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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
733906 100m Long Back-up Water Transmission Main,Ontario.
...provide professional engineering services for the Design and Construction consulting services for Two Stormwater Management Facilities Maintenance Project (the...
Ontario 11-21-2023
733743 On-Call Crane Services 2024 , California.
...Licensed Contract "A" License, Pump Systems, Legal Services, IT consulting services, Accounting Services, Electric Engineering Services, CLA-VAL Maintenance, Vehicle...
California 11-14-2023
733326 consulting services for Well Systems,Ontario. services for Well Systems,Renfrew County District School Board,Pembroke,Ontario.Palmer Rapids...
Ontario 11-13-2023
732239 Development of Citywide Drainage Model,British Columbia.
...proposals from experienced and qualified firms to provide Engineering consulting services for the development of a 1-D Infoworks ICM...
British Columbia 11-08-2023
731866 Technology Assessment and consulting services, Maryland.
...Technology Assessment and consulting services, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Laurel, Maryland.The Washington Suburban...
Maryland 10-27-2023
731687 consulting services for Compliance With Water Quality Order No. 2022-0103 , California.
... consulting services for Compliance With Water Quality Order No. 2022-0103...
California 11-03-2023
731639 MWRA Supervisory Development Training, Massachusetts.
...Training, Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, Boston, Massachusetts.MWRA seeks professional consulting services to conduct Supervisory Development Training for union and...
Massachusetts 11-08-2023
731412 consulting services to Acquire DERMS , Michigan.
... consulting services to Acquire DERMS ,  Lansing Board of Water...
Michigan 11-17-2023
730957 Water Tank Maintenance and Repair , Virginia.
...Sewer Authority is seeking professional services related to environmental consulting services Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority does not discriminate...
Virginia 10-25-2023
729941 Well and Booster Pump Maintenance and Repairs , California .
...shall provide various maintenance, design, report preparation, investigation and consulting services, which will include the removal, inspection, repair and...
California 10-26-2023
729865 Stormwater General Professional Services 3, Ohio.
...Regional Sewer District, Cleveland, Ohio.The District wishes to obtain consulting services under the Stormwater General Professional Services 3 (SGPS3)...
Ohio 10-30-2023
729838 Water & Sewer Viability Plan consulting services , South Carolina.
... Water & Sewer Viability Plan consulting services , Town of Branchville , South Carolina.The SCIIP...
South Carolina 10-11-2023
729827 1183-23 Water & Wastewater System Services Linear and Stations Operations, Ontario.
...2024. Any tasks or sub-tasks that require interaction with services for Organizational Review for Water & Wastewater System...
Ontario 11-02-2023
729748 Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) consulting services,Alberta.
... Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) consulting services, City of Red Deer,Alberta.City to submit non-binding proposals...
Alberta 10-30-2023
728763 Renewable Offtake Pricing (Jessica), Ohio.
...licensed electricity broker, for renewable energy project and procurement consulting services in May 2023.Closing Date:- November 1, 2023 at...
Ohio 11-01-2023
728434 Energy Management and Procurement Services, Texas.
...and natural gas for its facilities. Proposals shall include consulting services related to energy conservation and alternative energy options....
Texas 10-18-2023
728317 2023-084 Young District Infrastructure Plan, Nova Scotia. a cohesive, equitable, and cost-effective manner.HRM is seeking consulting services to support the development of an Infrastructure Plan...
Nova Scotia 10-18-2023
728150 Environmental Consulting Contract (Permitting, Mitigation and Monitoring) , Florida.
...Board of County Commissioners seeks to contract for Professional consulting services to provide environmental consulting services to include, but...
Florida 10-23-2023
728064 751-2023 - Engineering consulting services for 2024 Local Street Renewals-Multi Contracts, Manitoba.
... 751-2023 - Engineering consulting services for 2024 Local Street Renewals-Multi Contracts, City of...
Manitoba 10-23-2023
727803 consulting services for DWTP Groundwater Basin Recharge System , California.
... consulting services for DWTP Groundwater Basin Recharge System , City...
California 10-12-2023