-0341-4 sanitary sewer Cleaning and Television Inspection in Support of Rehabilitation,City...
Texas 06-11-2021
591011 Sealed bid for Northwest Subdivision Street and Utility Improvements, Wisconsin. of approximately 2200 linear feet of 8-inch diameter sanitary sewer replacement, manholes, and sewer laterals; 1000 linear feet...
Wisconsin 06-17-2021
590873 Sealed bid for Consent Decree Performance Evaluation Plan Flow and Precipitation Monitoring, California.
...the DISTRICT’s requirements. CONSULTANT shall install rain gauges and sanitary sewer flow meters at specified locations determined by the...
California 06-22-2021
590791 Sealed bid for Sewer Rehabilitation,Alabama.
...of approximately 81,200 linear feet of 8-inch through 18-inch sanitary sewer pipe with cured-in-place liner, approximately 103 service lateral...
Alabama 06-14-2021
590743 Sealed bid for 2021 Street Improvements, Colorado.
...related storm drainage piping, and approximately 2700 LF active sanitary sewer main removal and replacement.Closing Date:- June 18, 2021,...
Colorado 06-18-2021
590739 Sealed bid for N. 40th Street Improvements, Arkansas.
...between N. 40th Street and Carriage Crossing. Water and sanitary sewer relocation will also be included with this contract.Closing...
Arkansas 06-10-2021
590731 Sealed bid for (Rebid) Water Main Rehab Package 3,Washington.
...diameter by open-trench and horizontal direc-tional drilling (HDD) methods; sanitary sewer pipe replacement; assist. SPUD water operations with cut,...
Washington 06-23-2021
590708 Sealed bid for Brewery Sanitary and Watermain Improvements , Minnesota.
...Sanitary and Watermain Improvements In general, Work consists of sanitary sewer, forcemain and lift station construction. The project consists...
Minnesota 06-17-2021
590648 Sealed bid for Wiconisco Creek Interceptor Improvements Project, Pennsylvania.
...sanitary pipe and 350 linear feet of 8 inch sanitary sewer via cured in place pipe, CCTV 3,890 linear...
Pennsylvania 06-09-2021
590609 Sealed bid for Fir Avenue sanitary sewer And Water Main Extension, Iowa.
... Fir Avenue sanitary sewer And Water Main Extension, City of Red Oak,...
Iowa 06-21-2021
590575 Sealed bid for Section “C” - Gravity Sewers - Watermain Replacement And Road Reconstruction,Ontario.
...Monitoring wellAdjust Existing Water ValvesCCTV flush & Inspection of sanitary sewer along Chapel Street S (after HL8 HS, base...
Ontario 06-18-2021
590503 Sealed bid for sanitary sewer Repairs, Saskatchewan.
... sanitary sewer Repairs on Brigham Road, City of Moose Jaw,...
Saskatchewan 06-17-2021
590424 Sealed bid for Group VII - Castings - Water & Wastewater Fittings and Supplies , Texas.
...Fittings and Supplies, City of Pasadena, Texas.10.1. Sanitary/Storm manhole coverssanitary sewer and Storm Sewer manhole covers shall have the...
Texas 06-21-2021